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Good foods for diabetics??

Respected doctor's I wanna know the foods to eat and avoid for diabetic patients!! Is taking apple and almond daily good for diabetics Please reply 🙏🙏
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Diet plan for diabetics!!

Doctor's I wanna know about the diet plan for diabetic patients?? Question asked for my dad and mom Please reply 🙏🙏 Whether they can eat Rhoti's made from Aashirvad Atta??
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Weight gain

Need to gain weight atleast 10kgs more. Currently i am 44 kgs. Unable to sustain weight if puton a kilo.muscle mass gain required.
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Height growth

Hi.. Is it possible to gain some more height by any means at the age of 28. What I have read about this suggests some mixed results.. Lot of webpages says yes with some kind of nutrition and exercises and lot of webpages say no because of growth plate seases to exist after teenage.. So I want an expert opinion. Thanks
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Can a PCOD/PCOS patient eat soyabean/nutrela ? I need a list of foods a PCOS/PCOD patient can eat !!!...
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My mom is looking is so weak, from so many days. Day by day she loses weight ... Her age is nearly to 40yrs. Is it is  symptoms of any disease?.  Suggest me a few ways to get her back
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Weight reduction to reduce sugar level

How do I reduce 8 kg weight ? Currently 80 kgs. I am diabetic type 2 on insulin and medications. Hba1c 7.1
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Weight reduction

Pl suggest diet plan. I would require the same from Shiney surendran if possible. I don't have any disease
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Bad health

My weight is increasing I want to be fit and live life stress free and want to adapt active lifestyle..any suggestions please
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Chia seeds and nigella seeds ...........

Hi, are chia seeds and nigella seeds really helpful in loosing weight especially belly fat ? And can these two seeds be consumed together ? Like chia seeds in the morning and kalonji in the evening ?? Are there any side effects of both the seeds ??
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