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Indication of BMI Value

My Weight is 74Kgs and my height is 150Cm. In which category BMI shall fall. Kindly advise suitable measures or steps to bring down BMI level.
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Hello, I am a flight attendant and it's been more than 5years being in this industry. I am thinking to start multivitamin tablets since I have started to see few health issues related to back pain, low immunity, skin issues and so on . Suggest any multivitamin or any other tablets.
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My husband is not able to loose weight. Please suggest a diet list. He went to gym but of no use. He feels sluggish all the time. Please help
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Which protien supplement should i use

Should i use whey protien or plant based protien which one is better, i sometimes have digestion issue ca  u suggest some brand?
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Weight gain

Madam iam 24 now but still iam just 34 kgs of Weight Could you plz suggest any medication or anything
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Underweight problem

I have lean pcod so i dont take sugar and carbs little only through roti. Small portion of rice only. My problem is nobody even doctors dont talk about lean pcod case , everybody talks about overweight pcod condition. My personal problem is , if i try to gain weight my harmones get disbalanced . How can i gain weight in my case. My weight falls so quickly if i start running to activate lower abdomen . If i dont do my pcod is back . I need to gain weight but i cant eat that actually helps in gaining weight. I m stressed. I eat simple food , no fast food . 😦
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Weight gain problem

I am 20 years old and I'm under weight. I am really thin .i want to gain healthy weight. What should i do or have to gain weight? ( I also do eat food yet do not gain weight)
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Feelimg of fatigue tried and weak

Hello from several years I am not feeling much energetic and low weak fatigue diziness related but not much as the root cause of this as per my situtation because of chronic nasal allergy but I think its all of because deficiency in vitamin d so what should I do to cure and treat and get energy
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Regarding knowledge

Can we have sugarcane juice in morning and Beetroot carrot juice in afternoon For maintaining a healthy liver Nd greentea 1 cup and half bowl fruits with 5 almonds And including exercise
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Whey protein

I have started going to gym and i want to gain muscle and i dont know if consuming whey protein from store is safe or not,as i have digestion problem,could you please suggest me if i can take whey protein and it will not affect me, as i had taken a sample of whey protein for 3 days and i feel i got sick,maybe because of whey.
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