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Dietitian for weight loss

I want proper dietitian nutritionist who can guide me to loose my weight and remain weight is increasing day by I want to loose my weight.
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Becoming thin & cheeks are going inside

I am looking for a advise for my wife problem. She is not loosing weight but her body becoming thin and her cheeks are going inside inspite of taking healthy food as per schedule. kindly advise please.
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Diet chart for fissure with piles

I am suffering with chronic fissures with haemorrids since last 6 months. Already taking high fibre diet with lots of water and isabgol. But everymorning there is still pain while passing stool. Pls suggest a diet chart.
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Weight gain

Post covid lost weight and not able to gain back took shellcal for an month still no improvement kindly suggest . Having healthy diet
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Obesity and exhausted

I want to loss my weight. Please help me. I cannot do my work so fast. Sometimes I too much lazy and suffering from like acidic problem, back pain, joint pain.
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Gain muscle and loose fat

I need to loose fat and gain muscle at same time. I want diet that includes 3-4 scoops of whey protein. Because I can't make food in hostel. Can anybody help me so i can consult that specific person.
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Cows milk to 10 month

I have started gvng cows milk in diluted form to my 10 month old twice in a day 60ml. Can i give her cow milk at night, before sleeping and also at mid Night as she wakes up frequently. Will it be hard for her to digest? Even if i give in diluted form.ido breastfeed her too.
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Vitamin B12 Deficiency

What supplements to take for vitamin B12 deficiency,if the person is pure vegetarian.................
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Pimple on chin

I have a lot of pimples on my chin only... don't knw what i eat in my food that causes a lot of pimple... can you suggest wht should i avoid, and why there is lot of pimple on my chin only? and another problem is that my hairs ( small hair which is newly grw) fall.wht is reason behind this... can anybody suggest it? thnx in advance
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Supplement without any side effects

Hello, Upon my blood test in Aug 2021, it was found that my vitamin B12 level is low i.e. 71 pg/ml. The normal ref is shown to be 120-914 pg/ml. I do take non-veg food. So please suggest me a tablet/capsule or equivalent supplement and the dosage which I can take for lifetime and that has negligible to no side effects. I would request you to prescribe me multivitamin med so that it covers other essential vitamins as well. Thank you
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