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How to control and avoid blood sugar

Hello , Can you please look on my report any issue currently , my sugar level fasting 90 to 96 or 97 in morning and after food 1.50 hours 150 to 160 , so can I control with diet or should I go start with medication, urea ,creatine is normal ,I won't eat junk food normal food , drink tea or coffee without sugar , few walking , facing some other issue like muscle weekness and tired ... Report attached...
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How i get vitamin C,food causing gastric

I am struggling with gastric when I consume citrus food. What are the alternatives to get vitamin C ?
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Urge to urinate post detox

I feel urge to urinate after starting a 7 days detox diet. It's been a week we stopped the detox yet can't stop getting urination. Is that something detox process happening or anything serious. I don't have any other symptoms apart from this.
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Can we eat Fruits and Rice together?

Can we eat Fruits and Rice together? I see lot of advice given to eat vegetables with rice, but not fruits with rice. Does weight increase if both fruits are rice eaten together? Does it increase if fruit is eaten first followed by rice? Or Does it increase if rice is eaten first followed by fruits? Should we totally this combination?
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Breast enlargement

I am 23 years old and my breast size is 32A i have gained 10 kgs but still my breast does not grow only my lower body has gained fat.
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Low haemoglobin and head rush.

Could someone suggest me good supplements to increase my haemoglobin levels. Especially after my periods.
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Having regular muscle ache and neck pain

Need good diet and information for bone and muscle strength. I frequently have muscles pain, weak muscles and stiff muscles and low density bones. Pls guide with nutrition and diet to avoid these issues
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Weight gain

Hi my age is 31 and i am vegetarian my current weight is 50 i want to gain 15kg weight..need full food chart and timing with vegetables names and fruits and nuts and sprouts
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Lose 25 kgs

I am currently 24 year old male with a height of 176 cms. My currently weight is 98kgs and I am looking forward to lose 25 kgs. Would 6 months be a feasible timeline and can you please recommend a sustainable way of losing weight. Thank you.
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Multi Vitamin & Mineral Medicine

Hello Dear Doctor, Could you please suggest an effective multi vitamin + mineral medicine for a 28Y active adult where L-arginine is an active/main drug? Please note- This is for normal daily dose for a healthy lifestyle. Thank you in advance!
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