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Mild pain while yawning

I am 33 years old and have mild pain in left side of throat while yawning since about 2 months. My ENT have me DOLO-T and gargles but it's still there. What could be the likely problem?
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Samll Red Patches across limbs

Small red patches across hands and legs, that come and go away. Now I am getting bruises on thighs, legs and hands. These bruises were not having any problem until now. They come and go away on their own. But there was one bruise just above the knee on my left leg that turns into kind of a lymph node. Earlier It's color was reddish, now it's a mixture of red and blue. I am also getting pale patches of the size of 2 cm. Attached are the photos of the small red patches and 2cm nodes and pale patches for your reference. Sometimes I get a long breath, sometimes I feel fatigue also I feel kind of a dizziness or like I will fall down even though I am sitting. My brain goes for a quick short dizziness. Losing my health and weight too. Thanks
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Lymph node tb

My husband is having lymph node tb, reports are attached. All his problems like fever and cough started 9 months ago in March. Tb medicine started 6 months ago now his fever gone only cough persists less than before but still it is there. He gained 9kg during this period.His node size was 7cm×3cm. My question is according to the history is there any possibility of cancer? Please doctor help me with your reply. His EBUS genexpert was tb positive. Can this reports are 100% authentic?
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Breast cancer

Hi my mother has diagnosed breast cancer invasive breast carcinoma grade 3 I want to know which stage cancer it is please tell me the stage
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High lymphocytes low monocytes

Sir can i know your suggestions on treatment of my recent two blood test noticing lymphocytes percentage higher to 46.6% (high limit 40%) and count 3.41 (high limit 3.0) and monocyte count 0.17( low limit 0.2) total rbc 5.56 (high limit 5.5) and i am through diet control for high cholesterol and sugar which seems better (hdl direct/bldl/trygly= 31/40.56/203) quiting drinking and smoking last 3 months Looking forward for your comments ..
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Ct scan increase cancer risk

I had pet ct scan . The report was all normal. Will the radiation in itself increase my cancer risk...
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Ct scan risk

Will  getting a ct scan without doctor advice increase the cancer.i had a spine ct after I fell from bike . Second one was  head ct scan, done after after I had bumped against pole. I did not consult doctor . Thanks
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10.2 mm lymphnode in Right Paratracheal

Hi Doctor , My mother was suffering from Shortness of Breathe while walking and Climbing stairs from last few months and also had dry cough sometime . Doctor suggested HRCT Thorax and Chest XRay PA view. In Chest Ray PA view everything was normal while the HRCT shows few Enlarged lymph node in Pretracheal region right one being 10.2mm in Right Tracheal region.Is it something i should worried about . Note:- She had taken Ice cream daily for last 2 months
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B12 deficiency vs cancer

My 50 old father is suffering from blood loss through stool and urine .he is not feeling well from last 2 months.when we tested yesterday after blood transfusion hb is 8.2 and before it was 5.4 and he is feeling better now.and cancer specialist doctor said it's B12 deficiency only no need to do endoscopy and the other doctor said we have to it there is a chance Blood serum percentage is 5000 Note ;he is not eating non veg from last few years & he don't have any habbits drinking smoking etc
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What are the differential diagnosis left

I have got multiple benign appearing lymph nodes. Its generalized,and I had 130000 platelets count and some variations in mpv and pdw. The doctor said it is due to computerized counting and its normal. The lymph nodes have increased in number but haven't grown, I am 15 years old can anyone help?
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