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Q1 I am having dark circles since many years. I got this from heredity. Is there anything which i can do for this. Please help!

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Dr. Phanindra V V Sexologist | Bangalore
U can apply kunkumadi taila and shatadhauta gruta.
Q2 I have dark circles under my eyes since i was a child.so i need some suggestion how to overcome from my problem

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Dr. Devesh Singh Dermatologist | Lucknow
As u said this is from your childhood so have you any family history? Good sunscreen and skin lightning cream with vitamin C will help you.
Q3 I have dark circles ,i wanna treatment for my dark circles,so please kindly suggest me those treatment in which my dark circles don't reoccurre

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Dr. Manoj Agarwala Dermatologist | Delhi
Thanks for the query. This is a common condition and is an urban life style related problem. The dark circle around the eyes at your age is ... Read More
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