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Understanding Dental Problems: Bruxism
Have you lately been grinding your teeth at night and keeping your spouse awake? If yes, then you probably suffer ...
Dental care
Root Canal Treatment Versus Dental Implants
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is considered as a popular and predictable way to save a tooth that is badly decayed ...
Dental careRoot canal treatmentRoot canalDental surgery
Medical science now has an answer to Garlic breath!

The garlicky breath that might be turning away your friends and potential dates now has a researched solution! Contrary to popular belief, researchers found that green tea doesn't actually help beat garlic breath. Things that actually do help get rid of it- apple, lettuce and mint tea.  

Precautions Required for Correct Measurement of Blood Pressure
Today every 3rd person in urban area suffers from hypertension. Only 42% of those who are suffering from hypertension are ...
Blood pressureHypertensionBlood pressure measurement
Factors to Consider While Shopping for Cereals
Everyday Health

Shopping for healthy cereal can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider, not the least of which is taste. Even though consumers have become smarter about what they purchase, manufacturers are still playing fast & loose with packaging claims, which can mislead you into thinking cereals are more virtuous than they actually are.

Know Your Back Pain - Know Your Back Muscles
KNOW YOUR BACK PAIN : KNOW YOUR BACK MUSCLESThe latissimus dorsi (latissimus meaning “broadest”) are the large fan-shaped muscles on the ...
Muscles of the torsoDigestive systemBack PainShoulder Pain
3 Easy Tips to Improve Focus At Work

The constant availability culture has eaten up on our ability to focus. Despite endless gadgets and app at our disposal, the need to save time and focus on the task at hand is tougher than ever. Start with reducing screen time and these 3 ridiculously simple tips to improve your focus at work and overall. 

Don't Let Cold Catch You Cold
Cold is a minute disease that can be very troublesome especially at times when you have to give your 100%. ...
Everyday FitnessCommon cold
Try These Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry and Itchy Scalp
An itchy scalp! Oops. Cause for concern as well as a reason for social embarrassment. Instead of anti-dandruff shampoos, have ...
Hair careDandruffSkin Care
Vaginal Discharge: Is It Normal?
Most of the time, vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. The amount can vary, as can odor and hue (its color ...
Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?
Did you know:  Mouth and body are integral to each other? Health of your mouth plays a vital role in ...
4 Tips to Remain Healthy This Rainy Season
Rainy season is all about getting relief from the summer heat and dancing in the rain. But for most of ...
Diagnosis & Treatment For Sensitivity
Sensitivity Have you ever felt pain or discomfort after a bite of ice cream or a spoonful of hot soup? ...
Dental careOral hygieneTooth decayDentin hypersensitivity
Measuring Your Heart Rate
Your heart rate can be taken with a heart rate monitor or manually at any spot on the body at ...
Medical signsHeart rateCardiac electrophysiologyExerciseHealthy Heart
Sciatic Nerve Pain?
DEFINATION OF SCIATICA PAIN-The medical name of sciatica pain is known as Radiculopathy. Sciatica pain is also is caused by ...
Hip painRheumatic Pain
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