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Insomnia & Sleep Hygiene
Sleep is an important component of our daily activities. It not only provides rest to our conscious mind, it is ...
InsomniaSleep Better
Cough in Children: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
Coughing is a common issue seen in the adolescent age group (children between 10-19 years of age). It could be ...
CoughCommon coldHabit coughChildhood Nutrition
8 Natural Ways To Sleep Better

Before you ask our local doctor for a sleeping pill prescription, check out these 8 absolutely harmless and natural ways to get a good night's rest. Did you know that Wild Hops, that are used to make beer, can induce the same calming effect and help you sleep better? 

4 Quick Ways to Relieve Acute Back & Neck Pain
Did you know that every 8 out of 10 working professional may suffer from back pain due to prolonged seated ...
Neck painBack PainShoulder problemCancerShoulder Pain
Pro Tips for Treating Male Pattern Baldness

70% men globally suffer from the male pattern of balding and stress only worsens it. A receding hairline and loss of one's crowning glory can leave the strongest man helpless. Medical science has at least 2 drugs that can help you safely, stop hair loss and regrow lost hair. 

Find Your Right Heart Rate for Exercises
Finding Your Training ZoneGetting the most out of your training is linked to your working heart rate, as you may ...
ExerciseHeart rateEveryday Fitness
Factors to Consider While Shopping for Cereals
Everyday Health

Shopping for healthy cereal can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider, not the least of which is taste. Even though consumers have become smarter about what they purchase, manufacturers are still playing fast & loose with packaging claims, which can mislead you into thinking cereals are more virtuous than they actually are.

Thyroid and Female Infertility
Over a million people across the world suffer from thyroid problems. In most cases people take thyroid issues very casually. ...
Frozen Shoulder Treatment Tips
What is Frozen shoulder?Frozen shoulder is a condition characterized by shoulder pain and limited range of motion. It typically affects ...
Tips and Facts for Clean Eating
There is an old saying "we are what we eat".Food is the most important pillar of our life.It is very ...
Healthy Eating
4 Tips to Save Your Neck/back on a Bumpy Road
1. Use the forward and up position when you feel as though you need to decrease the pressure against your ...
Neck painShoulder PainRheumatic Pain
7 Important Skin Care Tips
Beautiful glowing smooth skin is desirable by every woman and appreciated by every man. Genetically, we are wired to be ...
Tooth Decay: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Tooth Decay is basically damaging the tooth surfaces by involving the Enamel & Dentine surface of the tooth. It is ...
Dental careTooth decayOral hygieneRoot canal treatment
How to Balance Vitamins and Minerals on the Atkins Diet?
The Atkins diet is a low-carbohydrate fad diet devised by Robert Atkins. The Atkins Diet is a 4-Phase Plan: Eat ...
DietVitamins & SupplementsHealthy EatingFad dietsDiets
Complications Related to Pelvic Fractures
Any kind of fracture in the bony structure of the pelvis is counted under the broad term of pelvic fractures. ...
Bone fracturesBone fractureHip boneInjuryHip pain
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