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Knowledge Is Power for Preventing Hepatitis C
What is hepatitis C?Hepatitis C is one of the leading causes of ESLD. It is one of the three leading ...
Chronic Liver DiseaseImmunity
Wisdom teeth- The Problems & Their Solutions
What are impacted wisdom teeth?Wisdom teeth are molar teeth, which are the last to erupt into the mouth, usually after ...
Dental care
Medical science now has an answer to Garlic breath!

The garlicky breath that might be turning away your friends and potential dates now has a researched solution! Contrary to popular belief, researchers found that green tea doesn't actually help beat garlic breath. Things that actually do help get rid of it- apple, lettuce and mint tea.  

10 Things You Did Not Know About Wisdom Teeth!
Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early ...
Dental careWisdom toothOral hygiene
30 power moves with just a yoga mat

Armed with just a yoga mat and some determination, here are 30 powerful fitness moves you can do without even stepping out of your room! Most of these focus on the chest and the core, while plenty act on muscles of the arms and legs.

10 Reasons to Eat More Dark Chocolate
A lot of research has gone into chocolate consumption and it turns out really good for your health. It seems ...
Common habits you can change to avoid hairfall

Wonder what you are doing wrong to lose hair? Here are a few things you should avoid: Hot water showers, running your comb through wet hair, tight hairstyles, excessive chemical products on your hair and scalp, and skipping meals.  

How to Take Care of Your Baby
Here are a few guidelines:SwaddlingSwaddling your baby helps your baby feel warm and secure like in the womb. Lay the ...
Baby careBreastfeeding
Ten Tips to Keep Your Gut Healthy for Life
Digestive system affect each and every part of our body as it the power house that supplies energy and nutrition. ...
Skin and Hair Care for Holi for Everyone
Holi, the festival of colourful fun is approaching. Children are eagerly waiting to play with their pichkaris and have fun.Here ...
Healthy SkinHealthy Hair
7 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep!
Contemporary lifestyle with its stresses and unhealthy lifestyles at home or office can affect your ability to sleep. While some ...
Everyday FitnessInsomniaSleep Better
Unrefreshed Sleep+fatigue+body Ache+depression? It Could Be Fibromyalgia
Haven't Heard of such a thing ever!I am sure that you have never heard of this term called FIBROMYALGIA. In ...
Sleep disordersCancer
Cancer Can Happen to Anyone! Just Avoid These
Studies suggest that approximately 44% men and 39% women are susceptible to develop Cancer in their lifetime which is scary ...
Cancer AwarenessCancer Prevention
Symptoms For Gum Disease - Is It Curable?
In order to help distinguish between fact and fallacy regarding periodontal disease, the AAP has identified and addressed below some ...
Oral hygieneDental care
Hair Dyeing = Hair Dying? #Didyouknow
Is your hair dying because of dyeing?Ideally choose a colour that is within 3 shades of your original hair color Remember, ...
Healthy Hair
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