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5 Things to Do at Home That Will Increase Life of Your Teeth
We all get lazy to go to the dentist. Dont we?Here are few things you can , do at home which ...
Bad BreathOral hygiene
7 Surprising Superfoods for Super Teeth
Beautiful and healthy smile is everyone's dream and YES! there is a secret recipe for it but there is no ...
Oral hygieneDental care
Here's what you can do to treat a Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) at home

Bloodshot red eyes that keep tearing are tell tale signs of conjunctivitis. Being a viral infection of the eye most commonly, medicine has no treatment for it apart from waiting for it to subside. You can use calendula, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera and any of these home remedies for instant relief. 

My Child Snores!
Snoring is the sound produced when air passes through the vibrating narrow tissues of the upper airway. The principle (Bernoulli’s ...
Is honey truly better than sugar?

Honey and processed white sugar will both give you your daily fix of sugar, but natural honey is also loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotic enzymes, antibacterial and antiviral enzymes, that make it healthier than processed sugar. However, avoid giving infants and toddlers honey for fear of botulinum infection! 

Black Is Beautiful - The Advantages of Having Dark Skin
Many Indians are crazy about fair skin and go to extreme lengths to achieve and maintain a fair complexion. The ...
Skin CareHealthy Skin
30 power moves with just a yoga mat

Armed with just a yoga mat and some determination, here are 30 powerful fitness moves you can do without even stepping out of your room! Most of these focus on the chest and the core, while plenty act on muscles of the arms and legs.

Festive Season Skin Care Tips
Introduction: The festive season is here again and Diwali (the festival of lights) is just round the corner. We cannot ...
Skin Care
Frozen Shoulder & Physiotherapy
Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, a condition due to which it is difficult to comb your hair, difficult to put ...
5 Ways to Battle Stress
Stress these days is a ubiquitous phenomenon and there is no escape; be it a homemaker, a student, a corporate ...
Foot & Heel Pain - Plantar Fasciitis
Heel pain is an extremely common complaint, and there are several common causes.Plantar Fasciitis:  It is the most common condition ...
22 Simple Diet & Fitness Tips to Tone Your Body
Tone your body without hazards - You can tone up your body by controlling your weight and appearance without rigorous ...
DietEveryday FitnessHealthy EatingWeight Loss
Myths About Back Pain & "Core" Training
Having treated spine dysfunctions for over 16 years, I have heard and seen all kinds of myths people have about ...
The Most Ideal Times to Have Water During Your Day!
Did you know that drinking water could be a lifesaver? Pure, clean drinking water does so much to keep your ...
Drinking Addiction
4 Signs You Should Be Aware Of, if Your Baby Has Fever
Being a paediatrician maximum of our OPD time is spent in treating fever related cases. Every parent must remember that ...
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