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5 Easy Steps to Weight Loss
Here are 5 easy steps to lose weight:1. Add Eggs to Your DietEggs are the ultimate weight loss food. They ...
ObesityWeight LossWeight controlEveryday FitnessHealthy Eating
8 Quick Tips for Anger Management
1. Think before you speakIn the heat of the moment, it's easy to say something but people often regret it ...
Anger managementMental healthStress managementMental well-being
12 Surprising Benefits of Black Tea You Haven’t Heard Before

Black tea has benefits for both the inside and outside of your body. Black tea's tannins act as astringents to stop bleeding from open cuts or scrapes. The tannic acid in strong black tea kills bacteria and closes pores—and it can help your feet sweat less.Suffering from dry, itchy eyes? Soak two black tea bags in warm water for ten minutes.

7 Tips To Reduce Acidity
Gastric acid is formed in the stomach by:Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), Potassium Chloride (KCl) and Sodium Chloride (NAC) which causes acidity.Here are some ...
AcidityHealthy Digestion
Here's what you can do to treat a Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) at home

Bloodshot red eyes that keep tearing are tell tale signs of conjunctivitis. Being a viral infection of the eye most commonly, medicine has no treatment for it apart from waiting for it to subside. You can use calendula, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera and any of these home remedies for instant relief. 

Do You Have Bad Breath?
People generally don’t take the ill effects of bad breath that much seriously. The side effects of bad breath aren’t ...
Oral hygieneBad BreathDental care
Medical science now has an answer to Garlic breath!

The garlicky breath that might be turning away your friends and potential dates now has a researched solution! Contrary to popular belief, researchers found that green tea doesn't actually help beat garlic breath. Things that actually do help get rid of it- apple, lettuce and mint tea.  

Starving vs Eating Healthy
You study one night before the exam but you manage an all nighter, thus you manage to pass. You study ...
ObesityWeight Loss
Tips to Control Diabetes
Prevent or Control Diabetes with Weight Loss and DietIndia has more than 69 million people living with diabetes and many ...
DiabetesPrevention of diabetes mellitus type 2Diabetes - Type 2Obesity
Effect of Drinking Alcohol on Oral Healh
Changes in oral microbes may lead to gum disease, heart problems, and cancer, study says.Heavy drinkers in the study had ...
AlcoholLong-term effects of alcohol consumptionOral hygieneDrinking Addiction
Tips to Stay Flexible
Your body is designed to move. It thrives on reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, climbing, and jumping. Your body grows stronger and ...
Everyday FitnessFlexibilityFitnessLifestyle
4P's for Healthy Glowing Skin
Healthy glowing facial skin is everybody's big wish. Ayurveda and Yoga have excellent methods to achieve this naturally. It just ...
All About Acute Pancreatitis
The pancreas is digestive as well as an endocrine organ; helps in fat digestion and blood sugar maintenance, Inflammation of ...
Acute pancreatitisHealthy DigestionDrinking AddictionGallstone
What Is Tooth Decay & How It Could Be Prevented?
Dental cavities are an infection caused by a combination of carbohydrate-containing foods and bacteria that live in our mouths. The ...
Dental care
Diabetes and Oral Health
Diabetes Mellitus is a type of chronic disease which causes a rise in the levels of glucose in the blood. ...
Oral hygieneDiabetes
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