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8 Habits to Keep Your Teeth Strong & Healthy!
The common enemy of both teeth and gums is “plaque”. It is a build-up of bacteria on teeth, especially around ...
Oral hygieneDental care
3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous About Implant Surgery
Dental implants have gained a popular reputation for their life-like appearance and longevity. Much of the latter is attributable to ...
Dental ImplantsDental caries
30 power moves with just a yoga mat

Armed with just a yoga mat and some determination, here are 30 powerful fitness moves you can do without even stepping out of your room! Most of these focus on the chest and the core, while plenty act on muscles of the arms and legs.

Gummy Smile? - Help Is at Hand
Gummy smile is quite commonly seen in many patients. Smiles look “gummy” when the proportions of the gum tissues dominate ...
Handy tips to ease a panic attack

The train station, college, or while entering a meeting- a panic attack can occur anywhere. Identifying the signs of an oncoming panic attack is essential. Learn to identify the signs and remove yourself from the situation or trigger before a full blown panic attack is underway by acting quickly. Some symptoms- Hot flashes or sudden chills; Tingling sensations in your extremities

Knowing Your Spine Is Knowing Your Back Pain
Do you know about your Spine?WHAT IS A SPINE?The human spine is an upright bendy column. It consists of 24 ...
Back PainEveryday FitnessHip painSpine
The Best and Worst Foods to Cure a Hangover

The science of hangovers (& how to prevent them) is largely unstudied, which is people invent their own “cures.” Though no one meal or drink can cure a hangover, certain foods are better for refuelling than others. You should restock your body with necessary fluids & nutrients that can lessen the body’s negative reaction to the chemicals in booze.

Homoeopathy Offers Best Treatment for Enlarged Adenoids!
Adenoids are a lump of lymphoid tissue situated in your upper airway between your nose & back of your throat. They are a ...
Sleep disordersBad BreathHomeopathy
Are You Suffering From Hormonal Imbalance?
Dear ladies, kindly pay attention.I know that you want to lead your best life but somehow you have gotten off ...
Birth control
Everything You Need to Know About Your Nose and Sinuses
Are you the one who always get cold and allergy attack accompanied with a runny nose, sneezing, red, stuffy nose, ...
SinusCommon coldCough
Borderline Personality Disorder and Its Symptoms!
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is defined as a mood disorder that affects one's interaction and relationships with others. It generally ...
Personality disordersAnxietyHappinessDepressionMental well-beingPersonality disorder
Male Sexual Dysfunction in Diabetes!
Diabetes epidemic has hit the world hard but it has hit India the hardest in the world all over. Diabetes ...
DiabetesErectile dysfunctionSexual Well-beingDysfunctionDiabetes - Type 1Diabetes - Type 2
Why Are Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries Costly at Some Corporate Hospitals Compared to Others?
I find patients coming into my OPD with the most commonly asked question what is the cost, hospital x or ...
Knee replacementKnee painKnee
Turmeric - Ancient but Best for Your Skin!
Hydrated, clear and a gorgeous skin can be achieved by having great, healthy and rich food. This can be bought ...
Anti Ageing Solutions
THE SECRET OF STAYING YOUNGSince times immemorial Man has been searching for the ultimate secret to remain young. The fact ...
AgeingSkin Care
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