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Understanding Root Canal Treatment Better!
The very word "Root Canal treatment" invokes images of pain, discomfort and long drawn out procedures in the minds of ...
Dental care
Perk Up With Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentistry is no longer just filling or tooth extraction; rather it has become more than just that. Broken, crooked or ...
Dental care
How I Finally Quit Making Excuses and Got Healthy Habits to Stick

I always had a list of things I wanted to do daily—journal, meditate, go to the gym—but never did. Of course, I had excuses for everything. But I went from being unable to be consistent with anything, to genuinely doing what I planned. 6 Steps That Worked for me- Pick habits you honestly *want* to add. Start small—really small.

Bleeding Gum? Try This Out!
Oftentimes you notice a reddish tinge in the sink after you brushed your teeth. This happens mostly when you have ...
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Pro Tips for treating Male Pattern Baldness

70% men globally suffer from the male pattern of balding and stress only worsens it. A receding hairline and loss of one's crowning glory can leave the strongest man helpless. Medical science has at least 2 drugs that can help you safely, stop hair loss and regrow lost hair. 

Heading Towards Baldness? at So Young Age? Unfair.
Hair loss is a problem that impacts countless individuals. Thinning bald areas and a variety of other signs can be ...
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7 Things You Should Think Twice About Before Putting On Your Face
The Huffington Post

We're always hearing about some alternatives to traditional skin care products, but how safe are they? We spoke to two dermatologists to find out. 1. Toothpaste - Limit application to any area to just a day or two. 2. Body lotion- "There are subtle and sometimes no difference between body lotions and face lotions," says Dr. Kassouf.

Skin and Hair Care for Holi for Everyone
Holi, the festival of colourful fun is approaching. Children are eagerly waiting to play with their pichkaris and have fun.Here ...
Healthy SkinHealthy Hair
Try These Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry and Itchy Scalp
An itchy scalp! Oops. Cause for concern as well as a reason for social embarrassment. Instead of anti-dandruff shampoos, have ...
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Preventing Hearing Loss In 8 Easy Ways
At some point, many adults realize they’re pressing the “volume up” button on the TV remote more often, or that ...
7 of the Worst Ideas to Lose weight!
1. STARVINGStarving or skipping meals is really harmful and a very unhealthy way to lose weight. your metabolism increases after ...
Watch Out for These Infertility Symptoms
Am I infertile? This is the toughest question that some of us have to face while we try to conceive. ...
The 5 What's of Chemical Peels
Have too many acne marks?Did someone comment on how 'old' you looked?Have to go to party?Or are you getting married?Is ...
Skin Care
6 Things You Need to Know About Lubricants
Sex reduces stress, relieves pain, and that after-sex glow even makes you look younger. You can take advantage of these ...
Ways to Gain Weight Most Naturally
Most people these days want to lose weight in order to look slim, and as a result they often miss ...
Healthy EatingWeight gain
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