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Now, Don't Be Ashamed of Your Man-Boobs
Gynecomastia, also known as “male boobs” refers to a term used for describing the excessively large breasts in men. It can ...
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Black Triangles of Teeth
What are Black triangles?Black triangles are the triangular spaces between your teeth caused due to receding gum levels. They look ...
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Is It Normal to Shed This Much?

Losing hair can be quite scary. While it's normal to shed 50-100 hair a day, losing more could mean something's wrong. First off, you must stay calm—stressing over hair loss can lead to more of it (haha! Bodies.) Take "the hair-pull test" to know if it's worth it:  Grab about 40 hairs an inch from your scalp with your thumb & forefinger.

Tooth Jewellery - The Bling for Your Teeth
A great smile lights up your face and makes it look more attractive. A set of complete, white teeth makes ...
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12 easy ways to Boost Concentration at Work

If the constant emails, WhatsApp, Twitterati and selfie brigade on Instagram are eating away into your day, its time you drew the line. Jump the promotion queue with boosted concentration at work with these 12 guaranteed hacks. An hour of no-email is a real thing, trust us! 

Simple and Effective Tips for a Stress Free Life!
Sleep and RestOften, we just need a good night´ sleep or 6-8 hours for a fresh mind. Then it becomes ...
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Is your rage consuming you? Try these techniques to diffuse your anger

Flying off the handle over trifles can be easy. While family members might put up with your anger management problem, friends and work colleagues will definitely not. Identify the real cause of your anger and learn these ways to control it better.

Does Penis Size Matter?
While there is a common notion about the size of the penis and it being directly proportionate to the satisfaction ...
Men's healthSexual Well-beingErectile dysfunction
Tips for Healthy Digestion
Healthy digestive system ensures that the meals are being metabolized and digested properly to provide the required nutrition to our ...
Feast on Five Healthy Foods This Summer for Great Skin
Mangoes – Summer comes and so does the season of Mangoes. Rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and ...
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Women Do Not Ignore These 10 Symptoms of the Silent Killer!
Did you know that more than 550 women lose their battle against ovarian cancer every year? There are many things ...
Do You Suffer From a Eating Disorder?
Are you hungry all the time? Then this article is just for you. We all know that food plays an important ...
Eating disorder
6 Essential Nutrients for Women
A woman's body needs a lot of nourishment. There are many vitamins and minerals that ensure a healthy body. However, ...
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Grave Misconceptions About Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer remains one of the least talked about cancers in general public at-least in India. Hence there remains a ...
Prostate cancer
Anxiety Disorders - Phobias - Homeopathy Treatment
Fear is a normal emotion, but overwhelming, paralyzing fears of particular places, things, or situations are known as phobias. Here ...