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Oxygen Therapy for Covid-19 Relief and Prevention
In the present scenario, Coronavirus has rampantly spread across the world and a majority of people all over the world ...
Essential Skin Care Tips for Winter
Winter can be a difficult time for the skin. The cold air robs the natural moisture from your skin, leaving ...
Skin CareNail careHealthy Skin
Is your rage consuming you? Try these techniques to diffuse your anger

Flying off the handle over trifles can be easy. While family members might put up with your anger management problem, friends and work colleagues will definitely not. Identify the real cause of your anger and learn these ways to control it better.

Diet Plan for Teenage Girls
Obesity, hypertension, and numerous lifestyle diseases are a major issue amongst teenagers these days. As parents, you should take care ...
Healthy EatingDiets
Here's what you can do to treat a Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) at home

Bloodshot red eyes that keep tearing are tell tale signs of conjunctivitis. Being a viral infection of the eye most commonly, medicine has no treatment for it apart from waiting for it to subside. You can use calendula, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera and any of these home remedies for instant relief. 

How Seasonal Allergies Can Affect Your Oral Health
When allergy season is in full swing, your dental health may not be on the top of your mind. But ...
Dental cariesOral hygiene
Is your Vitamin C supplement harming you?

While Vitamin C is an absolute must for the body, its source matters. VItamin C or ascorbic acid can be obtained naturally in abundance from amlas, oranges, lemons, sweet lime. Although synthetic ascorbic acid is just as good, athletes might be wiser restricting their intake of high amounts of antioxidants, something vitamin C is rich on. 

Achhoo! Why Do I Sneeze So Much?
In our country, there is that romantic notion that if you sneeze someone is thinking of you!There is also the ...
ImmunityAllergyAllergic rhinitisCommon coldFlu
What You Should Know About Sedation Dentistry???
Anesthesia is administered prior to a procedure to help dull pain or sedate a nervous or anxious patient.Several medications are ...
Dental careOral hygiene
Low Back Ache
Your sleeping posture is very important for the health of the spine as you spend almost 8-10 hrs in sleep. ...
Why Do Muscles Get Sore?
Why Do Muscles Get Sore?Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the muscle pain or discomfort often felt from 24 to ...
ExerciseMuscle SorenessStrength trainingMuscle hypertrophy
Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea can occur from stomach disorders , opportunistic infections and most commonly as a side effect of many medications . ...
Cancer and nausea
Diet for Umbilical Hernia Patients
Umbilical Hernia Diet An umbilical or belly button hernia occurs when a part of the intestines or the abdominal lining ...
HerniaDietHerniasVitamins & SupplementsHealthy Digestion
Post Excercise Meal for Athletes
A Special Note for Team SportsTeam sports such as soccer, basketball,volleyball, and football also present a unique set of challenges.If ...
ExerciseSportsMuscle hypertrophyStrength trainingHealthy Eating
14 Bedroom Tips for Women - From Men!
Ask a man what kind of sex tips they'd give women if they could, and wow. Is it me, or ...
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