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8 Effective ways to Manage Stress
Everyone experiences stress, only the duration and the intensity vary. Stress is experienced especially when the situation is too demanding- ...
StressStress managementAnxietyMental well-being
Female Sexual Dysfunction
Female sexual dysfunction occurs when a woman is not able to fully, healthily, and pleasurable experience some or all of ...
Sexual Well-beingFertilityFemale sexual arousal disorderDysfunction
Wish to turn back time on your scars? Microneedling is the answer you need
Women's Health

As scary as needles can be, a few pokes can actually help you look more beautiful. Microneedling, a new technique that involves treatment with several tiny needles creating micro-injuries on your scars, can turn back time on your acne scars and stretch marks.   

If You Have Less Number of Eggs
What is meant by less number of eggs?A woman is born with a finite number of eggs in her ovaries. ...
FertilitySexual Well-beingInfertilityBefore pregnancy
6 Science-Backed Secrets Of People Who Have More Sex
The Huffington Post

People with healthy sex lives aren’t magical wizards. They just have the habit down to a science. Some science-based evidence of couples with a successful sex life- People who have more sex are easy going. They’re experimental. The release of oxytocin & other stress-relieving chemicals due to sex does some pretty wonderful things for their health too.

Hold That Tablet: Top 5 Home Remedies for Sudden Headaches
Anxiety headaches, stress headaches, tension headaches or just about an annoying headache for that matter, can make hell sing a ...
Chronic HeadacheMigraine
Handy tips to ease a panic attack

The train station, college, or while entering a meeting- a panic attack can occur anywhere. Identifying the signs of an oncoming panic attack is essential. Learn to identify the signs and remove yourself from the situation or trigger before a full blown panic attack is underway by acting quickly. Some symptoms- Hot flashes or sudden chills; Tingling sensations in your extremities

All You Need to Know About Swine Flu: An Emergency!
INTRODUCTION:The classical swine flu virus an influenza type A (H1N1) virus was first isolated from a pig in 1930. Swine ...
FluCommon coldCoughSwineSwine flu outbreakSwine influenza
Best Tips to Make Your Back Strong and Avoid Injuries in Gym
1. Use a hot pack if your back is stiff2. Do spine mobility exercises with the exercise ball first3. Do ...
Strengthen Your Butts to Improve Posture
EXERCISE: STANDING BRIDGE The standing bridge is the exercise we will use to implement functional Gluteus Maximus activation.  In my early ...
Hip musclesMuscles of the hipPostureEveryday Fitness
Turmeric - Ancient but Best for Your Skin!
Hydrated, clear and a gorgeous skin can be achieved by having great, healthy and rich food. This can be bought ...
Is Your Hamstrings the Cause of Your Bad Posture
KNEE FLEXIONKnee flexion is another compensation pattern found when attempting functional gluteal recruitment during a standing bridge.  Often times, people who ...
Hip musclesPostureAsanasBack PainEveryday Fitness
Activating the Gluteus Maximus: Squeeze Butts for Good Posture
GLUTEUS MAXIMUSThe gluteus maximus will be the fulcrum from where we will unwire the dysfunctional path of integration in the ...
Hip musclesGluteal musclesMuscles of the hipPostureEveryday Fitness
Align Your Knees to Activate Buttocks
EXTERNAL  HIP/FEMUR ROTATION Hip/femur external rotation is another very common association found with people when they attempt functional gluteal activation.  Excessive hip/femur ...
Hip musclesHipMuscles of the hipAsanasEveryday Fitness
Is Your Pelvis the Cause of Your Bad Posture
EFFICIENT MUSCULAR ASSOCIATION (STANDING BRIDGE)STEP 1  (PELVIC POSITIONING)Before we can attempt to effectively integrate the gluteus maximus into our neutral stance, ...
Hip musclesExercisePostureBack PainEveryday Fitness
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