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Healthy Mouths, Happy People - 7 Home Remedies for Bad Breath!
Halitosis is simply the official name for “bad breath.” 80 million people suffer from chronic bad breath. This can be ...
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Baby Bottle Caries : Must Know Issue for Parents
Baby bottle Caries or Early childhood caries is a major health concern that continues to negatively affect the oral health ...
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Here's what you can do to treat a Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) at home

Bloodshot red eyes that keep tearing are tell tale signs of conjunctivitis. Being a viral infection of the eye most commonly, medicine has no treatment for it apart from waiting for it to subside. You can use calendula, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera and any of these home remedies for instant relief. 

Wisdom Teeth- Unfolding Facts and Myths
Wisdom teeth or third molars (wisdom molars) are the teeth farthest away in the dental arches and they are usually ...
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Hair Loss in Children- Here's why it happens

Hair fall is fairly common in adults, but there are plenty of reasons children can face hair loss too. At that tender young age, nutritional deficiencies like iron and protein, too much pulling in hair bands and fungal infections can all lead to hair fall. 

How Strong Is Your Butt ?
INEFFICIENT  MUSCULAR ASSOCIATION (GLUTEUS MAXIMUS)LUMBAR EXTENSIONThe most common association people will make when attempting a standing bridge will be the lumbar ...
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6 Science-Backed Secrets Of People Who Have More Sex
The Huffington Post

People with healthy sex lives aren’t magical wizards. They just have the habit down to a science. Some science-based evidence of couples with a successful sex life- People who have more sex are easy going. They’re experimental. The release of oxytocin & other stress-relieving chemicals due to sex does some pretty wonderful things for their health too.

6 Things You Need to Know About Lubricants
Sex reduces stress, relieves pain, and that after-sex glow even makes you look younger. You can take advantage of these ...
Detox The Post Festival Guilt!
Once the thrill and rush of the festival season is over, it leaves in its wake a feeling of guilt and ...
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6 Effects of Untimely Exposure to Sex on a Child!
A recent query from Practo Consult made me aware of the readiness, of a sector of society, to explore the ...
Is Your Pelvis the Cause of Your Bad Posture
EFFICIENT MUSCULAR ASSOCIATION (STANDING BRIDGE)STEP 1  (PELVIC POSITIONING)Before we can attempt to effectively integrate the gluteus maximus into our neutral stance, ...
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My Mom Is My Best Friend: Communicating With Your Teen
“Can I go for a party tonight?” asked 17-year-old Tarun. “Where is the party? How long will you be out? ...
Align Your Knees to Activate Buttocks
EXTERNAL  HIP/FEMUR ROTATION Hip/femur external rotation is another very common association found with people when they attempt functional gluteal activation.  Excessive hip/femur ...
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Summer Foods
Just as the body needs more energy to combat the winters, it needs less supply of energy during the summer ...
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Turmeric - Ancient but Best for Your Skin!
Hydrated, clear and a gorgeous skin can be achieved by having great, healthy and rich food. This can be bought ...
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