State-of-the-art AI Platform for Healthcare Enterprises

Querent is an artificial intelligence (AI) based analytics platform that delivers broad value to organizations in their transition to value and risk based care. From predictive and prescriptive analytics to patient engagement and care coordination, Querent enables true data driven and strategic decision making.

1,000+ Dashboards | 150+ Key Performance Indicators | 60+ Predictive models



1,000+ detailed dashboards with search and drill-down capabilities to be on top of your Clinical, Operational and Financial metrics


Actionable insights to discover elements that go unnoticed in a dynamic value based care and population health environment


Operational, Financial and Clinical prediction models derived from advanced AI computational and statistical models

Accountable Care Organization Solution

Take charge of your ACO with actionable insights, helping your organization become more efficient and maximize savings

Population Health Management Solution

End-to-end solution including Risk Stratification, Care Management, Automated Patient Outreach and Clinician Engagement

Quality reporting

Built-in modules to assist in Quality reporting such as HEDIS, DSRIP, MACRA and many others to help you monitor quality of care

NLP-based apps

Intelligent Natural Language Processing applications with ability to extract insights from unstructured data sources

Imaging analytics

Automatic analysis of medical images that helps doctors and radiologists make speedier diagnoses

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Optimize for health outcomes keeping economic and policy constraints under consideration, using Real-World Evidence
Descriptive analytics dashboards - Querent

Actionable insights at your fingertips

- Plan effective treatment plans and prioritize care with various risk prediction models

- Predict readmission risk score for patients during admission to enable holistic treatment approach and ensure readmissions are minimized

- Improve employee satisfaction with the help of Activity and Acuity based staff planning

- Reduce cost of care by implementing corrective measures based on Episode of care cost and Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary (MSPB)

Descriptive analytics dashboards - Querent
Clinical & Operational Revenue Prediction Models

AI Augmented Applications

- Imaging Analytics - Imaging analytics solution enables early diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy and Tuberculosis which helps triage cases for specialists intervention

- Natural Language Processing Applications - Extract insights from unstructured clinical data such as discharge summaries, clinical and progress notes and more

Clinical & Operational Revenue Prediction Models
Descriptive analytics dashboards - Querent

Comprehensive Population Health Management Solution

- Prioritize care with our actionable risk-stratification and readmission prediction models

- Comprehensive Care management solution which facilitates care coordination with task oriented care-plans, alerts, reminders, automated outreach and more

- Improve care plan adherence and patient outcomes with automated patient outreach

- Increase revenue by identifying and eliminating out-of-network referrals

Descriptive analytics dashboards - Querent
Increased efficiency

Stay updated during your travels

- Get regular updates through customised mailers that give you quick summary of your hospital’s activities

- Track everything through easy dashboards from mobile or tablet

Increased efficiency

Querent around the globe

Get state-of-the-art analytics for your hospital

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Will my data be secure? If yes, how so?

Your data would be secure in more ways than one. Firstly, we accept only de-identified data i.e. no personal identifiers associated with the patient is stored in the system. Secondly, each hospital data is stored on a unique data mart which is isolated and secured behind a BSIMM compliant analytics platform. Thirdly, each hospital designates data access based on user’s role

Will you integrate with the hospital HIS / HMIS or any other system?

Querent™ by Practo® does not integrate directly with any HIS / EHR systems because these systems are mission critical and the hospital operations depend upon high availability of the system. Querent™ works on a data warehouse concept/model. The data is produced by transactional systems like HIMS/RIS/finance etc. and is periodically updated offline or as agreed with the IT administration team. This ensures that the analytics dashboards and insights are always up to date, without any disruption of hospital operations.

Does your system work with any other HIS / HMIS or system?

Querent by Practo has partnerships with leading HIS vendors in the country, however, Querent will ingest data from any any HIS / EHR or financial / transactional systems as long as the data is received in a standardised format.

Do we need to buy any hardware or software for this solution?

The hospital need not buy any additional hardware or software. The solution can be accessed by authorized users from any of their existing internet-enabled devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Will you provide any training to the hospital staff?

Querent by Practo is designed for self-service i.e. it’s extremely intuitive and practically requires no training. However, product teams of Querent do provide an onboarding walk-through to the first-time users.

Will the hospital staff be able to design their own specific dashboards?

Querent has more than 500 dashboards available out of the box and that list is continuously growing! Typically the exhaustive list would suffice all the needs of a hospital. However, the hospital team will not be able to design their own dashboards. Rest assured, we continuously improve our product based on the needs and input from our clients.