PRP is a very effective therapy for hair growth and has become popular in recent times after some celebrities have shared their benefits in internet.

  • What is PRP ?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous preparation of platelets in concentrated plasma.Activated platelets release numerous proteins and growth factors which act on stem cells in the bulge area of follicles, stimulating the development of new follicles and promoting neovascularization  and hair growth.

PRPis in use for several years in surgical fields for face surgery, healing ulcers, orthopedics treatments, sports medicine,, and is now dermatologist have started utilizing benefits of PRP for hair growth and skin rejuvenation.

  • How does PRP work?

Growth factors in platelets are essential for tissue healing and repair. It has been found that these growth factors help in multiplication of  different cells of body including skin cells and hair cells. Hence PRP is used as a preferred treatment for hair loss, acne scar treatment and for skin rejuvenation.

  • How is this treatment performed?

Anesthetic cream is applied on treatment areas for 30-40 mins., 9-10 ml of patients blood is drawn in a sterile syringe and processed in centrifuge machine in a special tube which contains separator gel and platelet activator.  Ready PRP is injected in the treatment are a using a very small sterile syringe. Once the PRP is ready it takes 10-15 mins to complete the procedure.

  • What are the side effects and complications of PRP?

AsPRP is prepared from patients own blood, its very natural and extremely safe procedure. Its mildly painful but it’s a bearable pain.

  • How many treatments are needed for good results?

On an average 5-6 sitting are needed at a gap of 4-6 weeks for good results.

  • What is the cost of treatment?

Cost of treatments varies with the type of PRP tube being used.

Local laboratory tubes may cost from 3-5 k and imported kits with platelet activators and separator gel may cost from 9-15k.

Imported and approved kits will cost more but need less number of sessions and are far more effective with excellent results.