The modern civilization has taken great strides in providing materialistic comfort to the human being. But along with comforts ailments have come along. Stress is one such by product of the modern life. Common people are passing sleepless nights, the anxiety of loosing job or getting under-paid salaries has given rise to a lot of stress.

Ayurveda,the most ancient medicinal system is the world, is finest solutions to the stressed lifestyle & diseases of the mankind due to the modern civilization.

Ayurveda consists of different therapies like Panchakarma (i.e. Vamana, Virechana,Nasya, Raktamokshana, Basti) that supports human being’s individual constitutional harmony while promoting cellular rejuvenation & over all vitality & immunity.

The key to optimum health is to help your body eliminate toxins & re-establish the constitutional balance.  i.e. equilibrium of doshas & dhatus (metabolism).

  • Panchakarma Treatment & Therapy:    Panchakarma is ayurvedic detoxification treatment. Panch literally means (Five) and Karma means (therapeutic processes) Panchakarma has three steps. known as Poorvakarma, Pradhankarma and Paschatkarma
  • Poorvakarma : These therapies are done before Panchakarma & they consist of:-
  • Snehapana: Drinking of oil & ghee.
  • Abhyang:  Total body massage with the help ofoil
  • Swedana:  Herbal steam bath

Pradhankarma (Panchakarma) :

1. Vamana (Emesis procedure) :- Removal of increased doshas from body through oral route means Vaman. In this procedurevomiting is induced by giving medicines. 

2. Virechana (Purgative procedure) :-Removal of increased doshas from body through anal route giving purgative medicine means Virechana.                               

3. Basti (Medicated Enema) :- Medicated enema therapy removes doshas through anal route by giving medicated oil/decoction. In this procedure metabolic toxins  are eliminated from the body.                                                  

4.Nasyam (Nasal administration) :-Removal of increased doshas through nasal route means Nasyam. In this proceduremedicated oil /milk / powder is used.

5. Raktamokshan (Blood latting)  :- Removal of impure blood with the help of Jalouka(leech) or by scalp vein  is known as Raktamokshan.

Paschatkarma :

Advisory diet is prescribed.

In today’s competitive world we have often heard people saying ‘I have no time to die’ because of their busy & hectic professional schedule. Panchakarma therapy described in the ayurveda text is according to the ideal environment, when texts were written 2000 years ago. Now a days there have been many changes in the environment & lifestyle of humans. So with these experiences Dr. Bedre has scheduled Panchakarma processes of 9 days for a healthy individual. Schedule varies as per the ailments

Today's modern lifestyle is very stressful which effects normal body functions. Stress may be defined as “Any situation which tends to disturb the equilibrium between a living organism & its environment.” Such situation disturbs mental & physical activities. Stress disturbs metabolism which leads to elevate blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Panchakarma is the most useful tool to eliminate toxins from the body & helps to maintain equilibrium of metabolism.        

Nine days schedule :

1st Day- Matrabasti(oil enema)+Abhyang+Swedan+Snehapan

2nd Day-  Matrabasti(oil enema)+Abhyang+Swedan+Snehapan

3rd Day-Matrabasti(oil enema)+Abhyang+Swedan+Snehapan

4th Day-Matrabasti(oil enema)+Abhyang+Swedan+Vaman

5th Day- Rest+Dietary restrictions

6th Day-Matrabasti(oil enema)+Abhyang+Swedan+Virechan

7th Day- Rest+Dietary restrictions

8th Day-Abhyang+Swedan+Nasya+Raktamokshan

9th Day-Abhyang+Swedan+Niruhbasti (Dicoction enema)


  1. Stabilizes metabolic process.
  2. ReleasesMental & Physical stress.
  3. Reduces joint pains, blood pressure, tiredness etc.
  4. Calm,  quite & sound sleep.

This Panchakarma schedule is very beneficial for any working professional - bank employees, corporate employees, businessmen, teachers,engineers, students, housewives  etc.