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Practo Pro app
Practo Pro app

Build your online reputation

Practo Profile

Practo Profile is the online identity for you and your practice. Practo Profile is free and helps you become visible to millions of patients on

Practo Reach

Practo Reach ad slots helps to increase the visibility of your practice on, with guaranteed number of patient views.

Practo Feedback

Know what your patients have to say about you and increase your credibility by replying to their feedback.
Practo Pro app
Practo Pro app

Keep your patients engaged

Practo Consult

Practo Consult helps you maximise your earnings by consulting patients online. You can also showcase your expertise by answering free health queries.

Practo Health Feed

Publish health tips and articles to connect with millions of people.
Practo Pro app
Practo Pro app

Manage your practice digitally


Manage your appointments or mark your absence from anywhere.


Manage patients' profiles and access their case history on the go.


View daily reports on appointments and revenue.
Practo Pro app


Is this a free app?

Yes, Practo Pro is a free app.

Do I need to sign up with Practo to use the app?

Yes, you’ll need to create a Practo Account to use the App. It’s free and it only takes a minute to sign up.

Do I need a subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray to use Practo Health Feed?

No, you do not. You’ll only need that for using the respective section of the app.

Will I get all my practice data on this app?

If you have a ray subscription, you’ll see all your Appointments, Billing and Files on the app.