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to improve your clinic’s visibility online, manage your practice better and enhance patient experience.

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No annual commitments

Prime works on a simple pay-per-use model. You only pay Platform Development Fee per Connection, which comprises charges for Network development costs, Technology costs, Awareness costs, and Service costs.

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Clinics & Hospitals

Prime gives more visibility to your practice

Give more visibility to your practice

Stand out from the crowd with:

Enhanced Practo listing card

A prominent Prime badge

Listing on exclusive Prime page

Prime gives more visibility to your practice
Improve patient experience

Improve patient experience

Provide an outstanding visit experience to patients by committing to any or all of the following benefits:

Predictable wait time

Fixed consultation fee

Accurate practice location

Consultation with the preferred doctor

Prepaid appointments

Improve patient experience
Get powerful practice management softwares

Get powerful practice management softwares

Manage your practice better with powerful practice management softwares like Ray by Practo:

Let patients book appointments with you online

Send patients automated reminder SMSes

Easy electronic medical records management

Get powerful practice management softwares

Join 1000+ clinics & hospitals already on Prime

*Practo Prime does not, in any way, commit appointments or patients to establishments.


How does Practo Prime work?

Practo Prime combines cutting-edge technology with awareness tools to highlight establishments committed to offering exceptional visit experiences. Prime helps consumers discover and connect seamlessly with establishments that offer this superior visit experience.

What does Platform Development Fee per Connection (PFC) mean?

Platform Development Fee per Connection is deducted from your Prime credits only when a connection is established through the Practo website or app.
The PFC is inclusive of the following costs incurred to enable connections: network development costs, technology costs, service costs and awareness costs.

What does Practo Prime cost? Are you charging me for patients?

Absolutely not. Practo Prime does not in any way charge for patients. The only fee we charge is PFC or Platform Development Fee per Connection, which covers the costs of developing robust capabilities for your practice — network development costs, technology costs, service costs and awareness costs.
Establishments are charged this fixed Platform development Fee per Connection (PFC) on a pay-per-use model whenever a user connects with a doctor using the “Call” or “Book” button on their profile. There is no annual commitment.

With Practo Prime, are you indirectly promising transactions/appointments?

Absolutely not. Practo Prime is not in anyway a guarantee of appointments or patients.

Will Practo Prime help me get more patients?

Practo Prime does not in anyway guarantee appointments or patients to clinics, but it does help patients discover and connect seamlessly with an establishment through connection options like “Call” and “Book”.

How much time do I need to invest to get started?

Subscribing to Practo Prime is simple. If interested, you can request for a free demo. A representative from Practo will reach out to you within 2 working days for a Practo Prime demo. They will also guide you through the setup process.

Ray and Qikwell Lite were independent softwares. Why have they been clubbed with Practo Prime?

Ray and Qikwell Lite are still available as independent softwares. However, they are now also a part of Practo Prime as its engagement component. Since Prime is an all-in-one package that offers both, awareness and engagement tools, Ray and Qikwell Lite’s engagement capabilities help the establishments manage wait times and patient experience better.

What happens to my profile if I don't subscribe to Practo Prime?

Your profile will still be visible and can be discovered by users searching on However, it will not be visible on the Practo Prime list of providers.

How do I deactivate Practo Prime?

You can discontinue Prime at any time. Just give a call to your Practo sales representative or reach out to our support team at +91-88805-88999 and they will help you with ending your subscription.

In case I need help, who do I speak to?

Our customer support team is always ready to help you. You can contact the support team with any queries at +91-88805-88999 or
Practo Pro app

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A powerful app that lets you manage and grow your practice.

Manage your profile with advanced profile editor

Respond to your patients’ feedback

Provide online consultation to patients

Manage your clinic with a Ray by Practo subscription

See patient records from anywhere

Track your clinic’s performance on the go

Monitor efficiency of your Practo Reach ads

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