We're on a mission to help mankind live healthier, longer.

Every day billions of people struggle for better healthcare. We want to change that. Globally.

This starts with helping them find the best doctors and culminates into a single intelligent healthcare account for the entire family that securely stores all their healthcare data so they can make better healthcare decisions.

Rules Are For Fools
We're Driven By Values

We believe values are more important than rules. At Practo our values are not just principles for our products or our company but they in many ways define who we are as people.

We will always strive for greatness. To be the best in the world at whatever it is we do. We do this not for want of rewards and recognitions but it is because we expect it of ourselves.

The promise and the premise on which our values stand, drives us towards doing great.

Inspire Trust
Growth is Oxygen
Think First Principles
Everyday, we work on problems no one has dared to solve before. We’re dreamers, thinkers and do-ers all rolled into one. We have audaciously, galactically big dreams - because that’s what it takes to truly change the world and improve healthcare access for humanity.