Intelligent patient relationship management system for hospitals

Ensure smooth appointment flow, dramatically shorter queues, digital payments and more.

Intelligent queue manager

- Reduced wait time and chaos at OPD

- Higher appointment reliability

- Efficient utilisation of doctor’s time

- Real-time information on patient statuses such as check-in, check-out, no-show, late arrivals, wait time, etc

Intelligent Queue Manager
Qikwell Pulse

Qikwell Pulse

Practice management app for doctors

- Notify patients on appointment status and rescheduling

- Mark delay alerts when running late

Qikwell Pulse
Seamless sync with the Practo app for patient

Seamless sync with the Practo app for patients

- Online appointment booking

- Live view of the doctor’s calendar

- Appointment reminder, status, and rescheduling

- Digital sharing of patient health records

Seamless sync with the Practo app for patient

Increased efficiency

- Smart widgets sync your appointments across Facebook/LinkedIn pages, website, and IVR

- Automated appointments reduce load on phone lines

- Your receptionist gets more time for more important tasks

- Syncs with your existing hospital/clinic app, if any


Smart scheduling engine

- Doctor’s calendar is modelled as a virtual queue

- Appointment duration is based on type of consumer, speciality and historical data

- SLAs are based on type of appointment - confirmed, waiting list, last minute walk ins

OPD management system

- Increases doctor yield by 20%

- Reduces patient wait time by 8%

- Single interface manages multiple centres, departments and doctors

- Schedule is algorithm-driven with minimum manual overrides

- Enables easy scheduling for resources and health check-ups

TV queue management system

- Dynamic queuing automatically reflects changes in schedule and delay

- Multiple doctor OPD can be shown on one screen

- Can create one queue for online appointments and walk-in patients

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