Practo for doctors

Practo for doctors

Simple yet powerful solutions that are built to grow and manage your practice.

Manage your practice efficiently, engage with patients to offer them a premium experience, or increase your visibility online.
Practo for doctors

Practo Profile

Millions of people trust and use Practo. Help them connect with you to grow your practice.

Create a free Practo Profile to help patients find you

Practo Consult

Consult online and grow your practice. Reach new patients and connect with your patients online.

With Practo Consult you can

- Answer medical queries & showcase your expertise

- Maximise your earnings with paid online consultations

- Offer online follow-ups to your clinic patients

Practo Health Feed

Practo Health Feed

Publish health tips to educate and inspire millions of people to lead a healthier lifestyle

Our easy-to-use article editor, regular feedback from editorial team, and detailed analysis of your articles’ performance makes writing very simple. And, it’s free.
Practo Health Feed

Manage your clinic easily.

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Practo Pro app

Download Practo Pro app

A powerful app that lets you manage and grow your practice.

Manage your profile with advanced profile editor

Respond to patient stories for your practice

Provide online consultation to patients

Manage your clinic with a Ray by Practo subscription

See patient records from anywhere

Track your clinic’s performance on the go

Manage and track your Prime subscription