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Is Ayurveda Alternative Medicine?

Dr. Kaustubh Kane, Ayurveda
Ayurveda is part of alternative medicine.As today, there are many people who are vary of harmful side effects of modern medicines (Allopathy), there has been a growing so-called ‘trend’ of ancient holistic medicines such as Ayurveda in western countries. We Indians have a bad habit of accepting things which arise or develop in western countries. For e.g we didn’t accepted ‘Kalripayat’ (form of ancient fighting skillset), until it was converted into ‘Karate’ by Japanese monk and made famous by Hollywood in early 80’s. Same ‘trend’ is being carried with Ayurveda, people doesn’t realize strength of our own system until any outsider tells its worth. Another such example is ‘ghee’. For many years allopathy doctors have been advising to avoid ‘ghee’ for cholesterol problems on basis of their previous study, but recent studies have shown that ‘cow ghee’ contains high density lipids which are necessary for human body and also important factor for reducing harmful cholesterol, which Ayurveda had been advising for so long. Comparatively modern science is very young and developing and is incomplete science. It only believes seen knowledge which in Ayurveda is stated as “Pratyaksha praman”. Modern medical science needs to develop because it is incomplete. Whereas Ayurveda is a complete science, I am not stating that research should not be done or can’t be done in Ayurveda, but like numbers in mathematics (0-9), it is all. All other numbers are permutation and combinations of these. Even basic maths like plus, minus, multiply, divide are researched and proved themselves over period of time, no matter how much research is done now it is not going to change. Same is the case with Ayurveda no matter what you research, it is a science which has been researched and proven (e.g. no one can add even 1 doshas in existing 3 doshsas or substract one).Even the word Ayurveda itself is very meaningful –“Aayu   + ved = Ayurveda (Life) + (Science) = Science of life. As the name suggests Ayurveda has very detailed description of every aspect of not only health but of life.Everyone today refers to Ayurveda as alternative and to some extent lower level or poor science and is frowned upon. Just because western thinking doesn’t accept or know any other science doesn’t make it less important. Many Indian doctors have termed Ayurveda as old, outdated and non-scientific. Worst part, they spread this to patient without any true knowledge about it. YES Ayurveda is old but does that make it non-scientific?"Humans are afraid of the unknown”Just like any other science i.e physics, chemistry etc. Ayurveda has its postulations, assumptions, theories, and then field applications to prove those theories. In fact Ayurveda has been gradually developing science rather than a one person contribution.How can a science of around 5000 years termed ‘Alternative'? If Ayurveda is approached as first choice many regular and bigger health problems can be avoided before it even happens. Why to Cure, when we can Prevent it from happening? So instead of being afraid of it, get to know Ayurveda. Experience the beauty of natural healing.

Ayurveda & Sleep

Dr. Phanindra V V, Ayurveda
Ahara (Food) Nidra (Sleep) and Brahmacharya (Being in one's senses) are the three pillars of health according to Ayurveda. Nidra -  sleep, is very important among them. It is the sleep which decides how fresh we wake up the next day. If the sleep is not good enough, or disturbed, a person's whole day might be just fruitless.Ayurveda has included many daily regimens for the correct, good and balanced sleep. Sukhaswapnavabodha is the term Acharya Charaka uses. He means to say that a healthy person should have a good sleep and also when he wakes up, he should feel fresh, no laziness and fatigue. This is also a feature of a healthy individual. How to have a good sleep?Ayurveda advocates certain daily regimen like Shiro Abhyanga i.e. application of medicated oil to head in a prescribed manner. The second one is the Pada Abhyanga - to apply medicated oil and giving a foot massage. The third one is to drink a glassful of (About 200ml) of hot milk (should be diluted with water) at bed time, One can use Badam powder which is prepared in home as an additive to the milk along with sugarcandy. Disturbed Sleep? Disturbed sleep is a condition wherein a person may feel difficulty in falling asleep, or his sleep gets disturbed in the middle of a sleep, or even feeling slight headache when a person wakes up, not feeling fresh when waking up, etc...For this sleeping problem, Ayurveda advocated certain treatments like Shirodhara, Shiroabhyanga and Shiro basti.  They reduce the problems associated with the psychic part of a person and helps a person get good sleep. The Abhyanga which is also an Ayurveda therapy part relaxes the physical component, thereby reducing stress and improving neuro-psychological axis.Regularly applying medicated oil to head also helps to get rid of hairfall, and promoted good hair growth. Use Ayurveda - Be Healthy.

Ayurveda - Why Opt for This Treatment?

Dr. D S Rathi, Ayurveda
Eight Reasons to Choose Ayurveda1. Ayurveda is Scientific Medical SystemAyurveda is not a magic or just a Grandma’s Home Remedy, it is a detailed medical science that can be learned in an institution. It has detailed description on Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology and even Surgeries. The tasteless powders and bitter liquids have great scientific value and are very effective. Medicines are carefully chosen as per the basics described in Ayurveda and have power to heal various complicated diseases. Ayurveda not only enrich us with the medical knowledge, but also tells us how to improve the social, ethical, intellectual & spiritual life of a human being.2. Ayurveda is purely based on natural productsAyurvedic Medicines are prepared from natural products including herbs and minerals. These are highly nutritive and have great medicinal properties. Each herb is unique in its healing properties and can be used in different forms for the treatment of different diseases. Herbs can be used as a single drug or in combination with other herbs. These herbs can be given in various forms mainly including powders, bhasms, liquid syrups, decoctions, tablets etc.3. Ayurvedic Medicines do not have any Side EffectsAyurvedic medicines are harmless and non-toxic therefore it can be taken for longer periods without causing any side effects in chronic ailments. There is no side effect on liver or Kidney. Infact most of the ayurvedic medicines are Hepato-protective (Protects Liver). Unlike other synthetic drugs Ayurvedic Medicines are Body-friendly which gives only benefits and no side effects.4. Ayurveda cures the DiseasesAim of Ayurveda is to heal the disease from its root cause. It is very effective in treating almost all kind of disorders especially Skin Problems, Digestive Problems, Psychiatric Problems, Sexual Problems, Gynecological Problems etc. It even improves the life of patients having Cancers. The greatest benefit of Ayurvedic Treatment is the concept of Individualized Treatment that gives support and strength to many parts of the body at a single time which in turn helps in treating various health issues of an individual.5. Ayurveda detoxifies the BodyAyurvedic medicine encourages cleansing of the body from outside as well as from inside. It removes all the toxins accumulated in various tissues of the body by means of certain medicines and by a special Detoxification Treatment Procedure known as Panchkarma Treatment. This technique is used in long standing cases who are not getting relief from medicines. It is not only limited to physical cleansing but also gives relaxation to the mind and soul.6. Ayurvedic Medicines improves DigestionAyurveda believes that a poor digestion is the basis of majority of diseases. A lot of diseases can be prevented and treated by regularizing the digestive system of an individual. Proper digestion makes sure the better absorption of food materials, nutrients and medicines. Almost all Ayurvedic treatment planning includes regularization of digestion of a patient so that there is quicker absorption and better availability of medicines in the body.7. Ayurvedic Medicines improves Immune SystemAyurvedic Medicines makes the body strong enough to fight with diseases by increasing the immune power of the body. Ayurveda tells us about Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Diet and Medicinal Treatment of illnesses which in turn keeps the body healthy and away from diseases. Ayurvedic drugs help in strengthening the body’s defense mechanism and to keep the Immune system strong so that illness has less of a chance of settling in.8. Ayurveda improves Overall Quality of LifeAyurveda focuses on treating the body as a whole rather than treating only the disease. So, the treatment of one problem through ayurveda improves the overall health of an individual. Balancing all the basic components of the body is the key concept in ayurveda. It treats not only the disease but corrects the balance of doshas in the whole body making the individual healthy in every manner.

Beat the Stress With Ayurveda

Dr. Karthikeyan, Ayurveda
Stress is a fairly universal. Some can be very productive and could benefit you immensely, while some others can be harmful physically, mentally, and emotionally. According to latest medical reports, stress is found to be among the largest killers of human kind and numerous western medications have found to have worsen the medical condition with a number of side effects.Consider this scenario: jam packed roads, a looming deadline or getting laid off. In today’s modern world, stress and anxiety is seen in terms of the situation one finds oneselves in. However, according to the sacred knowledge of Ayurveda these are impulses that originates in mind that creates a negative psychological disposition, temporary or chronic, leading to undesirable health consequences. Headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, fatigue and feelings of anger, fear, helplessness or hopelessness, and other symptoms that affect a person’s physical and mental well-being are often linked to stress.The demands of everyday living can be numerous paving way for stress and hypertension, which in time becomes a health hazard. Below listed are a few warning signals that you need to pay utmost heed to.Feeling hopeless, depressed,Uncontrollable temper,Often angry, frustrated and irritated,Negative thinking and exaggerating,Smoking and alcohol addiction,Frequent headaches, stomach aches and back achesFeeling lonelyAlways tired and sickGets affected by diseases easilyDisinterest to everything in lifeRegular allergies and skin rashesTrouble in sleepingDon’t wait till you hit the bottom line. If you know that you’re stressed, supportive Ayurveda treatments could benefit you immensely. One of the most popular and powerful Ayurvedic antidote to excess stress is the well-established ancient treatment Shirodhara along with other dietary and lifestyle practices.ShirodharaShirodhara is an ancient, divine and powerful Ayurvedic healing therapy that rejuvenates, balances and stabilizes the mind, body and soul. The Shirodhara has its origins in Sanskrit, where ‘shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means continuous flow.This unique and blissful Ayurveda treatment involves pouring a steady stream of medicated oils at a certain rhythmic speed over the ‘third eye’ or center of the forehead followed by a rejuvenating Ayurvedic head massage. With a range of miraculous healing powers, if performed to perfection, Shirodhara can bring about an immense feeling of deep relaxation and calmness of mind, body and soul.This transformative treatment can help relive depression, insomnia, fatigue, stress, anxiety and tension and restore body to good health calming the nervous system and enhancing the brain function.Wondering if you should get Shirodhara treatment? Take a look at all the astounding benefits of Shirodhara treatment.Healing Benefits of ShirodharaShirodhara is considered to be one of the most effective treatments in Ayurveda to manage, control and reduce stress, anxiety and tension. Apart from that the treatment is also highly beneficial for improving various functions of body and mind. They are:Deeply relaxes the nervous system,Balances doshas,Increases freely flow of energy, oxygen and other nutrients to the brain,Increases blood circulationBoosts immunity and overall health,Calms body and mind,Prevents headaches and migraines,Eliminates infections and other imbalances affecting neck, eyes, ears and nose,Reduces hair fall and premature grayingReplenishes the skin,Promotes fertility,Heightens the senses,Treats insomnia,Helps improve focus and concentration,Stabilizes mind and mood swingsNourishes the hair and scalp,Encourages sound and deep sleep,Improves digestion and metabolism,Instills a positive spirit.Guard against stressWhat is important to note here is that in most cases stress is self-generated. Recognising and dealing with it on a timely manner and by gaining control of the mind, you can effectively manage and release stress and start enjoying life.

Now You Can Manage Acne With Ayurveda & Acupuncture!

Dr. Ravi Dewan, Ayurveda
Acne is known as Yauvan Pidika in Ayurveda. Yauvan means adolescent age & pidika means eruptions. As evident the disease has been so beautifully explained in Ayurveda. Though management of acne is a complex procedure requiring multi-level treatments, for which one should always consult a medical professional, still there are certain simple things one can try doing at personal level at home.One major consideration while dealing with acne is internal & external hygiene.Panchkarma Treatments in Ayurveda are specialized treatments for purging interior toxins of the body, but they can only be performed by expert Ayurvedists and for that one must visit experts of this field.Internal hygiene encompasses proper bowel movement and proper digestion. If one is suffering from constipation, consumption of triphala powder 1 teaspoon with warm water at bed time should take care of the said problem. As acne is problem related to glands so reduced fat intake is key tocontrol this problem. As for external hygiene, repeated face wash with simple water should be followed religiously. Excess and frequent usage of harsh face washes should be avoided.One can try any one of the following face packs to be applied only once daily till symptoms subside.Mix little haldi in honey and apply for 10-15 minutes before taking bath.Apply Aloe Vera pulp on face before bath.Crush some neem leaves and extract their juice. This juice can be mixed in honey and applied as pack for 10-15 minutes before bath.Face pack made by mixing chandan powder & multani mitti is very soothing for itching & burning sensation associated with acne.Fruit face packs of papaya, cucumber etc. are also very useful in this season.Acupuncture treatment is also giving very good results in acne as it controls body’s internal cold, heat and dampness in very effective way.

Jivha Nirlekhan...Tongue Scrapingby Ayurveda

Dr. Shailesh Phalle, Ayurveda
Ayurveda tells us the tongue is the first organ of digestion and the mirror to all the organs of the body. The tongue is an important tool of Ayurvedic diagnosis. The appearance of the tongue reveals the health condition of the entire body. When you look on your tongue, it’s an opportunity for self-awareness. If you see a thick coating of different color, it means you are accumulating toxins from the last several days, months or years.  Tongue scraping is an ancient ritual of personal hygiene and self-care for the removal of toxins i.e. bacteria, viruses, food debris and fungi from the surface of the Tongue Scraping? Our tongue is important not only for the sense of taste. It also performs the function of filtering toxins from our food intake. The toxins in the food are filtered and they remain in our tongue and should be removed daily.While we sleep, our digestive system remains awake and is busy removing toxins from our body. By this process, toxins are excreted and deposited onto the surface of our tongue. If we fail to regularly scrape them away, they get reabsorbed into the body and lead to problems in the respiratory and digestive systems.When to do Tongue Scraping?This Ayurvedic ritual should be done on a regular basis in the morning upon rising, while the stomach is still empty.How to do Tongue Scraping?According to Ayurveda, tongue scrapers which are U shaped and made of gold, silver, copper, tin or brass are effective. The tongue scraper should not be sharp.With a relaxed tongue, using your U shaped tongue scraper, gently reach to the back of the tongue and scrape the tongue from back to front. Repeat this 5-10 times, rinsing the scraper after each pass.Other Health BenefitsTreatment of bad breath, halitosis, low appetite, anorexia or poor appetiteImproves dental and gum healthBeauty, peaceful and calm mindActivates saliva production and helps Agni (digestive fire)Boosts immunity and ojas (vigour or life energy).                                                                                                  

Shirodhara- Best Therapy for Mental Stress

Dr. Pritam Raj, Ayurveda
Shirodhara a snehan treatment in Ayurveda is basically one of the most relaxing, healing and rejuvenating therapy in today's world. The roots of this treatment stems out from the 6000 year old Indian science of Ayurveda.Its a gentle pouring of a stream of warm medicated oil on your forehead specifically on the third eye or the Ajna chakra located between the brows.Shirodhara has an ability to cure multiple neurological disorders like Alzheimer, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, dementia, paralysis,etc. It's the only complete therapy for brain, some of benefits are:It nourishes the brain cells called neurons by increasing the blood circulation. Strengthens the nerves originating from the brain. Increases the secretions of neurotransmitters like dopamine,Influences the master glands improves its secretionsIncreases the production of serotonin and endorphin's, which eventually improves the quality of sleep, and creates a condition of heightened consciousness which is attributed to the fact that the treatments unblocks the chakra and creates an increased flow of prana the vital energy towards the brain.Hence, we can say that it's an energizing treatment.It's an excellent form of therapy for people suffering from insomnia, migraine, Trigeminal neuralgia, etc. Even if you are not suffering from any disorders it is always advisable to take Shirodhara once in a month, to nourish the scalp, improve the thought process, gain mental clarity, de-stress, as a preventive treatment for hair loss, baldness, neurological disorders, keeping our concentration and memory in better condition,It's a therapy recommended highly for the stressed out people, and you need to undergo this treatment to experience the benefits. I am talking about one of the most amazing the therapeutic experiences.It wont be wrong to say that its one of the gift to the mankind from Ayurveda.Avail Shirodhara in its authentic form only at nirvana spa' n' wellness center running at GK-1,GK-2 & GREEN PARK

Distress Your stress...the Ayurveda way...

Dr. Gaurang Joshi, Ayurveda
Dear Friends and Gracious Readers,In current era each and every human being on this earth known the word ”Stress”..which is becoming more common and also becoming a part of our life affecting our health Physically and Mentally…and also generating so many Psychosomatic disorders which now a days becoming common as life style disorders…and it’s becoming a silent killer now a days.Stress causes so many diseases like-HypertensionHeart DiseasesDiabetesInsomniaAnxietyDepressionObesityAuto Immune DiseaseSkin Diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema, Lichen Planus etc.Digestive problems(Irritable Bowel Symptom)All these have a common root cause that is Stress.Now something about the management of stress:Before Stress get control over our body and mind we must start to take some initiatives to conquer it…it is very easy to to manage the stress.In Ayurvedic Perspective The Stress Management Procedures divide In 2 Mode:Life Style ManagementAyurved Panchakarma Procedures Ayurved emphasizes on Your Day Life (Din Charya) which is very important to conquer the stress. If we follow the Din Charya according to Ayurveda Stress never can be the part of our life.In sanskrit the daily routine is called as “Dinacharya”. It means to merge your daily cycle with the natural cycle of the Sun, Moon, Earth and the other planets in our Solar system. “Dinacharya” is one of the best things that you can do to stay in balance, prevent disease and treat almost any disease.Set your daily routine from wake up to go to bad in a correct manner and follow it regularly without any excuse.Fix your time of waking up,Breakfast,Daily Routine,Lunch,Dinner,Time with family and go to bed.Some of the Ayurveda Procedures are useful to manage your stress:Abhyanga (Massage)“Abhyanga” — the ayurvedic oil massage — is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well-being. Traditional ayurvedic texts wax eloquent on the benefits. Here’s what one says — “Give yourself a full body oil massage on a daily basis. It is nourishing, pacifies the doshas, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body”.Make Yoga and Meditation as your part of your daily life…YogYog help  to connect our body to Our Mind and Our Mind to our Soul and which is the best natural way to self realization of our inner self…MeditationMeditation in the morning and at Night before going to Bed is the best way to get rid of Stress.Distress Your StressIn Short To Remain Healthy Physically as well as Mentally, To Distress your Stress.Adopt Life Style according to AyurvedaGo For Ayurveda Procedure Like Panchakarma & Its Associated treatments Like  Shirodhara, Nasyam, Massage at least once in a week or Fortnightly.Yoga and Meditation dailyWe at Atharva Ayurveda help you to live a healthy life, Stress Free Life.Take Care,Namaste !Dr.Gaurang JoshiDr.Bhavna JoshiInternational Ayurveda Physicianshttp://www.atharvaayurvedindia.com

During Monsoon, Ayurveda Can Cure Your Stomach Upset

Dr. Satish Sawale, Ayurveda
Indigestion is very common in cloudy and humid climate of monsoon often give rise to issues likeHeartburn, Bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation and gas. If the issue not attended on time, it can lead to even torturing issues like GERD or gastroesophageal reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Ayurveda shares a concept known as Ama, which can be termed Non-toxic metabolites and toxins created by faulty metabolism / indigestion. There are many ways to treat to indigestion in an ayurvedic way. Let us look at some tips for the same: Langhanam, swedanam, Hot water and  use of Dried Ginger i.e. Sunthi, cumin seeds, Ajwayan carom seeds some salts and  salty pickles is so common in Indian culture and being used since ancient times i.e. tradition.Aloe vera: An ounce of aloe vera a day will keep indigestion away. Break off, a leaf and scoop some gel into a smoothie for smooth digestion.Turmeric: Haldi or Turmeric helps in reducing bloating and is one of the most commonly used spices found in ayurveda. This spice is a staple in indian cooking as well, where pretty much all dishes are seasoned with cooked turmeric.Maintaining Biological clock and Traditional Healer fasting : For better digestion, one must take meals at the same time everyday. Also, do not sit down for the next meal before the previous meal has been digested properly, its seen over eating causes much more issues after certain age say 40+ so once in a week light food or skipping food or usually on full moon or on No moon there is fast that adds value.Choosing healthy food: one must avoid unhealthy food that are excessively fried, fatty, sweet or cold so as to aid the digestive fires in doing their job effectively.Triphala with Saindhav(Rock salt): This combination of three fruits (Avala,Behada and Hirada)with saidhav ensures that your digestive system remains in good working condition during monsoonWater: one must have clean filtered potable adequate of water a day(Excess water must be avoided), in order to flush the toxins out, keeping in mind Monsoon causes much more water born diseases so use of Crystal Allum, Nivali/ Nirmali/clearing nut Beej(seeds) to clean and to deodorize Ayurveda offers Mustha/chandan/ushir/Taruni/Jai/jui/chanpak and Bakul flowers.Rest and bed Room: sleep (1 of major pillar of health and fitness tripod like Diet and Celibacy) is a major factor that cures stress and creates a balance of sorts in one's routine, thus aiding proper digestion. Room must be clean as excess  humidity can cause Allergic skin and Respiratory issues in Kids and elderly population so fumigate space with sunthi / Gugulu / Tulasi / Jatamasi / Haldi / Ajawayan / peels of Garlis or Dehumidifier can be used.Exercise: Those who eager to stabilise at Health and Fitness and yeah Finances too must engage in  some form of movement and exercise (Actively) is imperative to keep the digestive system in prime working condition. Walk and yoga, especially are ideal to boost one's digestive health.Meditation: This is one of the best ways to give digestion a positive push with a good dose of mindfulness and awareness for better balance in the body.Massage: a good oil massage on a regular basis keeps the blood flow in order and ensures that all the organs function well.In ayurveda, the point is to heal and prevent, which is why the methods tend to get to the root of the problem.Basti Therapy and Rasayan Therapy: For details communicate with  Ayurveda college Hospital Or your Ayurveda dr in your city