Acidity is one of the most common health problems experienced by people nowadays. Acidity, also known as heartburn, is caused when stomach acid flows back up into your food pipe and creates a burning pain in the chest.  

There are various causes for acidity, such as a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, irregular eating habits, medications, and excessive stress. You may reach out for a bottle of antacid or pop a pill to get rid of acidity and resume your daily activities. 

However, taking medications every time acidity hits might not be a good option. Instead, you should try natural and effective ways to cure acidity at home. Let’s have a look at some of these solutions. 

Natural Remedies For Acidity

1. Drink Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel (CCF) Tea.

This tea is a popular Ayurvedic remedy for all digestive health issues. It acts as a natural digestive and carminative (relieving flatulence) agent and helps in relieving acidity.  

Take 1/2 teaspoon each of cumin (jeera), coriander (dhaniya), and fennel (saunf) seeds and boil it in 3 cups of water until only 1 cup of water remains. 

Let it cool down, strain it, and drink it an hour before breakfast and dinner. 

2. Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet.

Following a healthy and balanced diet is one of the easiest ways to prevent acidity and indigestion. Keep these dietary tips in mind:

  • Avoid having heavy or large meals on a regular basis.

  • Avoid eating within 2 hours of your bedtime. 

  • Avoid junk food, which is high in salt and low in fibre. 

  • Maintain the balance between acidic and alkaline foods. 

3. Avoid Alcoholic, Caffeinated And Carbonated Beverages. 

Limit the intake of alcohol if you suffer from acidity. You should also avoid excess intake of carbonated and caffeinated drinks. All of these beverages increase the acid secretion in your stomach and irritate the stomach lining, which leads to heartburn. 

Drinking alcohol in excess aggravates symptoms of acidity by relaxing the lower esophagal sphincter (muscle), increasing stomach acids, and impairing the ability of the esophagus to clear out acid. 

Excess use of caffeine also temporarily relaxes the lower esophagal sphincter and causes acidity.

4. Opt For Daily Physical Activity.

Lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle leads to acidity and other digestive and health problems. Daily physical activities like walking, running, swimming, or yoga help improve digestion and also prevent digestive disorders like acidity or indigestion. 

Obese people may suffer more frequently from acidity because excess belly fat may put higher pressure on your abdomen and make it easy for the stomach acids to travel up your food pipe. 

Losing your belly fat and maintaining a moderate body weight may help relieve acidity.

5. Chug That Glass of Buttermilk (Chaas).

Buttermilk is a cooling drink containing lactic acid that neutralises the excess acid in the stomach. It also calms the stomach. 

It contains probiotic bacteria that help in digestion and are also good for your gut health. You should drink a glass of buttermilk every day after your meals if you have recurrent acidity. 

6. Consume Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaves.

Tulsi is one of the best natural remedies for acidity. Tulsi leaves have many medicinal properties that provide quick relief from acidity. 

The leaves have anti-ulcer properties that help in lowering the levels of stomach acids. Tulsi also stimulates the stomach to produce more mucous so that the inner lining of the stomach is not damaged by excess acid production.

Slowly chew 4 to 5 tulsi leaves for instant relief from acidity. You can also drink a decoction of tulsi leaves. For this, add 8 to 10 tulsi leaves in 2 cups of water and allow it to boil on a low flame until it becomes half of its initial volume. Strain and drink it when lukewarm. 

7. Sip on Coconut Water. 

Coconut water keeps your body hydrated and also helps you beat acidity. If you have recurrent acidity problems, drink a glass of unsweetened coconut water on an empty stomach every day. 

Coconut is a source of helpful electrolytes such as potassium, which promote pH balance in your body and control acidity.

If your acidity does not go away with natural remedies, consult a doctor for prompt diagnosis and treatment. 

Disclaimer: This article is written by the Practitioner for informational and educational purposes only. The content presented on this page should not be considered as a substitute for medical expertise. Please "DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE" and seek professional help regarding any health conditions or concerns. Practo will not be responsible for any act or omission arising from the interpretation of the content present on this page.