healthy lifestyle


Here are some universally applicable principles of eating that we  recommend to keep your digestion working efficiently

:Eat Healthy

Eat three meals a day.

 Fasting and skipping meals are not recommended in ayurveda because they throw the digestion rhythm off

.A light breakfast, a substantial lunch and a light dinner allow you to keep in tune with the increase and decrease and flow of the digestive fire( jatharagni ) .

 jatharagni builds up during the morning, peaks around noon and then gradually decreaseagain in the evening. •


 As soon as you get up, drink a cup of hot water to which a tablespoon of lemon juice has been added. This will help elimination, get the digestive juices flowing, and cleanse out the digestive tract. 

Caffeinated beverages TEA, COFFEE are not recommended in ayurveda. •


A light breakfast is essential to kick-start the digestion and provide energy necessary to get through the activity of the day .Eat Fresh fruits and then follow 30 minutes later with some warm cereal or a whole-wheat chappathi / idli.

you can use SN HERBALS VEDIC CHYWANPRASH 2 SPOON with luke warm water half hour before breakfast.

 Warm cooked foods are preferred as breakfast items over cold cereal, cold milk and cold juice, all of which are harder on the waking digestive fire

.For a mid-morning snack, choose fresh fruit—an apple for Kapha, a sweet orange for Pitta and a mango for Vata.

 Fruit is best eaten in the morning, and on its own. 


The ideal ayurvedic lunch includes two or three kinds of vegetables, one of which should be a leafy green;

 a lentil or bean dish or a paneer dish; 

a whole grain; 

a chutney or relish;

 a small helping of a warm salad or soup; 

and Chacch ( buttermilk) .

 All of the dishes should be cooked with dosha - appropriate spices, and using a dosha-appropriate healthy fat—ghee for Vata and Pitta and olive oil for Kapha are good choices. 

This may seem like a huge meal, but portions can be kept small to moderate—the variety is crucial for wholesome, balanced nutrition

.If you need a mid afternoon snack, eat a small helping of soaked nuts (almonds should be blanched) if you are trying to balance Vata, or some sunflower or pumpkin seeds if you are trying to balance Pitta or Kapha.

 Popcorn in moderation without salt or butter is also fine for Kapha, and soaked blanched almonds for Pitta.


For dinner eat a small, light meal a one dish vegetable grain mix dish or a vegetable/lentil soup with a whole-wheat chappathi, for example.

dinner should be early 6-8 pm 

.do not just lie down or sleep after dinner , walk for 1/2 hour after dinner .

Drink lots of pure water through the day, but limit your water or beverage intake at meals.

 Do not drink iced, carbonated or caffeinated beverages and avoid alcohol and milk with meals. 


 At bedtime, drink a cup of warm milk spiced with nutmeg for Vata,

 cardamom for Pitta and ginger for Kapha, 

And Haldi curcumin for immunity.

Fresh foods are easier to digest, so cook only what you think you will eat at a meal. • 


To enhance the appetite, have a slice of fresh ginger root spiked with some rock salt and fresh lemon juice about an hour before a meal.

 Chew fennel seeds after a meal to enhance digestion and freshen the breath naturally. 

Taking rasayanas such as Amalaki and Triphala after a meal also boosts digestion and assimilation and helps the system flush out ama regularly. 

• Timing your food intake

Eat at around the same times each day Like your sleep, wake cycle, your digestion will also benefit from a regular routine.

Pre program meal times into your day so that you have the time to take care of sustaining yourself.

Water and food are next only to air for survival. 

When your digestion is trained to kick in at those set times through regular practice, it functions efficiently to build more ojas from the foods you eat. 

Ojas  is the most refined product of the digestive process—the biochemical essence that sustains life and health. Nutrients from the foods you eat are absorbed and assimilated to the maximum extent by your body, and wastes are flushed out effectively.