There are key do's and dont's for all those who are troubled by their stammer 

1. Don't waste your energy to find the reason why you stammer 

2. Understand your Stammer - when, where, how much and possible triggering factors for stammering

3. There is no proven medical treatment for stammering

4. A Speech Pathologist may help you with support from Psychologist

5. Practice is the KEY to success  in getting rid of Stammering

6. Consistent use of advice from a Speech Pathologist will help you not to stammer in the situation where you would otherwise stammer. 

7. Getting rid of Stammering is not an overnight miracle. It takes time depending on your ability to cope up. 

8. If your stammering did not reduce after going to a Speech Pathologist then the fault is not in the Speech Pathologist. That means you didn't believe in yourself that you are capable of practicing to reduce stammering. 

9. Don't stop your practice as soon as you find improvement. Because you are not ready to handle all the stressful situation by yourself. 

10. If you improve or get rid of stammering it is because of your effort in doing so. No magic, but just commitment and persistence. 

See a Speech Pathologist at the earliest!