Headaches and migraines are a curse to all modern, fast paced metro dwellers that they have been battling with.

After a diet plan and exercise regimen is in place with relaxation and breathing techniques, a simple reflexology & acupressure routine helps in preventing headaches 

Select a place which is not cluttered and airy to practise reflexology  

Rub a warm lavender/ lemon grass based essential oil on the palms  

Start by pressing the centre of the right palm with left thumb ,holding for 5 seconds and releasing for 3 seconds. Do this for 10 rounds.

Repeat the sequence in the left Palm. 

Press the centre of the right thumb with left thumb and index finger, holding for 7 seconds and releasing for 5. Repeat sequence on left thumb.  

Rub both palms to create heat for 20 seconds and relax and breathe deep for a couple of minutes. 

Repeat this entire sequence daily twice ! 

Welcome a pain free and stress free day !