1. Imagine a picture of your's how will you look like when you achieve your desired goal of weight loss. Always remember this; it will keep you motivated
  2. Map your medical personality and take diet accordingly
  3. Map your BMI. Weigh yourself and take your vital stats every week. This will be another motivation. Be aware of your body frame and plan weight loss as per your BMI and body frame
  4. One very important point is aiming to loose weight gradually example 1 to 2 kg of weight loss per month depending on your total weight and number of kilograms that you want to loose
  5. Another point to ponder over is that your ideal weight is one that keeps you energetic as well. Do not run after those popular zero figures. Everyone has a body frame, a body type; love the body you are in, you are special!
  6. For weight loss kick start be on liquid diet for one meal time like your supper can include soup/custard
  7. Design a diet and lifestyle routine that you can follow all your life. Strict food routine should be followed from Mondays to Saturdays (no binging allowed). Take dinner three hours before sleep and avoid junk and fried food whenever possible. On Sundays give yourself little room to enjoy a meal or two that you covet. 
  8. Have breakfast like a king,lunch like a minister and dinner like a pauper
  9. Stop sleeping in the daytime
  10. Develop a habit to sit straight, without support; legs and thighs adducted. Follow a 45 minute workout session including warm up and cool down.Stress less (it may cause hormonal imbalance), be happy