It’s almost time to celebrate our precious little babies. Although we may all be painfully aware that mere celebration itself is not nearly enough. We have got to care for our children and no, that doesn’t mean forcing them to drink glass after glass of milk or offering dessert if they finish their veggies. Round-up of 5 easy things you could do to keep your children (and yourself too while you’re at it) at optimal health:

Tip # 1: Pre-plan breakfast logistics night prior and ensure that children never leave for school without having breakfast irrespective of how rushed your or their morning may be.

How does this help?

This will ensure that they are energetic and productive all day as opposed to tired, lethargic, dull and craving sugar. For instance, something as simple and easy as a peanut butter toast with bananas would ensure that the day starts with a punch of protein and energy!

Tip # 2: Make a bi-weekly lunch schedule for your children and for yourself and post it on the fridge. Include options which are both healthy and easy.

How does this help?

Well, you don’t have to spend each evening obsessing and worrying about what to cook for lunch the next day
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Tip # 3: Try exposing your children and yourself to at least 1 new fruit or vegetable each week.

How does this help?

For one, this would be a great bonding activity for the family. Secondly, this is a brilliant way to expose your children and your personal palette to an array of different nutrients. Remember that seasonal fruits + vegetables have a higher nutrient availability which amongst other things, helps boost immunity. Increased immunity=fewer sick days where they are at home instead of school pleading for your attention every second of the day.

Tip # 4: Pack for your children easy fruits (apple, pear, banana) and tiny zip lock bags of nuts to nibble on during snack breaks.

How does this help?

Healthy options made easily available and accessible to them will significantly diminish the chances of them going out of their way to seek and procure unhealthy meal options. Even if it comes back untouched a couple times, don’t give up. Eventually, chances are, they will reach out and eat that fruit.

Tip #5: Create a conductive eating environment at home free of television and other distractions

How does this help?

It’s common knowledge that eating in front of the TV skews our satiety signals and we tend to eat much more than the needs of our body. Besides, your children won’t be staring at commercials advocating consumption of carrot sticks or the latest local fruit. Nope, they will be looking at packaged chips or chocolates and will get influenced into wanting those foods instead.

We have a lot more to say and share, but we will refrain. Go ahead and execute these first and set your children on a path to wonderful health as early in their lives as you can!

Love and health,
Scale Beyond Scale