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Irregular periods

Having irregular periods almost delayed upto 4 months now and not sure whether I hve pcod or not . But I hve cists in ovaries

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Not having beard

I am 20 years old having not facial hair very less moustache and very less bear but on other places having hair I.e. chest,hand,leg,etc. What should I do, people tease me .. I am very depressed please help me give me fastest way of growing and not having any side effect

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Stammering problem

I suffering from stammering problem from my childhood I mostly stammers in public or interaction with strangers I stammers much What should I do how can I cure myself totally

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Neck and lower spine

Neck and lower spine are not well, swelling at neck, What to do to live normal life, I never use motorcycle

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My wife is in depression mood. We have a baby child 1 1/2 year. She was taking depression tablets for the past 3 years. After delivery she was not taking those tablets. My wife is thinking about the person when she was loved in her college days, but that person rejected. Now she doesnt know where he is? She wants to leave me and my baby now and wants divorce. She is tellingthat wants to marry my elder brothers son, because that person looks like she was loved in her college days. She always have a doubt on me and my sister-in-law. She doesn't do any work in my house and even she doesn't caring my baby also. Mental harassment for me. Please give a better treatment for my wife beacause i dont want to leave her. I want to stay with her only.

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Right eye red and pain

My right eye is red in colour and it is paining when doing some movement or when I try to press it.

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I have lump on hand

I have lump on hand it's occour at the age of 10 ,I consult many doctors they told me to operate ,is there any treatment available in homeopathy or Ayurveda??

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Chest paim

Few days back my father got sudden pain in chest while turning left right when resting, coughing , breathing and doing small movements

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Dryness, irritation.

I am suffering for dry eyes for over 9 months now. Eyes are getting red, stingy and painful. Please help.

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Alzheimer Patient

From 1 year my father daily activities changed .He can't take bath,food and water also he talk loudly and he feels irritable. I shown to some doctors but up to now no cure. In midnight he wakes calling my name continues loudly. Sir can u suggest me a good treatment for my father I want to see him normally. Please suggest me sir.

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