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Kidney stone

Should i take cystone if i have 3-4 kidney stones of size 4-5mm in both kidneys? If yes then when and what amount?
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Eczema cure diet

Seeking guidance for a proper diet plan to cure severe eczema problem on the feet. Allopathy, homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines haven't yielded any result since two years. Seeking to cure it through a strict regime of diet and nutrition.
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Tightning of my peni

My peni's skin is becomes loose  and streched and during intimate it not straight.and tight bhi nhi rehta h or i cant feel more pleasure....please suggest me some home made remedies for better and healthy peni...or any natural way
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Kidney stones problem

I have been suffering from kidney stones from past 1 year the size of the stone is 17mm left side. Doctors prefer for surgery but I'm fear of surgery so in homeopathy any chances are there please suggest me
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Gas problems in 5 month baby

My son is 5 months old and cries heavily due to gas problem. He also gets mild cold very frequently. I am searching homoeopathic solutions to fix his problems.ant suggestions please
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Cold with cough and wheeze

My son is 10month old baby.. He had cold for 4days with cough and wheezing.. He also had 3 times nebuliser.. Still not cure.. Can I go to homeopathy?
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Stomach problem

Can I use drakharista and yastimadhu medicines for stomach problems like gas, indigestion, poor absorption of nutrients..
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Androgenic alopecia

Can androgenic alopecia cure by naturopathy? I suffer from huge hairfall due to 7 years and I also have hair shedding and baldness problem.wht should I do
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Stomach issues

I have infection in blood and doctor said it is borncitice. If i eat normally food i get itching on body and i get right side chest pain and feel like to rush to pass motion. Dose panchakarma treat all my problems
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Anxiety drops

Hi sir i have the anxiety since 20 years recently im taking A78 CHRONIC ANXIETY DROPS while taking drops heat in body like mouth ulcer this is problem of drops or some thing please help me
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