Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Can it be cured by homeopathy . But i cant leave eating raw garlic in the morning . Will homeopathy medicine can be taken.
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Cure for diabetics in homeopathy??

Respected doctor's My dad's blood sugar after breakfast is suddenly raised in last few weeks.whether he has to start taking medicines.Is there any cure for blood sugar levels spike after taking food in homeopathy?? Please reply 🙏🙏
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Cough from 1 month

Hii ..I have been suffering from a dry cough since one month after fever and cold cured. I don't have any pelgm
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Register with practo for online consulta

I am holding BHMS degree with 4+ yrs experience. Would like to register myself as doctor in practo. Need to understand the process
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Anxiety and panic

Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since past 2 months Headache Pain and dryness in eyes Weight loss Loss of appetite Head spinning
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Hairfall,hair thinning,male pattern bald

Sir my hair is falling very fastly. My hair also thinning .i have no hair on my two sides of the head .I have male pattern baldness. Hair is falling while combing and head bath. Hair also falling while applying oil on the head
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Blood pressure

I am taking allopathic telma 40 and recently i consulted a homeopathic docter he has said to use sbl drop no 4 along with telma 40but with that my bp rises with increase in pulse rate and heachache shall i discontinue sbl drop no 4 pls advise
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Chilled water

I work in a cement company,is it advisable for me to be drinking chilled water always or what is the right type of water for me to drink
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Cold & sneezing

My daughter is suffering from cold and everytime she is sneezing. Nose is watering regularly. So please tell me proper medicine for her.
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Hairfall hair thinning falling on crowns

Hair is very thinning and falling my crowns of the head and also top of the head.hair density is very light
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