Skin allergy

I have been having skin allergy since last 6 years ..i have taken allegra atarax and currently taking ebast 10 mg

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Every time I have irregular periods and gap for month or 2 I am gaining my weight also plzz suggest something

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But she is 3y only so how to give steam n this medicine you proscribed Easily available at any medical store

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Lipoma at back & hands

I am 24 yrs old & suffring from this problem. First time i noticed it before 3 yrs & after check up came to know that it is lipoma. Tried some time to take homeopathic medicin but cant take it for long time. Please help me how could i counter my problem

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Sciatic pain in left hip to leg

Last year I have sever cramming & pain from one side (left) from hip to low leg . MRI had been done for hip and back and found some lower disc are hurting to sciatic nerve. Neurologist has been given some medication and after 3-4 months later I have stop all medicines . Till that dates i have on normal exercises only . Since last week again I am feeling same pain in hip & lower leg.

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My stomach.is paining

I have long problem from 4 day and my stomach is paining and i feel neusia and every five go to bathroom

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Tremors essential aggrevated by anxiety

I am having essential tremors which get aggrevated during important social events. Alprex helps if i take before a presenation or talk. But obviously makes me drowsy for the whole day. My whole body esp. extremities start trembling. If not a social event i feel very normal and no anxiety at all. But essential tremors are a part of life now. Can something cure this and not mask the symptoms

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Piles problem distrubing

I'm 25 years old affected by piles that disturbing me very much. It was Painful. I need appointment today. Piles

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My daughter is3years old she has cold pr

My daughter is 3 year old she has cold problem before 2-3days and no relief any medicine her nose is so much block

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Dark Circles

I Have dark circles Under My eyes .I get Enough Sleep .How can i get rid of it?is there is any Physical Problem??

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