Hairfall problem

My daughter is 10 years old. she has severe hairfall problem since few months , can homeopathy help?

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My scalp is very dry

Sir my scalp is very dry due to which i an suffering from dandruff problem Since 8 years Even i was taken treatments from many dermatologist, but it not work

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Hair problem

I am having problems, taking homeopathy treatment.. along with what kind precautions I need to take .

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Calf pain after low vit.D

Hi docs, need a geneuine opinion does homeo can help me with my calf pain n knee pain after low vit d less than 3, consulted 3 ortho but not much relief, pain is not dying me but it still exit ? how long it take for homeo n effective ness, mri n doppler all ok, its been 1+ year since this !!! currently having vit d n vit b12 supplement along with homeo medicines

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About anixity ocd

I am suffering from ocd anxiety disorder. Unwanted thought and bad images comes in my mind and it's very irritating. When i do compulsion replace thought then feel relief. My confidence level become down and feel nervous many times. Feel insecure,mood upset and inexplicably fear of feature comes in mind .heartbeat rate increases and feel nervous my occasion. Use allopathic madacine and it's give good relief but so many side effect so I want to treat this ocd with homyopathic madacine because it's good and very effective and having no side effects. So please help me to treat this.

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Anxiety issues

Hi ,I am male 26 years old,I have anxiety disorder and muscle tension since 5 years and using Duvanta 20 mg ,( Duloxitine) since 5 years, but now I stopped taking it since a week because it has many side effects , I feel restless at night , shivers and jerks, what is the alternative medicine for this ?

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Hairfall n skin

Lots of small balls on face n hairfall is so much even i am having dandruff...give me some solutions for thus

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Hair Problem

My hair are very dry now. When i was young ,i had very beautiful hair. But because of acne i had a certain medicine which did cure my acne but my hair have gone dry. Are there any natural remedies i can use to get my hair strength back.

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Bell's Palsy

One side of facial expressions has stopped working since last 2 days. It had happened 2 years back as well. That time left side facial expressions stopped working. Now, it's on Right side face.

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Ankylosing spondilytis

I've been diagnosed with hla b27 +ive. Long back in 2000 I was having joint pains specially in legs n back. Then in 2006 was diagnosed n found hla b27 to be positive and treated. Since then until now there was no pain but suddenly severe joint pains started after I got sick with double typhoid last two months back. Need to know is there a complete solution/treatment in homeopathy for ankylosing spondilytis.

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