My son age 1 month, on breast feed only. He is passing small and frequent small motion with every feed. Show to many doctors no improvement Kindly suggest.
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Piles & fissure

Hi Doc , I have fissure & I think I have piles also. So it can be treated both as well & can homeopathy ll give permanent cure? Please help Thank you
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Hello Doctors I have been taking Thiosinaminum 6X tablets for last one year. Is there any side effects if I continue to take for long term.
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Chronic groin rash for over 10 years

Tried many allopathic medicines i initially gets cleared for some period once the medication period gets over it keeps coming back! I'm so done with this problem! Is there any permanent cure for this problem in homeopathy! Please help this problem really stresses me a lot!
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Colchicum Autumnale 30

Can ColchicumAutumnale 30 be used for joint soreness , numbness ,swelling ...how much and for how many days
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Want to cure from IBS

Myself Abhijit Raha.I am suffering IBS as clinical diagonosis according AIG, Hyderabad..My problem is diarrhoea.It comes very often.Currently I am taking medicine Rifa gut 400 with Normoxin.But my problem does not cure permanently.As a result I lost my weight.So please suggest some ways.
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Colic baby

Iam breastfeeding my 1 nth old and took Chamomilla 30 twice a day for 2 days as baby seems to be colic, crying inconsolably. Any issues? She has also developed rashes on neck and groin fold. Can I take sepia 30 to heal her?
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Serotonin 30ch

I have been using serotonin 30ch for depression and ocd and the first dose worked pretty well but taking it continues for 3 days then it didn't work how to use it?
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Weakness of umbilical region

My umbilical region has become weak. Doctor gave some homeopathic medicine but it cause more weakness of umbilical region . I want some medicine that should make it more strong as compared to .ore relaxed
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Multiple issues. Seeking genuine doctor.

Need a doctor who will take a thorough case history and only then prescribe medicines. Don't want doctors who will just listen to some of the issues (in 5-10mins) and prescribe meds without listening patiently. If you are a half listen and experiment kind of doctor then don't ask me to contact you because then if I don't get results or get any side effects, I will name you and shame you on social media and also drag you to court. I'm setting expectations very clear here. Have been struggling with some increasingly embarrassing issues since over 10 yrs, hence no patience for doctors who won't listen properly. Firstly, need medicine to stop consuming alcohol completely without side effects. Also need to address the issue of easily sweating all over body with weird n unpleasant body odour. If you solve my issue, I will freely advertise for you on social media and will get you more patients than you can handle. Not being arrogant, just being very honest and I will surely publicize.
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