Cervical spine pain

Dear doctor My mother 63 years old having neck pain and right shoulder pain since long time We Did x-ray and all came normal...and took a joint injection also three times for shoulder but pain still has a mild level So please advise some homeopathic medicine for this problem I heard homeopathic is really helpful for this She is a asthma patients also from long time Thanks
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Body tiredness,lazyness

Hello My body was always lazyness, tiredness and I forget the things and concentration power is very low.. also I have hairfall problem also have anger issues with me
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Allergies due to climate change

Due to this climate change, I'm suffering from following symptoms: nose tapping, throat irritation, sinus, fever, snizzing, hot from inside, weakness, headache. Generally, whenever there is a change in climate, I mostly suffer from these symptoms. I have a history of anxiety, depression but it is under control now. However my job is too hectic to give me stress. I'm preferring to homeopathy treatment because unlike allopathy, it doesn't choke my system internally and gives me relief permanently. Kindly requesting you to suggest me a good medicine for the same. Thank you.
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Fibroid uterus

Hi Doctor, My mom is 53 years old and she is having irregular periods and heavy bleeding for the past 6 months. In the scan report, we came to know fibroid uterus 4cm. Please suggest. Thanks,
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Acne pimples

I'm 18 yeras old as usual facing pimples from last 3 years already taken allopathy treatment .Now going through homeopathic medicinens . Does homeopathic medicinens help to reduce hormonal acne pimples and dark spots? If yes then within how many months Please sir/mam don't lie I'm in a very bad situation 🙏
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Mild hyperhydrosis

I have a very busy business life and i have to shake hands with many people...but I have hyperhydrosis ( sweating on palms and feet soles ) which is causing disturbance and i try to avoid handshakes...i have developed MILD hyperhydrosis just 1 year ago... I want to knw...how long will it take for homeopathy to completely cure my hyperhydrosis ...so i can choose treatment...or maybe i have to go with iontophoresis/botox.
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Pills /Dilution

Hello doctor, i have one query. If doctor prescribed me to take medicine in form of pills but if i take in dilution drop then is there any problems in terms of medicine effectiveness? Also whenever i take dilution with one spoon of water i observed it benefitted more as compared to when i directly drop it on tounge. Kindly suggest..
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Thriod,UTI, mental issue

Hello Doctor, my aunt aged 55 year. She is somehow mentally ill ( not like mad but yes also not like normal people) and suffering from frequent urination and thyroid issues.. can someone cure this three symptoms at a time.. psychiatry issue is genetically inherited... Kindly comments if someone is really serious about such treatment as many doctors fail to treat.. thanks...
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Scabies - homeopathy

Is there any medicines available in homeopathy for permanent treatment of scabies? If yes, how long it will take to get cured permanently with homeopathic medicines?
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Bladder pain and burning

Hello Doctors,. Greetings. Kindly let me know how effective is Cantharsis in the treatment of uti with bladder pain n side pain. Thnx n regards
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