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Itching eyes. Eyes are swallowed also.

My kid is 15months old. From last two days his eye seen swallowed. When we noticed we found its been cause of itching. Please suggest the treatment for the same.

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Continuous eyes heavyness plus dizzyness

I have been facing this problem since one month. Contionous eyes heavyness and dizzyness all the time. Followed by headache. Iam putting wetica eye drops since last one week but no relief. Please help

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Liquid type vision some time

Sir I am facing problem in exam because this things happen daily weakly some time after one month , one hour initially sort liquid vision become big and last very small and then very clear I have checkuped to doctors my eyes they told me there is not any problem in my eyes . But sir why happening please help me

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Redness Eye

My five years son have a redness eyes problems from last one month .use many kind of eye drops.. But still problems will continue..

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Vision problem

Sir recently I checked my eyes .my right eye is perfect but I have -0.5 number in my left eye.I want to join Indian army where they demend no number In eyes.what my eye can be right from medicine and eye exercise or I need LASIK.plz help me sir

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Lasik operation

I want to have Lasik laser operation . I am 21 years old. What is the total amount to be paid for Lasik Laser Operation ?????

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Glaucoma specialist

Hi doc. my mom is suffering from glaucoma from past 5 years. Day by day here vision is decreasing. She is under medication. is their any best treatment. Kindly suggest me any good doc whether I get bet treatment. Regards

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Eye infection

I have infection on my right left. It's like a acne on pupil. It's makes a iritating sensation. It's affecting me 4 time in a 6 months. Please give a suggestion on how to deal with it .

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Eye problem

Hair dye has gone into eyes during the bath , eyes are filled with water and the white portion in the eye was bulged like a water spot, can u sort out the problem doctor!

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Eye closing problem, one side face palsy

Sir, I have been left side face expressionlesa and also problem in closing eye since birth it is symptoms of bells palsy?

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