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Ciplox drop, after Macular hole surgery

My mother age 67 yrs had eye surgery in LV prasad Eye hospital, In the month of September, Suggested few drop post surgery and then after couple of visit, In DEC doctor suffered to continue Ciplox eye drop until next visited which is schduled in JUNE 2024. My question is it really good to continue this eye drop so long if Yes, what may be the reason? As I see this is antibiotic category eye drop. A detailed laymen term explanation is appreciated.
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I am seeing weird

Good morning Doctor From last week I am seeing double letter...letters appear like shadows  I am attaching pic pls guide me why this is happening???
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Lump under eye bag

I have a lump under eye bag which is a bit reddish. Tried antibiotics from doctor, still no improvement. Please find pics attached.
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EYE became red since three days

Good morning sir I AM Praveen from Purnea Bihar Eye of my wife age 45 became red since three days it has also started etching sometimes Kindy suggest.
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Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Having blurred vision in 1 eye since 2 years and a history of hypothyroidism and allergic asthma with ongoing medication and steroid inhaler since 3 years. Recently got diagnosed with CSCR. What is the prognosis?
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My eyes eaching and hot

My eyes in eaching and hot. And low redness. Please check and confirm the problem treatment. Eyetone eye drops use in 10 days
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My eye feel like a niddle is poking

I feel like whenever my sleep is mot completed or I sleep only 2-3 hrs, under my upper eye lid a pimple like thing forma which irritates regularly while I blink my eye. I have washed my eye multiple times if any foreign particle is inside it but nothing helped. Can you please suggest any eye drop which will help me to get rid of this problem.
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Eye sight issue

Had visited lenskart for my specs, i checked my daughter's eye sight also through computerized machine and the result gave -3.5 and -1.75. The optometrist suggested to visit eye specialist.Is it possible to correct the vision naturally since she is just 3.5 yr old and sees mobile a lot, whether restraining mobile/tv.Please suggest.
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3 year old - astigmatism

Child did not have any eye or vision problem. Went for routine eye checkup and got this report. Few acquaintances(ophthalmologist )say the k reading and the power do not match. And asking not to wear glasses. But the pediatrician ophthalmologist and the optometrist we met are asking to wear glasses immediately. Please help. He was born 33 weeks. No complaints or therapys so far
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Eye Irritation in Light

I am having Irritation and heavyness in my eyes from past 2 days. Specially when using computer, phone etc and when exposing the sun light. It also cause mild heavyness headache. I have checked with 2 eye doctors for detail examination and both mentioned there is no issues in eyes and it is healthy. Can anyone suggest please?
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