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Recurring of styl in both eyes

I am a mother of 2 mnts 20 days child, i am suffered from recurring of styl in both eyes(4 times in rt and 1 time in lft) its big in size, cover entire eye, very painful, puss generated i saw this to my opthalogist but relief. It occured by its own and when the bulb broke and puss came it cure as it own but i am worry because of its recurring, the pain and contiunes tearing, cover entire eye cant able to see anything, please help what to do for it.
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Eye problem

Meri aankh me helka sa dard ho rha hai aur dhudhlapen LG rha hai iski vejh se sir me dard ho rha hai
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Itching eyes and watering, tired

My eyes are feeling sometimes inching and water coming sometimes ,and felling some distance in my eyes. Felling tired even after sleeping.. please suggest
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Prolonged use of mobile and computer

Will prolonged use of mobile and computer affect my eye sight? Im learning programming in mobile now and im also an IPS aspirant. For how many hours can i use my mobile or system that it wont affect my eye sight? Or do i need any computer glasses to do so?
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Glaucoma treatment

Is there any treatment to decrease this condition ? What are all the tests for glaucoma If any please suggest
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Routine eye examination

I am a 21 year old female. I recently underwent a routine eye exam in the clinic of an opthalmologist. She checked my eyes with slit lamp, autorefractor, snellen chart. My visual acuity is 6/6 in both eyes and the anterior segment is all right she said. Then she performed 'direct opthalmoscopy' on  'undilated pupils'. She then told me that everything is all right with the interior as well. My query is should I rest assured with this examination? Why did she not apply indirect opthalmoscopy? Was it adequate for me? Please reply.
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Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)

Hi, I'm suffering from MGD please suggest me best doctor to get consult anywhere in Bangalore. Revert me asap.
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My eyes suddenly suffering from weakness. And I feel many time headache or unbearable pain so please tell me about solutions.
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Flashing in eyes

It was a normal day at office when I started experiencing flashing in front of my eyes...More priminent in my left eye than right but feels like even right eye is affected. Not sure what has triggered it. Could it be sugar problem?
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High iop 21 for both eye

I m suffering from frontal headaches, eyebrow ache heaviness in head and eye some time pain in eye from last 15 days .it feel better in morning but worsen in evening and again feel ok in night .I got checked my eye it is 6/6 but my iop of both eyes is 21 . Doctor prescribed me brimonide tartrate and timolol maleate ophthalmic solution eye drop . I m very scarred . Am I risked of glucoma . Please suggest me what I should do
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