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Since few days I have felt pain in eye

Hi Since few days I felt pain in my left eye lid, there is no pimple kind of thing but my lid is paining badly and worse when I close and open. Iam a software engineer spending 11am to 1-2am in front of computer/mobile. Today mornin pain is more and I have noticed that left eye swelling is more. There is no color change or pimple on eye yet.pictures attached
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Swelling in eyes

My mother eyes has swollen in puncta or by whatever name called in corner of my mother eye. It is about to 1 month
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Can vision is restored

My am wearing glasses since 10 years. power is -1.75 left and -1.50 right. i do not want any operation. can my vision be rectified ...with any dietary,exercise,yoga,ayurveda or etc.. with 100 % gurantee ...
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Procedure for barrage laser treatments

May I know the procedure for barrage laser treatment and also costs of the treatment varies from one hospital(Rs. 1000) to another hospital(Rs.5000)? Why this much difference, is there difference in technology or anything else? Request your opinions.. Thanks in advance.
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Diplopia and prism glasses??

Respected doctor's I wanna know whether PRISM GLASSES helps to recover from double vision/diploma caused by sixth nerve palsy straight away?? My dad's(Age 56) his eye movements is normal now but double vision is still there!! If he start using prism glasses,will it cure double vision..if so howmany days it will take for full recovery?? I also want to know Aprx rate of prism glasses in India..
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Double vision!!

Respected doctor's Will prism glasses cure double vision instantly or it take time ?? Question asked for my dad his eye movements are normal after sixth nerve palsy(Inflammation) but double vision is still there!! Awaiting your replies 🙏🙏 For your kind information it's been 80 days since my dad having sixth nerve palsy and diploma
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Sixth nerve palsy and diploma!!??

Respected doctor's What are the treatments available for double vision caused by sixth nerve palsy!! My dad's Eye alignment and movement almost normal 80 days after sixth nerve palsy but still double vision not yet cured?? So what's next!! Please reply 🙏 🙏 If he start using prism glasses for double vision will he be able to drive two wheelers??
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Prism glasses and driving possible??

Respected doctor's My dad's double vision coz of sixth nerve palsy is intact eventhough his eye alignment and movements looks normal now after 80 days. if he start using prism glasses will he be able to start driving two wheelers?? Will prism glasses provide quick and instant relief from double vision Awaiting your Replies 🙏🙏
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Eye correction

I am having by birth Nystagmus and Squint. Due to nystagmus my neck also move. Can this be cured by operation.
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Halo around lights

I have known from doctors that corneal swelling causes halos or rings of light around light at night. Is there any connection between adenoviral conjunctivitis and this condition. What if these halos are seen indoors in the day time as well. Why is this happening exactly one month after my infection is done...I am apply genteal drops but its not going away. Also it reduced a little for a couple days after using the drops but its back again.
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