Eye Care & Problems


Use of cyclosporine

Why i have been prescribed cyclosporine for eyes.. I have also been given softdrops and aqua gel.. Is cyclosporine harmful for eyes?
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Redness and irriration in Right Eye

Redness and irritation in the right eye after swimming yesterday for an hour in the pool. Something went inside
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Dialated retinoscopi examination

Is it possible to measure accurate eye power, by dilated retinoscopi examination? And does the result of eye power can be different from normal distant vision test?
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Not seen properly

I'm 32 years old but i can't see properly and I don't want to use specs so kindly suggest me any fruit or vegetables
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Eyes color channge

Hey. I had green eyes which are now partially green and are turning brown. I don't know why it's happening and I really want this to stop. Please tell me what to do and why is it happening? It's really urgent
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Need a little help

Hello dear doctors thank you so much for your help. Can anyone please guide me through how one can detect if their intraocular pressure has increased and if one should see a doctor about it,especially when we have floaters. Is there any way at all to detect?
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Eye redness allergy

I have allergic eyes due to dust season change etc and they turn red on rubbing . Its chronic. Please advise what to take Whether mezol eye drop containing naphazoline can be used for long term?
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Contact Lens

I have short-sightedness and my power is. Right eye: sph = (-1.25) cyl = (-1.25) axis = 100° va = 6/6 left eye: sph= (-1.25) cyl = (-0.75) axis = 90° va =6/6 So, I prefer to use contact lens feasibly for my regular use with 9 to 10 hrs of office work in front of the computer. And my eyes get dry soon as well. So please suggest me which is the safest and best contact lens for me.
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Eye fatigue

4 days before i drove bike approx 100 km which is not of regular nature. From next day i feel eye fatigueness even after sound sleep.
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Please help me Dr mittal

I have many eye problems, such as myopia -2, recently diagnosed floaters, and just a month ago I had to go through a very bad bout of adenoviral conjunctivitis which lasted at least 20 days. My problem right now is a bit more scary right now though. I was noticing redness in my left eye (the one with most severe infection bout) after waking up for 3-4 days now which was clearing out on its own once I woke up and went about my day. I initially thought of it to be cold but today I was just tired and just was resting closing my eye and not sleeping. I noticed even though it was just a few minutes and I wasn't sleeping, once I open my eyes after keeping it closed for some time the eyes, especially the left one seems red in the white part. And very weirdly it clears out within seconds of me keeping the eyes open. But again when I close it for a few minutes same thing  and then clearing out instantaneously. It freaked me out completely, I also take antiox tablets for floaters. HELP ME.
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