Bone & Muscle problems


Pain behind right shoulder blade

I recently joined MMA classes and after falling on my back for a few times in training, an acute pain developed behind my right shoulder blade. It feels like it's on the inside and did not get better after few sessions of back massage. Every time I sneeze it hurts at that spot and during the day it won't hurt at all but after training it will start hurting little bit. It's been over 30 days now. Does it require treatment or will it get better on its own?
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Muscle twitching

Hi doctor my biceps muscle twitching around 3days I am fit person going to gym regular and cricket playing sudden lie that
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Cracking/grinding sound in shoulder

My left shoulder and neck area has been hurting for a while, less than 2 weeks(very mild pain, slight discomfort) I feel very mild warm sensation there as well but more importantly when i move my left shoulder it makes this weird grinding/cracking sound, even if it's a small movement. The pain is not hampering my daily activities but it's bothering me a bit, and the sound it makes is making me anxious.I feel the sound right near the joint (arm and shoulder joint).I have never had any past injuries, and I feel my sedentary lifestyle might be related, since a lot of my time is spent sitting on my study table looking in my phone or laptop, or writing a lot, and i am left handed and i have been writing a lot since last few days and that's when i started feeling tight shoulder and now this pain and the cracking/grinding sound. i have a slightly bad posture and my sleeping positions aren't always the best. I am just worried if its normal pain or anything serious and what can i do to fix it
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I have a back pain since 8 months

I have a back pain since 8 months now it is getting worse . It is on the left lower back I don't know what it is .. I feel no pain while bending straight but it pains when I bend right and sitting in bed with legs straightened and then while sitting on a chair for a prolonged time
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Limb lengthening surgery

Hi, I like to know about this surgery It works or not and how much it costs. Can I do this surgery to add a few CM in my height . I am not very confident about my current height.
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Right ankle pain ...

I m obese guy .. three years Back i hurt myself in my right ankle near calcaneofibular while driving my bullet ... Whenever I walk 2 kms a day i starts paining ... How will I get relief pls help
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Neck pain.

Whenever i rotate my neck i feel like dizziness!! And my neck pain a alot and also my headace happends
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Back pain.

Sir i was facing back pain soo my doctor suggested me mri i got i done but my reports are normal as per doctor please can you check
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Cracking noise while rotating neck,

I am having a cracking (bubble wrap bursting) sound from my neck and upper part of the head behind while rotating my neck. And also a little bit of dizziness associated while turning. Like world is not still its moving. No pain or swelling is there. But stiffness is there sometimes. Please help.
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Road rash problems

Is this mean gagrane if yes than what to do secondly how much time it takes for recovery approximately how many weeks Waiting for positive reply from you all doctors
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