Bone & Muscle problems


Neck pain in shoulder

Hi , I feel pain in my shoulder neck area .Sometimes the pain will increase and remain upto hours . Please advise ! Thanks
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Right side sholder pain

My tsh level was 156 three weeks ago, on medication and last week it is 96. Iam having right side sholder pain since three days. Today slight pain on my neck near to sholder. Postpartum 6months, delivered on 29 week gestation. Is my pain related to my tsh level or do i need to visit a doctor?
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Shoulder pain

My father is suffering from shoulder pain. MRI is attached. Can you please suggest treatment for the problem.
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Symmetrical bone marrow edema in bilater

Symmetrical bone marrow edema in bilateral pubic symphysis ,  mild surrounding sift tissue edema seen ... MRI Report .
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Joint pain a

Hello sir, I have been going through anti tuberculosis regimen treatment of bone. And it's been 3 months I am taking ATT drug akurit-4/akurit-3 now suddenly for last few weeks I am experiencing shoulder joint,ankle,elbow, wrist pain nd last night there was discomfort of spine as well. What I need to do ?
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Pain in back along with the knee

My mother has severe pain in left side knee and this pain transfers to the back .she consulted too many doctors but no relief from the pain. Doctors recommended for the operation but my mother is not ready for that is there any other way to solve this issue.can you suggest some good doctor. All suggestions in this regard are highly appreciated.
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Fracture after 4 week i got plaster off

While i do little walk or exercise using crutches my ankle swollen but i had fracture in it anything to take care of?? And do i need physiotherapy to get strength like i had earlier or i can do little exercise in home itself and can get better strength like earlier???
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Backbone tail pain

Getting backbone tail pain while sitting i am facing this problem since 1 month. Is it serious? What this problem is called as? Can it be cured with any exercises?
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Legs pain below knee

My legs pain below knee while standing and sitting. Its feel like burning below foot. Both legs heel pain hard, I feel like crying. Neck pain and also shoulder pain. Get little relax when i sleep. Pain radiates some day it pain so much and some days it pain less.
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Tear in Extensor tendon of thumb

My brother got injured while playing cricket on his thumb in Bahrain, doctors there have asked him to undergo surgery to correct the bentness of his thumb. Attaching thumb image and report image. Please advice. Thumb doesnt become straight, if tried to do forcibly it hurts him. During normal circumstance there is no pain.
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