Bone & Muscle problems


Calf pain while & after driving car

Hello, from the past couple of months I have been facing leg pain issues (specifically calf pain) while driving my manual car. I have been taking Vit D supplements and also multivitamins but still there's no relief, tried exercises as well but didn't help much. Can any respective Doctors please help me with this issue. Regards.
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Back and leg pain due to spine frecture

Hello sir i am feeling discomfirt in lower back and leg pain from hip to toe I am taking madecin etricoxib 90 mg That pricribe from a gov doctor of ajmer He gave me this medicin as 90 mg once in a day But no result But if i take 90 mg tablte 3 times in a day it relex me 70% I want to know is there any treatment that can cure this pain permanently I am atteching my mri scan with this
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Ankle and cartilage pain

Hello doctors, I am getting ankle pain and back cartilage pain frequently due to which feeling pain for walking and sitting. How to recover from this?
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Back pain from last 1.5 months

Back pain from last 1.5 month not able to bend Pain radiating to left leg into the calfs Doctor advised to done MRI lumbar It shows prolapsed invertival disc and lumbar spine stenosis. Ap diameter 8mm No relief from constructive management Also done epidural steroid injections on 17/02/2024 Still not relief much. Question is what should i do and when it will resolve need further treatment And how much time take epidural steroid injections to give relief
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Lower back pain

For a year, I've had lower back pain. MRI shows early disc dessication. Medication for 2 months and exercises haven't helped
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Underbite correction

I have a underbite what is the treatment for this underbite correction how manya days will take for this
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After humerus surgery my elbow is stiff

What can I do for relax my hand due to humerus surgery my elbow and triceps are stiff for plate fixation
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Can i go to gym

Can i go to gym beacuse my humerous bone got fractured befor 5 years & it was joined naturally without any plate . By taking calcium it rejoined again , so i can lift heavy weights or not?
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Pain in knee

My baby is 18 months old... Frm last two months she is occasionally showing her right knee again and again... And crying...i think she is having knee pain...I took her to 2 3 pediatrician all said it can either growing pain or transient synovitis. ... But two days back in noticed whenever I bend her legs some bone like structure comes out at knee portion...but when i open her legs there is nothing....this dsnt happen with left knee ....I am she was also complaining of knee pain... Holding her right knee and crying...this happens fr few mins and goes back to normal..she is crawling cruising well...I pressed her knee it dsnt hurt...she moves her legs well... Attached here is the pic of same...may be u will get it... Is it normal bone or she is having any issue with knee ... Plzzz reply docs...
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Bones fused or open

I have a son 12.5 year old ...I am attaching his knee X-ray done last month ...can someone confirm if his growth plates are open or not and he has a potential of more growth or not as he is just 5"4 right now
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