Pregnancy and Infertility


Regarding breast feeding

My wife have recently given birth to girl child but she has issue in low milk productions my frnd suggest me tablet perinorm it is safe to take for a breast feeding mother pls tell
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Irregular periods

I got two times periods in one month when will. Be the Fertile window. I got first period on 5th may again 20th may i got period
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Moderate High prolactin level

My prolactin level is 180 ng/ml. Can this be treated with medicines? What diet changes needs to be done? Is this high level could be harmful. Any suggestions on medicines or home remedies?
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Stomach pain, heavy bleading in periods

Hi, From last 3months i haven't got periods because of PCOD nd today I got periods with heavy bleading nd stomach pain... Can anyone suggest me...please... Its lockdown here so can't consult doctor...for 2days.
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Periods and fertility problem

Hello I got my period on January 22 , I was taking treatment for endometriosis in that process my doctor suggested me to take meprate 10mg from February 7 i took 1 tablet per day I completed my course on Feb 16 it was 8th day but I didn't get my period till now, should I wait for some more days or is there any problem
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Can I take sinarest while planing 4 baby

We are planning for a baby n my periods due date is feb can I take sinarest or citrigen for cold??
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White discharge

I am having milky white (yogurt like) discharge from 3-4 days along with itching and irritation. I use V wash daily. Is it a fungal infection? What should I do?
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Folic Acid Supplement: Folvite 5mg

We are trying to conceive and am taking Folvite 5mg tablet daily once. Is the dosage am taking right? Or should the dosage be reduced? Please advice.
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My periods are coming frequently

I got my period early. I had my period on 25th Nov and then got it on 8th Dec. I have started bleeding again on 27th Dec. I am not sure why is this happening. I wanted to consult you regarding the same.
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Castor oil for inducing labour pain

In which week castor oil should be taken to induce labour pain? Is it taken daily in a particular week ?
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