Pregnancy and Infertility


Yoga for conceiving

Am used to do yoga and exercises for years Is it safe to do few yoga while trying to conceive Pls clarify
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Pcos problem

I have miss my periods from 45 days ..and my ultrasound report saying it's pcos..can u suggest medicine for getting periods quickly with prescription..🙏🙏
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Hpv vaccination

Do hpv vaccine can cure genital warts, veginal warts? After having warts can hpv vaccine cure genital / veginal warts?
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Blood clots/piece after 11 days of labor

Good evng I delievered a baby on 7 sept normally(1st baby,1 miscarriage earlier),after that there is continuos bleeding,now today after 11 days of delievery i observed some pieces of blood(in hindi i can say khoon ke katre). Is it normal
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Belly button cleaning

31 weeks currently , my belly button is lightly protruding . I had dirt in my belly button , which was half inside and half outside . I pulled it out , no pain nothing . But I am frightened now whether it will affect baby . I am able to feel hiccups after that
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Regarding abortion

Is there any natural way to abort a child? what medicines should I take to abort a child? Please suggest.
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Pain during periods

Hot fermentation or cold pack which one is better for period pain? Also, is there any home remedy for the same?
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Pcos or pcod

This is my ultra sound report. How will I know weather I have PCOD or PCOS? And what is inflamed gaseous distended bowel loops?
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Blood test report.

Can anyone please advise on my blood test report? Are values are normal? Particularly those values in bold
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Urimax .4 rablets

Can women take urimax .4 tablets as it is for men. Dr has prescribed me to take  urimax. 4. Any side effects?
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