Hormonal Imbalances


Change in sugar level

I am a diabetic for last 20 years, I used to have following sugar level 3-4 months ago: pp: 180 mg/dl hba1c: 6.5 % but after trying some new medicines for the last 3-4 months, now my sugar levels are: fasting: 90-95 pp: 200 mg/dl hba1c: 5.5 % is this transition good or bad ?
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Thyroglobulin Antibody Test

I am suffering with hyperthyroid and atrial fibrillation since 21.12.2020 (for over 23 months). TSH flutuates a lot and i get thyroid profile test every 10 to 14 days.  All t3. T4 and tsh were in normal range for last one month.  Got thyroid profile total test on 28 november 2022 and report shows t3 at 1 ng/ml, t4 at 9.9 and  tsh at 0.946. I have been on lowest dose of 5 mg of neomarcazole per day for 40 days. I am getting little symptoms like palpitation for last few days . Question 1. Do I need to increase dose. Question 2. Do i need to get Antithyroglobulin Antibody Test. Question 3. Is there any chance to recover from thyroid Kindly answer all above 3 questions
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Need to consult for health report

Dear Doctor, I had a health check and attached is the reports.. I am already in medication on Glycomet 500 mg daily from last one year. Even then sugar levels are not in proper range.. Pls find out the reports and inform what to do next. Kindly suggest.
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Prescibe medicine

My uncle is diabatic whose age is 65 years. Currently he is taking RemoMV500 for sugar. but still his fasten sugar level is above 200. Request you to please change and prescribe better Generic medicine for lowering down his sugar level.
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Pre diabetes to Diabetes

How long it takes for a Pre diabetic to go into Diabetes ?? Minimum how many days if without control
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HBA1C is 6.9

My mom is suffering from diabetes past 15yrs .she is feeling very weak and getting fever frequently.Her recent reports says HBA1C 6.9 FBS 140 PPBS 230 Hemoglobin 10.9(remaining all are in reference range) Eoisnophils 8% ESR 60mm/hr AEC 0.3 What else could be the cause for weakness and fever What test could determine it Please suggest
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Diet for diabetics

Can a diabetic person eat figs, dates and beetroot? If yes, the quantity that can be eaten daily . Will be grateful for an answer.
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LTC increased

Sir, my LTC has increased to about 17700 mm cube. What to do sir.There is nothing to worry about, is there no head?
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Pre diabetes Not reversed!

I'm 27 years old . Height is 153 cm and weight 57 kgs now . I have lost 3 kgs of weight but my sugar levels remains the same after 4 months . Fasting was 135 on Glucometer 4 months back (when weight is 60 kgs) .  After losing weight also it was same . Please help whether it's reversible or not ! How do I bring back to normal range and do I still need to lose weight.
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Can stress cause diabetes

Doctors I had still birth 4 months ago and I am in severe depression and anxiety due to it , from last 4 years am dealing with health anxiety and some or other tension recently 2 months ago I got hba1c and fasting sugar test Fasting sugar showed prediabetic range but HBA1c was 5.0 My doubt is so stress cause diabetes ? Becoz I am really scared of diabetes am not able to get out of depression and anxiety after losing baby ! Will I definitely get diabetes with this tension ? Pls reply thanks in advance
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