Hormonal Imbalances




High fasting sugar

My HBA1C is between 6.5-6.8 since last 2 years . But fasting glucose level is between 120-140 . When I sleep at night around 10.30 it's 115--120 . But it increases in the morning. Through out the day it's in normal range 130-150. Should I start medicine for this .

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Diabetes routine checkup

My mum has diabetes type 2. Her blood sugar levels are in control. Kindly guide me what are the routine chk up she has to do apart from b.p n blood sugar test. What are the food good for her diet.

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Thyroid t4 levels high

T4 levels are slightly high its 14.2 suggest for medication. Unable to loss weight and high level hair fall

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Found fatigue

My self i am found extremely fatigue and i have hyper thyroid,vision problem and hair fall also there.

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Pcos related hairfall

I am diagnosed with pcos since 1n half yr . my gyne has put me on ginette tab, but i feel that due to ginette my vitamin b12 is decreasing causing severe hair loss. please suggest some remedy. thanks in advance.

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Pcos and hirusitism

I am diagnosed for pcos in June 2015..I have very scanty menses for 1-1.5 day only and mild hairs on face,chest,abdomen and lower back.... Because of these hairs I feel very ugly and depressed... I feel rejected and think It affect my married life.. I will got married soon.. I m very depress and anxious because of these body hairs.....previously I use to apply Thuja and Oleum jec mother tincture it reduces my facial hairs a bit....but now I m taking homoeopathic treatment since 20 days...plz help me and suggest something for body hairs and I want to know can homoeopathic treatment reduce body hairs. Can I apply Thuja and Oleum jecoris mother tincture with homoeopathic treatment or external application hinder homoeopathic action of medicine. Plz help me I need ur help......plz guide me

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Pcos and acne scar

Hie I am 23 year old female , recently got diagnosed with pcos in sonography, Although my DHT level is normal Also my periods are regular and even I have maintained a healthy weight But I did had few acne before , now its subsided left with acne marks My doctor described me tab dutas 10mg is this safe Note:before I was taking cytomid 250 and had raised sgot sgpt because of it What should I do ? Should I continue dutas 10mg Please answer my query

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Irregular periods

Since last 2 months, my periods last for one day only. Although, bleeding is normal and pain too but it gets over within one day.

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Suspected hypothyroidism

Hi, I had done some general blood tests to check my general health. In thyroid tests, the TSH level was high(6.85 ulU/mL), FT3(4pg/ml) and FT4(0.83ng/dl). The interpretation said suspected hypothyroidism, hashimoto thyroiditis, dopamineatignosts. The other tests like VitB12,glocuse test,creatinine,cbc showed normal values, except for Eosinophils count of 9%(differential WBC Count). Vitiligo was also confirmed by my dermatologist after woodlamps test after I consulted for some white spots on my back of my neck . Can you please suggest what is the cause of my hypothyroidism.

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Diabetics level

Hi , I'm aware of standard diabetics levels but I have two question 1. I'm taking diabetics medicine , so what would be ideal time to check pre meal sugar level , should I check after 30-1 hour of consuming my morning pill ? Or as soon as I get up ? 2. I checked at 8 pm it was sugar level is 165 that's before dinner but I had light snack at 6 PM biscuits , tea ( sugarless ) etc , so the reading will fall in pre meal or post meal category ?

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