Skin, Hair and Nail Problems


Pimples on chin

I am getting pimples on chin heavily. They r leaving dark scars. Am getting only on chin part please suggest remedy
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Small pimples in legs and hand

There is a tingling feelings in legs and hand and suddenly small pimples emerge out of it which after some time become automatically black what is the reason for it
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Skin problem

Can I go for chemical peel treatment after completing my 6 months isotretinoin therapy is their any side effects
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Skin issue

Please suggest me something to remove holi colour from my face..while playing holi someone put pink color(Gulaab ruu) color on my face..pls tell me to remove it
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Hair loss while on treatment of hair los

I m taking hair loss treatment from 2 months now i m losing my hair more than before why is this hapenning?
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Skin tanning

Hello doctor; My hands and face look darker than the rest of my body. Though I started using sunscreen which will prevent me from further more tanning. But I want to remove the tan and get even skin tone; so suggest me the best tan removal cream.
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Pain during urination

Is UTI is danger to me and what are the effects of UTI And what it cause .please let me know that is major problem or minor and what it leads..
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Red Skin rashes and itching

I develop skin rashes on face and itching after consuming alcohol I am facing this problem from past 1 year Medicines tablets & cream like itraconazole, terbinafine, ketoconazle, clotrimazole, flucos, grisovin, teczine, lobate gm have been consumed still i am getting the rashes every time i consume alcohol. Shown it to 4 doctors soo far everytime different medicines and different creams have been prescribed.
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White hair

I can see a patch of white hair on my head as there was only one or3 white hair but now it's growing. I want to know the treatment for this as this can increase in future..
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Transfer of STD

Can STD transfer through mouth and tongue kiss ...I want to know that thing for information can anyone give me the answer?
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