Kidney Problems


Hiv test.

Which test to be done after 2 weeks or 3 weeks of exposure of HIV virus ?? Will test detect hiv at this time interval?
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Kidney stone

Sir I have 10mm stone in mid ureter..I am looking for surgery it possible to remove the stone with ESWL treatment..
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Blood report

Hello doc I have done blood test and my creatine serum level is 1.   I am sending an attachment of my report. Pls once go through it is it normal.... Waiting for your reply Thanks in advance
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My urine report

It shows pus cell 14-15 hpf Rbc 4-5 hpf Epithelial cell 8-10 hpf Is it means i have stones in kidney do reply as soon as...
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Fatty Liver

Impression grade Minimal Right HYDROURETERONEPROIS due to MID dental Ureteric obstruction Tiny Renal Calculus.
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Kidney cyst

My mother's ultrasound revealed a cyst of 20 mm simple cortical cyst  lower pole of right kidney. Now, 2 months later, did ultrasound again from another lab which reavealed the cyst of size 30mm*23mm in right kidney. Is the cyst of this size harmful and should we go for any kind of surgery.
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7mm Stone in left ureter

My mother experienced extreme sharp pain in left side abdomen and vomited a couple of times. Ultrasound revealed stone of 7mm in upper part of left ureter. Is surgery the only option to remove stone or could the stone pass off with the help of medicines.
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Mild renal failure

I have diagnosed with mild renal failure And doctor prescribed me lot of medicines around and i have to take them regularly so some time i get frustrated to take so many medicine ,so can you please help me that all prescribed medicined are necessary in my condition or there are sone extra medicine in my prescription. Prescription attached
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Ureter stent removal

Hi Doctor , Kindly advise whether ureter stent removal is painful ? Doctor said it's an opd process for stent removal. Will it be painful process ?
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PSA 560 and Difficulty in passing urine

My Father was having difficulty in passing urine for last few days so we get PSA test and result was 560 , after we conduct a KUB ultrasound which report are attached kindly suggest the correct treatment to resolve this problem.. Thanks in Advance
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