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Q1 I am suffering with throat pain from past two days. . In early morning pain is more. What shud I do?

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Dr. Herriot Mittal General Physician | Bathinda
test for throat swab culture and get the reports to me via online consult
Q2 If I take a deep breath I have severe pain in my throat. I have been having this pain since I burnt my throat while smoking.. can you prescripe something

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Dr. Sarthak Chakravarty General Physician | Varanasi
Eat proteinaceous fibrous rich diet. Avoid spicy food and non vegetarian diet. . . Most probably you are suffering through seasonal influen ... Read More
Q3 I have been having pointed pain in right side of my throat from two days. When I speak it is more pain full.

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Dr. Vinay S Bhat ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist | Bangalore
You might be suffering from acute pharyngo-tonsillitis which is a common type of ear infection

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