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Q1 I am suffering from few months of throat pain. I want to escape from this situation.how can i do it.

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Dr. Kaushal M Shah ENT/ Otolaryngologist | Ahmedabad
There can be many reasons for your problem. Diagnosis is possible only after check up by ENT surgeon. Then only it can be treated accordingl ... Read More
Q2 I am suffering with throat pain from past two days. . In early morning pain is more. What shud I do?

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Dr. Herriot Mittal General Physician | Bathinda
test for throat swab culture and get the reports to me via online consult
Q3 Hi doctor, For the last 2 days i m having throat pain. Please suggest me some medicine that will cure my throat pain

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Dr. Chethan R S General Physician | Bangalore
Hi..... Rest. Get plenty of sleep and rest your voice. Drink fluids. Drink plenty of water to keep the throat moist and prevent dehydration ... Read More