Stomach Problems & Remedies




Gas and fatigue.

I have been suffering from gas and fatigue since 3days. When ever I am taking any food, I m getting bloating stomach with lot of gases . Also I am feeling fatigue and a kick like feeling in head. Don 't have fever. Did I get any stomach infection? I tried to take gelusil syrup, but not helping .motion is happening two times and it is semi solid. (Not loose). Fatigue is the main issue.

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Gastric problem

I am using famocid tablets in everyday since 10 years for gastric problem. How complete close my problem

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Gastric issue

I am a 27 year old man suffering from acute gastric problem. I try my best to keep myself sufficiently stuffed to avoid gastric but the issue still persists. Can somebody suggest a remedy.

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Period pain

I suffering from period pain and every time i took pain killer. is pain killer have nay side effect?

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Lump on my lower abdomen

I have a hard lump like a pencil in my left lower abdomen which pains sometimes when touch,pains or having little difficult urinating,poop 2 to 3 times without stool,sore mouth,burning sensation in my mouth,burning sensation in my back,stomach fullness always...I do not know what to do I'm afraid that I could lend up in the operation theatre...can anyone suggest me any best technique or procedure,medicines so that it cures completely...

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Burning sensation

My brother have been experiencing burning sensation in back of chest inside the body from past a week.he is not able to sleep well due to that. HE works for a night shift company. Please suggest the needful.

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Bowel problem

Ibs d type problem..sudden motion..High LDL 148..high tot chol 233... T3 and T4 normal but TSH very low 0.01 ulU/ml...

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Stomach is bulging

Don't know what happened from past two years stomach is getting bulged but it's not fat don't know what it is? Don't know how far it will go. I'm feared.is this a serious problem??

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Severe gas and indogestio

I suffer from heavy indigestion, severe gas trouble for last many years. I am 67 now. My appetite is.lost and feel lethargic throughout the day. Could this be a sign of stomach cancer developing? What should I do?

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Tiny duodenal polyp

My dr treat me nordys 400 (rifaximin) Menoctyl tab(otilonium bromide) for Tiny duodenal polyp treatment plz tell me more about it

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