Stomach Problems & Remedies


Skin problem

I have a rashes in between the bum and between legs. And piles problems. Plz get me the perfect medicine
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For treatment

I am having uncontrolled diarrhoea with nausea suffering from 3 days so suggest me what medicine I should take ,?
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Mouth ulcer

I have a mouth ulcer from almost 10 days and its not going by its own a doctor has prescribed ME bifilac tablet what else should I do for this problem in the past also but they are gone in 2 or 3 days but this time it's taking longer and I am 18 years old student
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Proper stooling is not happening

Please guide for the last 10 days, proper stooling is not happening and whIle passing gas there is very worst smell which was not happening earlier.pls guide.
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Pain in Anus while defecation

Hi, I'm 30 and since past few days, I have been experiencing some sharp pain in Anus while defecating. It stays for 15-20 mins after I finish defecation. Is it because of less fibre diet? Or piles? I got blood 2 times in past 60 days also, that was followed by spicy food. Kindly suggest
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Acidity & digestion

Hi, I m suffering from acidity & digestion problem since a year .if don't eat within 3-4 hrs my intenstinal tube become big and stomach pain & also unable to breath ,also burp continue . since a Month I had consulted with My Dr he said there is chance of stomach ulcer . But since month there is no progress in health Can you suggest any diet or yoga Can improve my health , because it not possible to eat continuously
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Blood after motion

Why blood comes after motion? Is it a symptom of piles or cancer? Lil bit of pain after motion.pls clarify
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Elevated Amylase levels

Sir, recently I got my health check up done The report indicates elevated amylase level 230 u/DL way above the normal level Does it any problem related to pancreas, as recently I developed prediabitic symptoms. Please suggest any medication , if required for this condition by gastroenterologist or anyother doctor.Regards
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Loose motions. Dysentery

I am suffering from Loose motions. Dysentery. Symptoms like Dehydration , frequency of urges to defecate, liquid faeces, mucus type white discharge
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Dizziness and nausea

I feel dizziness and nausea if I have something to eat even liquid food. What is the reason for that?
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