Stomach Problems & Remedies


Pain in stomach

I m feeling pain in stomach since last three days . Pain in upper abdominol. I am attaching my scan report. Plz advice.
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Irregular bowel movement

Now a days , I'm mostly eating proteins in soya chunks , Dal with 2 chapattis a day.. and I'm not feeling urge to defecate from last 2 days.. still feeling constipated.. I have piles. what can be the reason? Please suggest something
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Sir my bilrublin total is 2'4 sgpt 170,sgot 218 I m a regular drinker please give suggestion I m taking udilv300 please give suggestion
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Hiv transmission

What is the risk of getting hiv through dry chopped lips? I am scared that hiv patient accidentally spit saliva mixed with blood may enter through my dry chopped lips
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Stommach ache

After every meal I will go washroom. And I have a mild stomach ache occasionally.but after every meal definitely I will get mild stomach ache and I will use washroom
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Gripe after having food

My father is 65yrs old and got muscle pain on his lower back after that he's under treatment from 11/10/2019 and taking medicines as DURAPAIN tablet along with PANTOCID D 20mg and METHYCOBAL injection. During this period he's feeling gripe after having food and feeing little nausea. Also stool (stiff in nature) is not cleared every day and feeling little weakness. And the gripiness is continuing whole day, even he's not able to sit or walk for this gripiness. Please suggest the best way.
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GERD and gas

Have GERD and gas can GERD cause breathing problems I have done my endoscopy it shows linear ulcers in lower esophagus
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Heartburn and Acid

I am suffering from heartburn for 2 days.It Is being caused due to acid problem, please help with the same
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Severe constipation

I had undergone ayurvedic ligation treatment for piles and fissure recently. Over the period of this treatment I was using dulcoflex tablet to keep the stool soft. Now that I have stopped using it, I have severe constipation and the hard stool is pressurizing the almost healed fissure. I am having only veg meals daily which include rice, dal/sambar, some veg dry and veg/fruit salads on alternate days. I drink 2 glasses of water every 1 hour at office for 9 hours. However there is no relief from constipation. I always get the urge to go to the toilet again within 30 to 60 mins of passing stool.
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Using tablets from long time

Hi I am having operated with laparoscopic surgery. Still I am having sometimes morning nausea and bloated stomach problems. I am taking nexpro rd 40 morning with empty stomach , acta pro 100 mg 3 times and folvite 2 tablet 3 times and essogress l before dinner at 8 pm. Still how long I needs to take this tablets I am taking this tablets from March 2019
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