Stomach Problems & Remedies


Back pain midel back pain

I am somenath Ghosh age 32 my problem is back pain and midel side area back pain.X-RAY Report r normal and usg Report is fatty liver 1 and Mild atomegaly with grade I fatty infiltration(LFT and Lipid Profile correlation suggested). *[ Mild probe tenderness noted in epigastric region ] - Possibility of "Gastritis" needs to be Is serious?
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Loose motion, back pain and headache

Yesterday morning I started having loose motion, by the evening there was back pain and headache along with 100.7 fever. Today I'm feeling weak, with diarrhoea, back pain and headache m, fever comes and goes.
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Diarrhoea treatment

Hi, looks like I have developed diarrhoea, experienced motion 6-7 times since morning. Please suggest any treatment. Thanks
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Regular acidity while sleeping

Whenever I go to sleep my stomach starts behaving absurdly and there is the acidity and It makes me feel like puking. What could be the reason and what preventive measures I should take care of.
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Baby cries in the middle of night

My 2 year old baby cries in the middle of the night from the last 4 days with stomach pain..may I know the reason
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My 2 yrs kid swallowed wood toy

Hi ,my 2 yrs kid swallowed wood toy 2 cm width and 3 cm length 24 hrs completed ,today she went to poop ,in poop we didn't see toy ,can u pls tell me how many days will take to come out Thanks
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Heavy blood in stool

Hello Doctor From past two weeks I have heavy bleeding in stool. No pain in stomach but bleeding is very much What could be the reason? And my weight is reduced very much
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Pain and burning stomach and throat

I am facing burning and pain discomfort on my upper stomach also a sharp pain chest and lower abdomen. While taking only hot water and tea will get throat pain. And, 4 months back only I did my stomach CT scan due to some pain on stomach but report was normal. Pl advise...
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Mixed Bowel Movement for an year

Hi Sir/Mam, I am a 29 year old Male having mixed Bowel Movement for about an year i think, or it is since last 4-5 months I am paying more attention. I know I have to see a doctor which I will soon but this is just for the sake of my anxiety which skyrockets everytime I go to washroom. Please help me because Googling Colon Cancer has destroyed my mental peace. Symptoms: Mixed Bowel Movements : One day Constipated , One Day Normal, Some days loose mostly Bristol Stool Type 5 which gets disintegrated in water. Somedays First time I go to toilet stool will be normal, Same day if I go again it will be loose. Never have seen blood per se (But I don't look down always) , I have seen stool which is proper Bristol Type 3/4 which ranging from Yellow to Brown on somedays but then loose and almost mushy Type 6 on some days of the same week. Constant Stomach Gurgling (Like every 4-5 hours or so, specially for half an hour after I wake up, Sometimes after I have food) No smoking and drinking.
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Excessive Gas/Bloating after Eating

Excessive Gas/Bloating after Eating. Sometimes pressure on the chest and Foodpipe. Unable to digest food properly.
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