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Problems with intrusive thoughts

I feel like i am having intrusive thoughts and i wish i didnt have them but i also feel like i am constantly consciously thinking about them and making them.
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Loss of interest... Depression

Lack of interest.. irregular sleeping pattern.. gain wait... Bad eating habbit.. zero concentration... Zero social life... unable to do simple daily tasks or fighting to accomplish simple tasks... Feels uneasy with crowd.. cigarette addicted... feeling weak and loss of energy with out any work... and its been more than 4-5 years..are these symptoms of depression... Do i need medication for
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Sudden Uncontrolled anger And irritation

I am a house wife,suffering from irritating, out of control angry behavior from last 3years. How can i change myself as i have a 5 year old adorable kid. I was a very calm person and never used to shout at any one.But due to such behavior my parenting is not going in a right way. Please advice me for balancing my nature so that i can provide A happy life to my family.
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I am actually depressed I want to be happy but i am not I want to be happy I feel like if i dont get anything so i feel like dying
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Want to die

I want to die .. i just dont want to live I am going through inner worries that no one is happy coz of me.
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Social Anxiety Disorder

I think I have social anxiety disorder since my childhood. I cannot do even little social interactions such as going to new shops, doctors etc. I am too shy to make some new friends due to which I always feels lonely because I don't even have friends with whom I can hangout. It has also started affecting my studies as I cannot focus on them due to continuous feeling of loneliness. What should I do?
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Anxiety return

After stopping flunil 20 mg 2 months ago, anxiety episodes are coming frequently. Should I restart it?
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Stress and anxiety

I am a software engineer with 3 years of experience. I have been assigned to a new project recently (1 month), where work load is more and I am very stressed. I feel anxiety most of the time and being worried about minute things ( though they have no impact) all the time. I never had sleep issues but these days I can't sleep properly. I feel anxious all the time and feel like crying for no reason. I get severe shoulder pain because of stress. I can feel some kind of pressure on my hands, I have cultivated the habit of rubbing my palms (didn't have before). And my periods are also late (2 days for now), usually they're on time. I can't stop overthinking about everything and being worried. I am unable to focus on my daily activities. And my work productivity also reduced though I am working for 11-12 hours a day as I can't focus. Please suggest measures to take to feel better.
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Elevate scrotum

What happens if I elevate my scrotum daily for 2 times.. Should I do it in standing position or laying down and without wearing boxers or with boxers... What is the benefits of that?
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Continuous dreamlike state and headache

For more than a week i have been in a state where everything around me has been feeling unreal and dream like. Occasional confusion and difficulty in recollecting along with mild occasional headache is also there.
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