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Help me in cure ocd

I have ocd medicines not performing well in curing it so tell me some medicines to cure ovd quic and fast
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Sleeping disorder

I can't sleep at Hardly I sleep maximum 4 hrs I try to sleep but I can't always thinking about past,was gone through my past I always think about that and also I'm going getting hungry for food even I loose intrest in eating and normally activities in daily life.
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I have suffered from depression in the long term. Now I feel my brain to be so weak that I can't even read a page or use my smartphone continuously for half an hour and if I do so I feel dizzy and my brain feels like stretching from inside.
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Anxiety and depression

Unable to sleep at night and frequent breaks during sleep. Constantly avoiding going out Unable to focus on a particular thing, even on entertainment videos Feeling sleepy all day as unable to sleep at night
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Hair breaking habit

I have a habit of breaking the split ends. It has been happening from 4-5 years and I couldn't stop doing this now. I find myself doing this the whole day. Cutting my hair short doesn't effect it at all. It gives me a pleasure of removing something that's bad and unhealthy, but breaking the hair does lead to more split ends. Despite knowing the fact and situation i have no control over it.
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I am having chronulic back pain.

I am having chronic thoracic back pain since 1 year.indid mri which ia normal.and x ray is normal.blood test also vitamins d and b12 are defeicency.because of this i am getting anxiety on my helath.i am always googling so i got more anxious.due to this the pain increases and mood disturbances and went to depression please guid me .i want to out of anxiety diaorder.if i get any illnes i am thinking the illness may be serious like cancer and i am avoiding a days.and always trying to searvh in google for anything.and always tirwd fatigue and not active.please guide me without medications how i can be normal?
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Objectifying a woman

Is it good to objectify a woman? Whenever I go just objectification. My friends only talk about the part of the bodies of the ladies.i get angry. Even going to a mall or restaurant,cinema or anywhere if I go with them they start objectifying. Is it good. Should they change their mind or woman should? And how can I handle them. Thank 🙏💕 you
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Depressed now

Hi, I am unable to get over the fact that my gf is going to be getting married and intimate with someone else.  I am unable to see her cute face getting into such acts. It's causing me depression.
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Serta 50 and clonil 25

Can i take both serta and clonil by keeping enough interval period of time. I am suffering from ocd. First I was taking serta 50 and I was not getting benefits then I started to take clonil. My symptoms started to disappear. I want to make sure can I take both clonil and serta together
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Mental Health

I am facing mental health issue from last few years.. just want to confirm if i fine or not. I face anxiety issues, trust issues, never feel excitement for anything.. always depressed and also get feeling that people don't like me.
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