Heavy body pains post Viral fever

Hello, I had viral fever last month and started experiencing heavy body pains. Its been more than 20 days and I have not recovered from body pains. Especially my both the wrists, ankles and upper back/shoulders. The pain is more when i come back from hibernation like sleep, donot move for an hour or so. . Etc.. Iam sure its lot better than how it was earlier but why am i having such bad aches i never had earlier. I even cant grip/hold heavy objects. Please suggest me the path forward.
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Dengue problem

My mother just now recovered from dengue before 7 days. Again fever is coming 100 /99 and fever is getting down immediately. What to do
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Having worse itching in palm and fingers

Hi, First time I'm noticing 3rd time in a month that my palm and fingers of both hand start worse itching...either am at home or market...i wash my hands and use sanitizer but it can't help me out... itching last for 40mins. I can't find out the reason behind this because my diet as same as before itching. No newly medicine or food i am taking...I take iron supplements 2 times a day becoz my ferritin level is low, and proanagen tab and solution for hair, i  have constipation problem so i'm taking dulcoflex, and also hypothyroidism so for that i'm taking thyroxin 50mcg every morning. Request u to please guide me.. Thanks
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Body pain randomly

Pain in bod remains for 2 or 3 minutes but get faded after some times , it happens many times in 24 hours
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Feeling feverish

Feeling feverish from last 2 day throat pain was there but i have taken ampicillin and after that throat pain gone but i am feeling feverish and my temperature is fluctuating b/w 97.2-98.6. And weakness in body.
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What to do

This is one of my friend report even she is also taking ivf treatment from long time .now she has been   diagnosed by fatty liver and fibroids is there any medicine which can help her to cure it . .she is already taking medicine (  ursomax 300 for fatty liver and famycept for fibroids)   as your medicine have help me to conceive .but Bec of that every other week she is having her period.
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Deodorant sprayed in mouth and inhaled

Someone sprayed Deodorant in my mouth which I accidentally inhaled. Should I be worried about this ?
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Black stool with mucus

Sir, I have been suffering from crohn's disease since 2018. My first symptoms was bleeding now after start of mesalamine ,azoran and livogen tab. Now my stool is blakish with mucus and narrow type have to pay lots of strain during bowel movement, incomplete evacuation is it serious condition or it is common in crohn's disease? Pls suggest what should I do.
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Is i have typhoid plz tell me...

Widal Test Report: S. Typhi O 1:80 S.typhi H 1:80 S.Para Typhi "AH"- 1:40 S.Para Typhi "BH"-1.40 Malaria Parasite-Negative Is this typhoid high/Medium/Low? Any common medicines, any Food and Water Habits change?
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Anxiety and no sleep

Hi doctor, i am having anxiety and difficulty sleeping after i started taking becosules...can becosules cause anxiety and insomnia??
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