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Q1 I have been diagnosed of tuberculosis when I'm in the age of 4. Now I am 22. I am having a medical examination for visa tomorrow. Will that be a problem?

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Dr. Rahul Sonawane General Physician | Pune
If it's treated and cured at that time it's not gonna creat any problem
Q2 What will I'm going to do if after 6 months of taking medicines still in my x-ray says I still have tuberculosis?.

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Dr. Sumit Wadhwa Internal Medicine | Gurgaon
Dear madam the chest xray will provide only a radiological diagnosis which has to be considered in association with your symptoms and compa ... Read More
Q3 Which teat can confirm tuberculosis in male. Does X ray clearly identifies tuberculosis or some other test is required?

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Dr. Anil Kumar Jain General Physician | Bangalore
Hello there. I can understand your concern. Confirmation of diagnosis of tuberculosis isn't easy. Evidence on x-ray can confirm it, sputu ... Read More

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