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Q1 As per recent report, my brother is suffering from tuberculosis. So I need advise to which we have to start treatment for this and near my location (Shahdra)

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Dr. Arun George Consultant Physician | Bangalore
See a doc and confirm the diagnosis first. He would guide you about medicines
Q2 He is totally week by tuberculosis. He is not able to have food also, he had taken treatment in nimhans few months ago but didn't continue the medicine.

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Dr. Anil Kumar Jain General Physician | Bangalore
Hello There. I can understand your concern. why has he not continued the treatment? has he gone mad? he needs to continue the treatment. ... Read More
Q3 I have a starting age of tuberculosis need specialist dr.near by me. Recently​ it's find in CT scan of chest report.

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Dr. Pankaj K Bang Pulmonologist | Delhi
Go to lrs hospital. There are very experienced chest physicians there.