Chest & Breathing Problems


TB related

Please suggest best doctor and best diet for this type of problems. Please suggest how many days we will use medicine and also suggest us any side effects from medicine.
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Throat pain

I had soar throat from past 10 days took doxycycline 100 mg for 5 days fever went but soar throat still present rt pcr is negative I get itchy feeling in left side of chest and after that nerve pain like in chest also some kind of weird sound near chest like water drip falling oxygen saturation is 98 to 97
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Covid 19 vaccination in Bronchitis.

My father is a senior citizen, aged 62. He got bronchitis in October, 2020 and also has CKD. Should he take the Covid-19 vaccine? Will it be safe?
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Wearing a face mask while running

Sir..i am a working professional and I also play club level cricket on every weekend..but due to Corona pandemic, i didn't play cricket since last year march... But now i am planning to start my cricket again from 15th march 2021... I just wanted to it advisable to wear a mask while playing cricket, especially bowling.since i am a fast bowler.. None of my team members wear mask nor the other team members.. So i am bit worried wether i should start my cricket or not.. Is it risky to play cricket/fast bowling in outdoor without mask.. or is it more risky to wear mask while playing cricket especially fast bowling Thanks
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Chest X-Ray

I sometimes feel that I am putting a little more energy than before in breathing. Recently, an XRay was taken. So, could you please check if there's any problem? I dont have fever, cold, cough or any other problems.
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Wife have pain in rib cage & bone pain

A weak ago she had pain left side of chest, we carried out ECG report was normal but pain is not going suggest lady doctor near me. And also remed
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Sharp chest pain in the middle

For the past 1 month, my husband is having sharp chest pain in the middle when he does cardio. When he stops, the pain subsides. It started after he slept in wrong posture for around 1 hours. Not sure if we should consult a cardiologist or pulmonologist.
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Pft and covid

Is it safe to do a pft in covid times ? Need to do one but worried about covid ....................
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Coughing in night

Whole day is okay but during night feel cough. And cough is white colour. Whisling sound while breathing.
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Gene Xpert MTB RIF

Please let me know what does this report mean? I have got this tested due to continuous cough from more than 3 years.
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