Chest & Breathing Problems


Shortness of breath

I have been suffering with breathing difficulty due to nose blockage for the last week specially when I sleep.
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Why do i have shortness of breath

Why do i am facing shortness of breath when xray report is normal and ecg is normal What would be the problem I accept i have anxiety
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Pain and heaviness in right side of ahdo

I am tb patient and taking treatment for last 5months only 22 treatment is left. Now I am feeling pain and discomfort in right side of abdomen and chest and sometimes pain radiate to back side . I am taking 4 medicines a day . After taking medicine my urine comes red in colour and stool also comes red in colour . It it normal and what about pain . It is gastric or what. I have done lft test on 26 April 2022 which is normal .kindly diagnose
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Breathing problem in sleep

Hello Doctors, Yesterday night after sleeping sudden breathlessness happened with me and wheezing sound occurs for about 15 second. Slept in closed room with AC also very tired from traveling Is there any serious issue, please guide me
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Chest pain for months post Covid

I had covid in jan22 with bad cough and covid tounge. Hrct showed normal and was on fabiflu as treatment, but a week post recovery started getting a dull chest pain mostly centrally located near sternum. I did an xray which showed increased bronchovascular prominence and did a PFT as well which showed copd in restrictive area and moderate obstruction. The physician put me on foracot 200 and muscle relaxants. The chest pain has reduced however now I get the pain mostly in the night while sleeping which is again centrally located and at times radiates to mid back. I had done ecg twice aswell, both times normal. Repeated CT scan as well a week ago and no remarkable findings in lungs. It's been 4 months and I'm frustrated waking up with the chest pain. Please advise what this is and how long would it take to heal ?
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Right chest is sore n tender

My right chest is very sore and tender.Can't even touch.I got 2 chest MRI, 3 breast ultrasound, 2 Xrays but everything is normal in last 10 months.Can you advise what could this be as even walking makes it even more sore and painful.
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Chest xray cough phegm 2 weeks

I had viral and throat infection 2 weeks before..all symptoms gone but since 1.5weeks i have cough with brown, yellow phegm sometimes..did chest xray is it normal or tb test to do?
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Looks like a hole in the xray

What does the xray imagine tell us? My brother just had fever so he went for check up. His blood and urine tests results are due
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Which is better HRCT Or MRI chest

I had TB and covid Now again I have pain in chest and breathing problem What's better to know about lungs HRCT Or MRI chest Because I have done few times HRCT and it has radiation That's why I want to know which is better
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Montaux test

Since May 2019 my one eye (Sometime right or left eye) is becoming red every 20 days. So in May 2019 i had done Montaux test which came negetive. Since the issue was still persisting till date I repeated the test two days back & it came positive with 10 mm by 10 mm induration. The chest x ray is normal & clear with no symptoms of TB. Is it that since i had repeated the test the test came positive?
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