Chest & Breathing Problems


Coughing frequently

Having cough for one week and feeling tired always feel drowsiness and not able to take continuous for even 10 seconds cough coming...
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Pneumonia vaccine

Hi my mother is 61. And she has copd and Hypertension. She offten gets allergies and viral infection, due to which her asthma gets worsen, can we get her a pneumonia vaccine now. If yes please suggest the vaccine name.
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What does it if Afb is positive

Please tell me what does it mean if AFB REPORT(zn stain) is positive and mtb complex report is negative...does it indication of tb?? I have consulted to doctor also one doctor is saying that I can't say it's tb because x ray is also ok...and all the reports are ok except Afb(doctor has said Afb report is also false positive..he said culture report is negative and mtb complex report is negative)and another doctor is saying it's tb ...will u please guide me .. because it's totally confusing case...every doctor has it's own opinion...can tb medicine affect her if we give her tb treatment...??? Before 2 weeks fever was coming but after lungs infection tablet.. fever has gone after 2 weeks it's comes once again ..what does it indicates...there is pain near to ribs (something like indication of pleuratic pain)... ultrasound has shown no impression of pleural space please guide me...we r not going on to think wrong treatment... please guide me...
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After tuberculosis treatment

I had lungs tuberculosis . Till may I was under my TB medication of approx 9 months ..but still now up to this date I sometimes feel toughness while I am deep breathing is it normal
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Serum ige 1700 now special ige recomend?

I am suffering shortness of breathing my serum ige level 1700 and doctor recommended me one more special ige what is difference between serum ige and special ige test and
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Can levofoxocin cause anemia??

She is taken levofoxocin 1 mg, Some one tell me this ITB paitent 11 month continue meditation She done LFT 15-18 time on this period Blood lost is another causing
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Lung fibrosis corona virus🦠😷

Corona virus🦠😷 made lung fibrosis are reversible? Corona virus🦠😷 made lung fibrosis are reversible?
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TB 2nd Time

Hello Doctor, My father is 70 years old. He got TB in lymph nodes 10 years back and used medicine for 9 months. It was cured. He got covid 2 years back(cured now) and he is diabetic patient. My mother got TB last year in Spine and she used to cough. Spine surgery was done for my mother. My father took care of my mother. My mother is cured after using medicine for around 1 and half year. Now my father got TB again from my mother but he don't have any symptoms. I told him to go for TB skin test for safer side. In TB skin test my father got positive. Could you please help me how can I proceed further for my father treatment which he got TB for the 2nd time?
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Chest X-ray

Dear sir, Today am taking chest X-ray Please see the report and give feedback sir it's normal are any issue
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Drug interaction

Hello I'm am taking petril beta 10mg for anxity ,and recently from past 1 month I having in and off caugh dr proscribed me pulmoclear it's safe to take with petril beta tablets?
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