Chest & Breathing Problems


Blood with sputum from mouth

Hi, From past few days I'm seeing blood with sputum from mouth that too only in morning. I'm having cough.
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Cigarette turns brown

Hello dr. I have an query every time i smoke my cigarette turns brown from filter side. That's was happening from last 15 days can u plss suggest that
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Blood in Phelgm with chest and back pain

I have notice blood in phelgm for last 2 days.Out of 10 occurance of phelgm 2 -3 sample has blood in it. I am having chest and upper back pain from long time, visited pulmonologist done PFT, blood test but all looks fine in the report. However this doesn't resolve my issue. After having food, I feel like mucus is stucked in my air passage, which leads to difficulty in breathing. Please help me out on this.
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Continous cough

My mother is suffering with continous coughing at times at night when she lies down. She feels allergic towards dust and cold weather. How to proceed with her treatment and what all needs to be done for reducing the continous coughs.
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Feeling asthmatic

Feeling asthmatic only when I inhale second hand smoke or kitchen smoke, what could be the probable reasons? What test should I undergo?
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Discomfort in chest

Whenever I am stressed out or think much about an issue I feel a discomfort in my chest(mainly middle portion or middle left portion) which goes away own after an hour or 2 For example when I think about my mother's sickness my chest starts to discomfort Does this signal a big heart disease? How to cure it?
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Shortness of Breath while eating

From last few days i am experiencing shortness of breath while eating. Mostly during eating dinner. It happens for just 2-3 minutes when I just start eating. Why is it happening?
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Syblingual therapy

Is sublingual therapy safe for kidney patients...? My son is 6 yrs old his 1 kidney is not working...
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Pain in upper chest on both the sides

Hello Doctor Feeing pain in upper chest of the muscles. I can able to breath normally but feel like pressured on the chest. Recently took xray for the chest and doctor told its normal. I have acidity. No idea is this is causing much pain. Feeling like falling down but my BP is normal and sugar too. I am anxiety on my health condition. I have took all the reports CT scan for bran normal. Liver, kidney and thyroid all came normal. Checked cardio and took tmt whi h came negative. But still right and left chest muscles paining. What should I do. Thanks in advance.
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Shortness of Breath

ECG Done! =Normal Chest x-ray=Normal From past 1 month Alcohol is very common. BP=Normal these days. Doctor Given Medicine for Stomach Acid Medicine...But still Shortness of Breath. What shoul I do now ??
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