White patches in face

Recently a few days agoI noticed some patches in my face . I noticed 2 patches in my face near my eyebrows in left and right side of my face. I want some ayurvedic tips to be tell by u .thank u

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Hello..im student

Based on my daily activities i think im having clinomania and clinophobia both conditions and i want to get rid of my low self confidence and procatinating habits

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Ayurvedic tretment Anxity

Hi, I have moderate anxiety that has caused me pre-hypertensive (130-140/85-90). I also feel lightheaded, tinnitus and forgetful. Is it possible to treat this with ayurveda? Which medicine is best for this in ayurveda? Thanks

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Body itching

Hi, I have this problem where at times when at home or outside my body starts itching and my hair scalp also itches. It lasts only for few minutes but occurs once or twice in a day. I have also being diagnosed with alopecia and my hair is thinning and there are bald patches appearing. Is it caused due to body heat? Are there simple steps to counter this problem without use of medicines??

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Stress & Depression

Actually i always feel worthless, no matter whatever i do.. I feel like i m' useless and i can't do anything, also in many cases i simply lose self confidence and give up in doing anything! So can u suggest me any ayurveda tip for this?

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LIPOMA & cyst

I am having the problem of lipoma. A cyst is there around the center of forehead. I have visited to some hospital. They told nothing to sorry, if it increases & gets bigger then I need a surgery. I want to know is there any treatment for this.

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Weight loss

Alo vera leaf juice is used for weight loss. I have to plant a alo vera plant in my garden. But different species of alo vera are available. How will i recognize the right and safe one.?

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Hormonal disbalance

Hello, Greetings to all,i have a problem of hormonal disbalance ,my periods are not regular.I have pain in my lower abdomen always.Thinking of planning for baby.There are lack of vitamin B12 and calcium in my blood test.some times i suffer from joint pain and morning sickness also.I don't want to Take lots of allopathic medicines please suggest some Ayurvedic herbal medicines.my diet is very simple.

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Dandruff since long time

Even after maintaining hygienic practices such as washing hairs twice or thrice in a week , having a coconut oil massage , i still suffer from lots of dandruff , i have also started applying curd but almost no results are seen , may i please know what are the treatment options in ayurveda for dandruff

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Back pain

My mother has got some pain in her both legs most in left side due to small slip disk probably. Want pure ayurvedic treatment.

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