Oil pulling

1.Which is best for oil pulling. 2.Does oil pulling helps in bloating. ? 3.What is best time to do it?? 4.doea it helps in constipation?
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Digestion and gas

I have digestion related issue due to that i am face too much gas.arogyavardhini vati not help so I am taking live 52 ds. Which is best live 52ds or amlicure ds. For indigestion and anemia.
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Can giloy be taken daily

Can giloy ras be taken daily? Is there any harm if we consume its juice form daily about 20ml with water?
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Myasthenia gravis

I am affected by myasthenia gravis since childhood. I didn't taken any medicines until 16 years of age. I had thymectomy last year and continuing allopathic medicines like pyridostigmine 60 mg (3 tabs/day)  and prednisolone 5mg tablets. There is no improvements for me. Morning itself I was very tired. I lost hope on taking these tablets. Can I take Ayurvedic medicines like triphala powder and stop taking these tablets?
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Indigested food in stools

I am suffering with severe acid reflux from last 8 months.i am taking pantocid tablets bd, gaviscon syrup bid.from last 20 days indigest white rice and indigest veggetables ( unbroken food) appears in my stools. what the reason for unbroken food. I am infected byh pylori.
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Tested positive for covid 19

Since I had tested positive for covid 19 please prescribed Ayurveda medicine for treatment my covid score is 28 and spo2 is 97
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Regarding coronil

Can coronil and shwasari vati can be taken as a precaution and safety from covid. If yes how long and how much.
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Medicine for Urinary Tract Infection

Hello! Do we have cure for urinary tract infections in Ayurveda? What medicines are prescribed in ayurveda? Do they work? Can they interfere with current allopathic medication like antibiotics, paracetamol and cough medicine? Thanks
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Saraswatarishta with gold

Can i take Saraswatarishta with gold for mental health & memory power? I am suffering a lot from mental health issues. I am already taking homeopathy med for PCOD. Can i take it? And how many times or how shall i intake it?
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I want to know if it's safe to give

Hi I want to give Brahmin to my 10yrs daughter what is the dose for how long and which products if I can get some names.
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