Himalaya Gasex Tablet

I have been prescribed Himalaya Gasex Tablet for gastritis n stomach pain. Could you please help me like how is it taken?? To be chewed or swallow whole??
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Leg pain on the left side

I have some leg pain on the left. Not so regular. I just need to discuss and want some ayurveda treatment.
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Himalaya Mentat to manage Love Rejection

I am taking Himalaya Mentat to move on with my life after a girl is absolutely not interested in me. When she said No in 2016, till now, I am thinking of her all the time. So, to move on with my Passion, I am taking Himalaya Mentat but it is not helping me even though I consulted a psychologist. What should I do? Should I increase the dosages? I am taking Himalaya Mentat because she said No (she gave priority to friendship over love) which made me score below average marks in Semester Exams, Suicidal feelings due to thinking again and again of her even after Clarification in the sense she said No and I feel that it is toxic to my Passion/Goal, then also I am thinking her all the time. I can't even concentrate on my passion. That's why I am taking Himalaya Mentat so that I should not get repetitive thoughts of what I clarified it means If I say No and she said No, then thoughts to marry her, thinking about her, etc comes to my mind which I don't want and that's why I am taking Mentat
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Dry cough problem

Any syrup for daibetic patients to cure dry cough relief. ( Like kanakasav) Age is 65 Any syrup or treatment ?
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About shampoo

Please suggest me a good herbal shampoo for hair fall and dandruff control which is available in local market. Is Himalaya shampoo chemical free? Can i use this?
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Haemorrhoids kshar sutra treatment cost

I looking for the total treatment cost for kshar sutra Ayurvedic treatment for Haemorrhoids, also what is the general costing of single kshar sutra used in clinics.
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Eyes allergy

My daughter is having eyes allergy from past two years. All doctors are prescribed loteprednol and olopatadine drops. Now they are saying it's vernal kerato conjunctivitis. I want to know some solution which I can take along with the allopathic drops to have both symptoms and permanent cure. Is there a way to correctly identify which dosha is causing this issue. Thanks
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Loosestools once/dayCan't afford treatme

I ignored an infection for 2 months and I was suffering from body heat also. Now 5 months past loose stools(once/day) are not curing .No infection( 2nd stool test). When constipated they are sticky when not they are loose.In summer loose in winter sticky.No  acidity No ache.No weight loss no other symtom.Just weakness.Thyroid & all reports normal I think that pitta dosha has caused inflammation in my intestines.Visited 15-20 doctors.Wasted 15k-20k No dr medicine works.Curently taking bilwadi churna from 5 daysPls pls help 🙏 🥺 😭 🙏 🙏🥺🙏 Can't afford treatment Pls help pls
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Pigmentation cream

I would like to get any cream or ointment suggestion for dark neck, underarms n inner things.. Not too dark but comparatively dark than other parts. Please suggest any cream.. No over weight also
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Renal stones

I have had pain in abdomen area around one month ago,  On sonography,2 stones in kidney were found, took some homeopathic treatment , now it's better, but still stones are there, Should I try Neeri Syrup which is ayurvedic? If yes,What should be dosage and for how much time should it be taken ?Size of stones are 3.8 mm in upper pole of left kidney and 3.9mm in mid pole of right kidney
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