Triphala Gugulu

Hi, Can anyone tell me - What are the Triphala Gugulu Benefits - If - 1) Taken  half an hour Before Meal 2) Taken Half an hour After Meal
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Left thigh nerve pain

Hi dr, I got hurt while sitting on the floor. Mine left thigh is paining, it feels like nerve pain. Can you pls suggest some medicine?
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Can 2 oils be used for Shirodhara

Hi doctors can 2 oils be used for Shirodhara like Bala ashwaganda taila and Narayana tailam ? Coz Bala ashwaganadha tailam is too expensive and I can't afford daily 500 ml So can I mix with any other tailam hi his reasonable Pls ur reply would help
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Abdominal pain

Sometimes my husband suffers an abdominal pain that goes worsen after eating. It subsidies only when he forcefully vomit all his eaten food. I have attached an endoscopic report that was done 5 years ago. Pls suggest effective meds nd precautions.
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Abhyanga cause weight gain??

My vata is too much aggravated and my skin has become too much dry and peeling and am medium built.I don't want to increase my weight.Will abhyanga cause weight gain??
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Doctors kindly please tell me

Arjuna chal can any one use it is safe age 18 to 90 age .any person if used Arjun chal in water how many days to countinue for this harbs .. kindly please tell me...thanks
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Hard stool at beginning

Why is my poop hard at beginning and then soft? What to do. TIA. I drink enough water and fruit and veges?
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Clogged ear

I had cold 2 to 3 three months ago. I have clogged left ear since then. My cold is gone now.But I have popping sound, some liquid in my left ear. Whatever I speak all the sound resounds in left ear. This problem occurs every year but this time it is still there. Last time I took hot compression in ear, nasal drop, steam inhalation with capsules of essential oil and I got relief. Plz help me out.
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Eye clot...

My mother ko eye clot hai Multivitamin aur allopathic medicine b khye abi Tak koi farak nhi . Eye drop b use Kiya.. Can i use patanjali eye grid ....... Pls...
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Molluscum contagiosum

Patient 24 year age Molluscum contagious diagnosed 3 month before very small in pemis shaft how to cure naturally basic blood test cbc, lft, rft. were normal urine test too R/e normal
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