Herbs usage for weight and pcod

I lost 14 kg of weight , i want to gain weight I have pcod , erosive gastritis ,acne and hairfall issue A doctor prescribed me to take Safed musli -100gm Ashwagandha -50  gm Shatavar -100 gm These three mixed with milk or water at night for an year Shall. I follow this ? Plz answer i want to gain weight and control pcod
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Dadimashtaka churna

Whether dadimashtaka churna is an effective medicine to recover from irritable bowel syndrome or not ?
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Use of giloy stem

Sir i am using giloy stem everyday in the morning is there any side effects of using it daily pls advise
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Small dark patch on right foot

Just since few days I noticed a grilled skin type dark patch has come on my right foot. Please advise
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Treatment for MRSA

Is there any treatment for MRSA in Ayurveda? If so, how long does it take to get rid of it? How successful is the treatment?
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How to quit smoking

I smoke cigarettes from  Last 25 year's . many times I tried to quit smoking. but it's not possible . please help me to quit smoking Than you
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Virechana for fatty liver

Virechana massage with steam n sanjivavi kriya. Treatment for Insomnia n BP. Taking medication since many years
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Urine incontinance

My wife was suffering urine incontinence like sudden urge to urinate daily 10 to 15 times urinate both day and night no blood sugar no bp this problem occurred in last 6 months age 26 years in urine time no burning sensation and no pain only frequent urination problem please prescription to her.
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Can skinny people take Triphala?

Currently i am suffering from stomach problems(gastric and constipation). I am skinny girl. If i'll take Triphala, Will it make me more skinny? If yes, thn what is the best substitute of triphala? (What is the best timing of taking Triphala- before sleep or in the morning empty stomach)
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Frequent ulcers

Hi, I am getting ulcers frequently especially on tongue and area below tongue. Currently I have got ulcers below tongue photo of which is attached. Request you to suggest reason for frequent ulcers and home remedy
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