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Q1 Does pcod occurs in women who are sexually active? I have pcod and I am gaining lots of weight also and missing my periods. Please help

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Dr. Aparnaa Panda Obstetrician | Udupi
Pco can happen to any woman whether sexually active or not. It is because of imbalance of hormones. Go to a gynaecologist for treatment. She ... Read More
Q2 I suffering from PCOD. Is that a serious problem??? Nd what i have to do for conceiving..plz suggest me.

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Dr. Chetan Maandhakar Obstetrician | Rajkot
PCOD can lead to irregular periods, sometimes ammenorrhoea, weight gain, glucose intolerance, and even infertility. If you are trying to co ... Read More
Q3 I have PCOD problem so what type of treatment u gives for it. Without panchkarma treatment is it possible?

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Dr. Jain Amit Prakash Ayurveda | Pune
Hello, According Ayurveda I give Ayurvedic treatment or Ayurvedic medicine. It can be done also without panchakarma.