Child Health Issues


My 14 yr son has gynecomastia

My son aged 14 years has got swollen breast. it is protruding outward however he does not feel pain in it.

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My 3 year old daughter have a problem of loosemotion in every 10-15 days. In a month it happens 3 to 4 times. So please suggest me that how could I do.

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Fever last 8 to 10 days

My baby in fever last 8 to 10 days.in blood test WBC count-21500..doc say it is infection.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Boy, 12, Mouth Breathing, Gurgaon

My son is 12Yrs old and mouth breather since long. 2 times surgery done for Adenoid removals with a view to easy the nose breath but no effect. I am badly worried as his facial features will disturb over time. Gone to many ENTs advise me to repeatedely warn the kid to close his mouth but its doesn't help. He again starts mouth breath within 30-40 secs. If I cover his mouth , he starts nose breath even for 3-4 minutes. Any help will be appreciated.

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Baby reduced intake of milk

Hi , My baby is 3 months old. She is being fed on formula since 2 months. She has been drinking 90ml per feed but since few days she has reduced the intake and now she takes 65ml per feed and after that she acts cranky and refuses to drink. I m worried about her health.please suggest if it is common or what steps should i take. Thanks

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Gripe water for 10 months old

Should i give gripe water to my 10 months old as she is underweight and not eating anything since 3 days??

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Pronged cough

My son is 3yr old ,He is having cough problem from ~2 months.Majorly He starts coughing when He does some physical activity like playing and also it occurs at some point of time during sleeping at night. It's been two months and medicines(nebulizer-Budicorte,syrup-Leveta M) are not helping much.Can you please guide me towards right medication or Doctor

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Flights journey

Sir/ madam my child is only 15 days old. My questions is flight journey during this age or four month baby cause any problem.

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Being hyper

My child is 3.7 yrs very active studying lkg and understands everything .but he is getting hyper, shouting and jumping all the time if i scold or gives a little punishment he is lisiting for 2 min and repeating the same thing. He is not standing at a place always jumping climbing. How to deal with ds child and make him calm understand properly. Im worried is this all are normal signs of a active baby? Pls suggest me

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Kids getting sick again & again

My kid is 4 year old & he is getting sick again & again .. Some times ..cough ..cold .. Stomach infection ..eyes redness Fever .. I am tired now ..i have consulted many doctors they gave medicine antibiotics ..after few days same problem persist ..again medicine antibiotic I want to know what should we do ? One doctor suggest flu vaccine ? Is it okay ?? Please suggest me .. Thanks

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