Child Health Issues


13months old body temperature is 99.5

My 13 months baby boy's armpits temperature is showing 99.5 F Height 78cm Weight 10.4kg Do we need to seek medical / doctor help?
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Synarest overdose

By mistake I gave 4 ml synarest AF syrup to my 9 month old baby 3 times today. Will it cause problem?
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Having cold frequently, please suggest

Having cold frequently, please suggest nasal drop,n is it safe to use duolin for 1 year old kid   ??
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Till teeth not found

My baby name viyuha 10months old , till now teeth not found ,. please tell me any drops for teeth growth.
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Oily urine

Hello doctor.. my son is 3 yr n 6months old.. i noticed dat his urine is little oily... it looks like oil floating n water ... is dis is normal... or some indication .. pls suggest m worried
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Teething problem

My baby is 6 months 15 days old she is getting cranky these days and I guess it's because of her teething time. what can I do? sometimes I feel she is having fever as well. Is there any medicine for it
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Cough and cold for 10 days

Hello doctor My 3 year old daughter has dry cough and cold with running nose for last 10 days days. I'm giving her zyr cold syrup... ...sometimes honey also. But no difference. Please suggest any syrup or something else which can help her.
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Baby down from bed

Dear sir baby age 5 months 15 days .. sudeen she felt done from bed she was calm for a minute and closed eyes at they time .than she opens eyes and cried now she was fine .and playing her self and smiling also sometime but am worrying if I touch on head back area she was crying pls advice.. thanks
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Fever came again to My Daughter after 2M

My Daughter 5 years and 6 Months has fever 101 1 F from yesterday evening at 5 Pm onwards . We are giving COROSIN of 7 ml per 6Hrs.  And it going down to normal and coming again. Actually I worry about 2 Months back on 4th July to 8th July had a fever with Low platelate count after 87 k+ and after fever subsidize done the Dengue test got IgM positive with 52 PBps . My question is about "Now the fever is it relates to that previous fever becoz of IgM positive?" Or it is new infection might be virus or bacteria ? Please help me in clarify the doubt.
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Baby swolled button

My 14 months old daughter has swollowed button... but she is normal not crying, she even drank really worried...pls suggest wat to do...
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