Child Health Issues


Caugh and runny nose from 2 days

My 1Yr 2mt old kid Caugh and runny nose from 2 days i am using 3 months old priscription for same issue  from yesterday i am giving Asthalin nebulizer 2 times and cold syrup sinarest af 2 times
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Food for 6 month baby

Am mother of 6 month baby .Can we give smashed apple without boiling it . Please give me suggestions.
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F.M Feeding & She does motion.

1.5 month baby. As I'm running short of breast milk, I'm giving formula milk as feeding. within 5-10 mins she does motion. Ex : If I feed her F.M 5-6 times, she does motion 5-6 times (within 5-10 mins of feeding). Please help me with this query.
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Dosage of sinarest af drops

Hello Doc, Please help me with the dosage of sinarest af drops for my 5.5 months old baby. He is 7.8 kg.. I somehow lost the prescription. He is suffering from cold. Thanks in advance..
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White patches in mouth 2months old baby

My daughter is 2mnth old.. She has white patches below tongue nd her upper jaw.. How do I solve this
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A2 milk for 2 years old

My son is 2 years 10 months old. For 4-5 days I started giving him Akshayakalpa A2 milk. 2 times a day. From yesterday after drinking milk he feeling motion like pressure. But he did motion for 1 time only. Motion is normal. Today he is urinating little more frequent. Once in 30 minutes. Is it because of this milk? Should I stop giving him this milk?
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Infant problem in moving right hand

My friend's daughter who is 10 days old has problem in moving her right hand. She can able to move her fingers but no the hand. My friend undergone Normal delivery and the baby weighs 2.8 kg. She is under tremendous stree.Please advise.
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Control cough in 4 year old

My 4 year old is having cold for the past 3 looks like cold cured in between but again started having cold and to control cough
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Faver for lactating mother

Faver for lactating mother.. my son s 3 mths old. can lactating mother take PCM for mild fever. how much s safe.
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More urination for 2 years old

My son is 2 years 10 months old. Today he urinating more frequently. We did urine routine test from afternoon time urine. It is normal. Should I start antibiotics?
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