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Heart side pain

Hii i was sitting n whn I tried to move a little in my left side jst below my breast I feel a sharp pain...evn if I try to move side I feel a pain n after sometime I feel relaxed...now am again feeling a bit pain tht side...and I dnt know is this a heart issue or something else plz hlp
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I need help please help me

Sir please help me is this ecg normal i attached please help me am scared i always in fear i have heart issue today i do wcg
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Concorcor 2.5

After taking convorcor 2.5 for 2 months my bp is 129/89 and below sometimes. Doctor said to stop. Can i stop this medicine?
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ECG report

Sir my mother ECG report is sinus rhythm, poor R progression V4 ,V5.Flattened T wave V4.Is it serious?.
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Pain in both sides of chest and centre

I am 24 years old, with no medical history, I have been experiencing pain in centre of chest and in left and right side of chest as well, and from few days experiencing pain in left side of arm, breathlessness and sometimes light diziness.
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Infrequently pain in chest

My sister is having infrequently pain in her chest and left hand area. We consulted with general physician and she mentioned that it is normal gas or acidity related issues. We have done an ECG separately. Could you please have a look and see if there is any cardiology related issues.
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My father had ECG,is it normal Or not

Please check the ECG ATTACHMENT WHAT IS OLD HIGH LATERAL MI We are so scared and even going for echo tomorrow This ECG is for today.
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Abnormal ECG - Arrythmia mentioned

Is the attached ECG normal? It is written "Abnormal ECG" with 'Prolonged QT'. QT/ QTC 620/746 for a 38 years old female. Also mentioned in ECG - "Arrythmia results of the full-discloure ECG" hut Doctor said that it is normal. I am a bit concerned of what is mentioned in ECG report, hence looking for a second opinion. Please help to suggest. Thanks for your time and kind help. Regards.
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Pain on left side

Hi Sir, I feel often minor pain and waves of pain on my left chest side frequently. When I sleep toward left side, sometimes heartbeat rate also goes higher. I feel pain mostly when I am in stress. Otherwise I f don't feel any problem doing routine things. I exercise regularly and have maintained normal weight. I remain active throughout the day
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High bp issue

I have high bp issue...I'm under medication...today on my left hand bp came 130/96 and right hand came 120/80... Which one is correct??.. I'm confused.. I have measured it on manual bp machine.
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