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Hello Doctors, Greetings. My friend is 36 yrs old and yesterday she was saying that she had chest tightness. So she went to a local pharmacy and without asking or visiting any Doctor she took the tablet Sorbitrate. And I don't understand that foolish girl is experimenting. Now she is saying I am not able to get up from bed. She has no Chest pain or arm pain... Pls advise. She Google's her symptoms and said she has taken the medicine as Google advised her that she had a heart attack. Regards
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Taking deep breath and sweating

Dear Doctor, My Mother aged 74 years old has some health issues. She is taking deep breath and has sweating. She is diabetic, has High BP Vertigo etc. She is taking medicine for above problems and kept her disease under control. I recently did Echocardiogram for her, and consulted Cardio. Now for the past 2 month She is taking deep breath, feeling dizzy and gets sweating. I am planning to get Heart CT Angio scan. Please advise whether Heart CT Angio scan is safe for my Mother as She is 74 years old? Please clarify.
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Mitral valve prolapse

Everything in all my cardiac reports are normal , except for Echocardiography, it says mild mitral prolapse .. is that of a concern ??
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I did my ecg because i feel some pain in the left side of the chest My ecg shows Sinus tyicardia otherwise normal ecg And i know this happend because as soon as i about to do ecg my heart start racing faster What should i do next.
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Loss of consciousness

My mother aged 50yrs is a patient of hypertension And for some months she is telling that she is losing consciousness for 1 or 2 second and then she feels like her body is becoming cold but that lasts only for 1 second But our family cardiologist suggested to undergo holter monitoring and ILR implantation But our financial condition is not permitting this Note:she drinks 1.5l water a day Initial medicine:Olmesar a20,metzok 100 And changed medicine:forxiga 10mg,stamlo D Please suggest what should I do Bp normal
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About blood pressure

When i am taking telma 40 my bp remains around 120/80 but when with telma 20 it rises to 140/90 and even more .can i take one day telma 40 and another day telma 20
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ECG came abnormal but echo and tmt norma

I was on eliwel 10mg since last 20 days for nerve pain and suddenly I developed rapid heart beat with chest pain(pain intensity was 7 out of 10) on October 1st. I went to doctor that day and at doctors clinic, my heart beat was rapidly fluctuating from 60s to 110. He gave me nebicard 5mg. Also he asked me for ecg and echo. ECG report was abnormal but echo was normal. Doctor told me nothing to worry.But my chest pain stayed for 3-4 days and even shortness of breath was there. I myself took decision to discontinue the medicine Eliwel and my symptoms has improved but not gone completely. I still have slight chest pain(may be 4 out of 10). I met a Cardiologist yesterday. He got tmt done and that also came normal but in tmt report also ecg was abnormal. I have attached my ecgs and tmt  report. Plz suggest if there is anything to worry.
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Lipid Profile

I have shortness of breath...after giving pressure to the nose i am able to breath...But after walking and running i feel some relief but after some time again i feel shortness of breath...what should i do...
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Chest pain on left side it comes and go

Dear doctor suffering from very mild chest pain from last 7 months it usually comes while I do heavy chest excercise means chest press of around 200kg. it's not there during excercise but after 1 day of excercise it remains there and it remains there for almost a week. Earlier I did cat scan and 4 times cxr all reports are normal blood test is normal then what is the cause... Please help
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What Does these ECG Say..

Dear Sir/madam.. Please have glance of these reports and please say what these reports say. The person's reports attached is a Smoker, daibetic and recently discovered with hypertension with reading by 170/100 on left hand right was 160/100. And irregular on medicines. Please help so that I can show him what experts days.. Thank you...
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