Ear-Nose-Throat Problems


Tonsils , throat pain, chest pain, gas

I have swollen left tonsils and left sude throat pain since 2 months. I took azithromycin, amox potassium calvulanate and lenzomore still of no help. What it could may be? I also have chest pain some times and gas and acidity.
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I have rashes at the back of my tongue

White coating on the tongue.givebad bre ath. Rashes at the back of my tongue. Difficulty in swallowing.
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Having bad throat since 10 days

Hello doctor Am suffering from cough and cold had earlier taken azithromycin for 3 days with crocin and betadine gargles. The cough subsided but again throat pain and node block came after 5 days Have restarted azithromycin with crocin Please suggest as can't sleep since cough start when I lie down
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Insect inside head

Can insect travel to brain through nose? I have sounds from left ear and crawling sensation inside head.
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Is this thyroid cancer?

Have been suffering  since last 15 days. *all day moderate weakness, *fever in night (+2 to 3 degree more than normal temperature) *Pain in neck while swallowing food  and even on external press/touch.
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She has throat problem

She has throat problem. She has skin disease as well, and she is using tablets, now it's fine. But from few days she has throat problem, while swallowing she is feeling difficulties.
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Small pimple on Eye

I have 18 month baby girl, last 1 month they have one small pimple on her eye. Please suggest. I m going to eyes specialist or skin specialist. Deepali Tupe
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Pain on cheek

Extreme pain on cheek but there is no swelling. Pain is near jaw area the right cheek. It starts randomly at any time
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Allergic rhinitis

I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis since past many years. Whenever climate changes or if I smell something really strong or sit in ac for a long time I immediately start snizzing continuously and the my nose keeps licking with clear fluid even when I look don't the liquid just drips out . I cannot concentrate on my work and also  my skin on my face feels dried and dull completely. I also use to suffer from horrible hives previous but since past one year it is under control. I try to keep my nostrils dry because as soon as it gets moist I catch cold. Please suggest me some nasel spray which won't irretate my nose and at the same time will keep my nostrils dry. I get scared to take steam because my nose will drip even more. Currently I take cipla citrizin tablet at night when ever I suffer from it. Sometimes it works sometimes it just gives temporary effects. Please help.
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Severe Halitosis

I've been suffering from halitosis since when i was 8or 9 yrs old. By then it was tolerable but now it turned terrible and am unable to speak near someone. Even the breath from the nose is terrible. I was consulted dentist, ent and even gastro many times regarding this condition and nothing helped. They all says am physically fit and am not having any other organs related diseases. Please help me. Am loosing all the hopes these days.
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