Ear-Nose-Throat Problems


Hyoid injections

Does anyone give hyoid injections for pain? How much does it cost? How many should I take? Thank you in advance.
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Nasal Mucus

Please suggest syrup or something that can eradicate sticky mucus in nasal passage? Completely fed up dealing with it daily, i suffer from allergies and particularly dry air.
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Swelling on hard palate

Sir i had swelling in mouth hard palate for about four months.and when i tries to press it i causes pain. Sir what are the reasons behind hard palate swelling?
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Mouth ulcers on hard palate

In my mouth hard palate continuous small ulcers for about four months. sir what is the reason behind it?
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Tongue issues

I am unable to taste sweet food it's taste bitter while all other taste is okay for me It's been about 3 months I am facing this. What kind of test should I go with
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Eating problem

I'm suffering from throat pain from past one week and after 3days of throat pain, I affected with 103 fever, cold, I used medicine for fever and cold and then symptoms got reduced but throat pain is still appearing, it is getting worst after wakeup in the morning. Any medications should be followed to reduce the pain?
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Asymmetrical face structure - How to fix

I have asymmetrical head , can I know how to fix , is a really a way to fix it. I have this from my childhood. Thanks.
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Bit my mouth

Hello sir, While consuming nicotex i have bit my mouth and it has swallen. Do i need to be worried do i need to take medicine. I am worried it might turn into cancer. There is slight numbness.
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Syrup safety

I suffer from dust,dry air allergies and majorly post nasal drip. I take mucolite syrup to help in expulsion of the mucus which eventhough it's not meant for pnd but does help . How long is it safe to take this syrup whether for few days or occasional use? Thanks Doctor(s)
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Dizziness and balance problem

Hyy I'm feeling still dizziness after two month of vestibular neuritis..and also feeling fullness Ans strain in my ear do I need myringotomy
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