Ear-Nose-Throat Problems


Ear infection

My mother has an ear infection. Suggest medicine or cream. No pain only itching. Thank you
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Tsh n cholestrol

My tsh came 5.03. And I uses to smoke 1 cigarette daily. I have quit smokimg 2 weeks back.  A doctor prescribed me with throxine12.5 tablet for 6weeks. T3 n t4 are very normal. Should I take medicine. And I don't want to eat medicine for long run. Remedies wat can be there to control tsh naturally. How can I get free from eating this thyroid medicine. My uric acid is also high 7. And my sgpt119.1 sgot74.7 gamma G.T 196. Pls advice. Thanks n regrads
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Sore throat

Hi, I am suffering from sore throat from last night Little bit runny nose. Kindly help me Thank... ...
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Nasal spray

Hello I suffering from allergic rhinitis with DNS Specially trigger from dust, perfume and strong smells like agarbati. Nose block , one side open one side block Cold sometimes was the main issue. Some nasal spray cant be used for long time due to rebound congestion Which is the best and steroid free nasal spray we can use for long time and not cause rebound congestion? Is duonase is good or azep spray is good or anything else?
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Knot near jaw

I got acne near my jaw and while I was feeling it I felt a small knot which was hurting when pressed what it could be?
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Throat pain

I have problem of throat pain in left side I saw the mirror there is redness dot in the throat, feeling heaviness and persistent clearing the throat please help the problem continues since 6 months
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Allergic rhinitis issues

Hello doctors, I have problem of allergic rhinitis and DNS. Trigger from dust, perfume and strong smells like agarbati etc. Nose blocked Nose cold One nose open one block. 1) Pls tell me nasal spray which is steroid free and i can use that for long time. ( No rebound congestion) 2) I feel nose more open after taking ebast dc. Not much open in montair lc. Any light medicine which works and light and effect free?
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Bilovas tablet can be used daily?

Can Bilovas tablet be used daily? Will it improve hearing? I was suggested to take it for 1 week 3 times a day, but my hearing did not improve much. So should I continue it?
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Left ear ringing sound

I am not able to hear long distance sounda from left ear but able to hear short distance sounds and there is ringing sound in left ear what should I do
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Enlarged lymph nodes in neck

My lymph nodes has been enlarged by 6 months. In my usg sad detected 6mm and in my previous usg sad was 5.5mm. The size is becoming bigger and when I take medicine like diclofinac plus Serra and paracetamol it becomes short and then swelled again when I stop taking medicine. Doctors prescribed me amoxivlav 625mg and enzoflam. But it is only reduced the size could not cure my diseases. And when it has become swelled again then there will be a little pain on the affected area. My cbc and esr reports has also been done. Pls suggest me what will be the further treatment for this. If there is any need of some other test. Doctors always prescribed diclofinac plus Serra and paracetamol and antibiotics but it will not get it cured. If some other medicine or test can get me through the disease. Pls help me to find out what will I do next.
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