Tooth and Mouth Problems


Crown after rct

I just got an rct of molar. I have another rct scheduled next week. After that can crown be placed on the both teeth on the same day (the two teeth are on either side)? How long does it take to recover after crown is placed? Please advise
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Food lodge and inflamed gum around crown

Hello, These are regarding my 2 dental visits Doctor X Trip 1 - I visited a dentist and had RCT done for my tooth around 3 months back and followed by Metal Ceramic crown. But after a month, food started lodging with painful inflammation at left gap of adjacent teeth and crown. (He said it's due to your crossbite, gap is seen) Doctor Y Trip 2 - I visited a periodontist. He checked and identified as improper crown placed. He removed and after measurement placed a full zirconia crown with assurance and 5 yrs warranty. The fit feels perfect but surprisingly again after a month, I am seeing food lodging around same left gap with painful inflammation. My question is, 1. What is the permanent and best solution for this issue, as repeated treatments are failing ? 2. Can i replace the crown free of cost as it was an improper designed or placed crown ?
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About my tooth extraction

I have done two tooth extraction 5 and upper last molar extraction on left side . No stiches were given . Doctor said after 45 minutes eat cup icecream. So I have eat butterscotch ice cream . I am confuse that, the butterscotch particle may be traped in the hole .socket 24 hours over .Pain is very little remain . Is will cause any harm or should I visit dentist? If it will removed automatically if traped? (Plz tell I am very anxious) Thanks advance
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Infection in Calcified tooth

1) How common is Infection in Calcified tooth? 2) what are symptoms and 3) how is it diagnosed? 4) Can Calcified tooth lead to halitosis?
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Need suggestion

Hello doctor, my daughter is 8 years old, not a single tooth has fallen, I went to the dentist, he checked and said two teeth has started to grow behind her two teeth in lower front part , he said we need to remove the old front tooths to let the new two tooths to grow in correct order with the other remaining it ok to remove the front two teeth of hers or we shouldn't, pls suggest, thanks for the help will be grateful
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My baby have teeth in 1 month .

My baby birth date 8 October 2022 and she got a teeth in 1 month and now whenever she feeding her tongue is cutting in bottom. What should I do? Baby age one and half month.
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Big cavity

Namastey Doctors I am 25 years old and  I have cavity in my molar tooth  has increased can it be fixed...i am going to marry...need advice
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Wisdom tooth extracted

Hello sir age 30 6 days ago wisdom tooth extracted some sutches are there . And since than am unable to feel sensation of half part lips and feeling numbness kindly advise what to do. I checked in Google  and YouTube for numbness some of doctors saying numbness might be be nerve damage . Am worrying and they mention it's takes 6 months to year in some cases what to do now How can I find my self . I extracted my tooth in area dental trust hospital center with minimal charges of rs 700/- Tomarow am going to remove stitches so what can I say to my dentist to check further
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Mouth ulcer due to tooth biting

There is a mouth ulcer due to tooth biting in inside mouth of lower lip. It's since 2 weeks. Tried some creams and anti biotic however effect is temporary and it grows again. It's not paining or itching Need help on the same
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Is this ulcer or sialolith ?

Is this ulcer or sialolith as its white in colour and small one I am tensed seeing this in my mouth today what precautions should i take for this i am a smoker and about to quit in 1/2 days? Can anyone pls help me out and how to put ointment there This circled part thing? Cant it be self healed My mouth is being dehydrated from some days how ti keep it hydrated
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