Tooth and Mouth Problems




Bleeding gums

Bleeding from gums is occurring from 3 weeks. Even after doing scaling the previous week, the problem is persisting. No pain is there now but bleeding is not ceasing. Blood is observed usually after brushing in the morning. Kindly advice.

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Class 2 deep bite

I have been diagnosed with class 2 deep bite caused attrition in lower anterior teeth. Dentum is visible in all lower teeth even the molars. Sensitivity is a major complaint. What is the treatment options? Is a root canal required for all my teeth?

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Mouth Ulcers

I get mouth ulcers every two weeks. And more than one mouth ulcers appear at a time. Is there any specific reason to it and is there any prevention to it?

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Root canal

My father taking dental surgery under health scheme, to replace front down tooth. In the process several times doctors doing root canal. Is any side effect in long term? Because my father feeling right hand thumb shivering little bit.

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Usage of stolin gum paint

I have been suffering from very high fever from the last 3 days...due to all the heavy antibiotics my gums have become inflammated and i am not able to eat or drink anything. So i just wanted to know weather stolin gum astringent can help my cause and how many times in a day can i apply it? Moreover for how long after applying it should i wait before eating or drinking anything? Waiting for a reply..thank you..

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Route cannal

Previously I done my route cannal process but that time I forgot to fix cap. Now that area paining what should I do

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Problem in back molar

I dunno what changed but the past few months I keep getting food stuck between the back molars on one side. Never used to happen before, I dunno if theres more space between those teeth now or what but its becoming a nuisance.. almost every time I eat I get food stuck there and then I floss it out but its in the back so its hard to get to and the gums are sensitive and I feel like it keeps getting irritated,gums gets swollen how can I fix this?

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Regarding ortho

Actually i m undergoing an ortho treatment in hospital which is in tamilnadu, since i couldnt go for review i want to continue my treatment n Bangalore ..whats the problem is i don't have my records regarding my treatment ..

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Regarding ortho treatment

Hello doctor! I m undergoing an ortho treatment for past one & half years..almost an end stage of treatment ...i m from tamilnadu since i have done my b.d.s in tamilnadu..my treatment is done in my hospital only..now i settled in Bangalore ..i couldn't go for the review ..i want to continue my treatment in Bangalore .. Main thing is ..in my college they won't return my records only...but i have to get complete my treatment ..

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Swelling & pain in gums

Experiencing swelling,pain due to some injury/may be infection causing abscess, leading to pain in lymph nodes , opening of mouth. Location of gums is behind third molar & it has slight over growth for years. This has many times caused it to hit by upper teeth or some hard food. Usually after some days swelling, it used to subside. This time , it has inflamed and sustained. I m on ibrufen 400mg every 6 hrs & erythromycin 500mg also every 6 hrs, since thursday 7pm. Symptoms only moderated. I understand even for going to dentist to check gum cleaning/surgery etc, infection must subside. Whats you opinion on prescription to be taken/being taken ?

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