Tooth and Mouth Problems


Uncontrolled bleeding from upper gum

I had uncontrolled bleeding from upper gum for more than a day. Blood test revealed Bleed time 45 sec and clotting time as 2 min 15 sec. Haemoglobin as 13.9 My age is 31 years, male. Please suggest if the tests are normal and its remedy.
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Cavity in teeth

Suffering from teeth cavity last two days,lot of pain at night due to cavity, please suggest something that
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Wisdom tooth

I have exctracted my wisdom tooth, but in the place of tooth there is space. Is that ok? Please reply
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Smile and dental health issue

I have broken front teeth and gap in between teeth What will be the treatment, how much time and how much money it cost me for that
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Tooth bleaching

My wedding is on 14th November and I want to get tooth bleaching done before my wedding. Where can I go and what is the cost for the procedure.
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Is their any kida in my mouth or tooth

Hello dr. Last week i check myself to Dr. at free check up. They told me that an kidda in my mouth. Kindly suggest me for better precautions. I attached ny mouth pic also
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Suffering ulcers from 1 month

I have chronic pheynenjitis from 2month i take lot of antibiotics and anty acidity medicine.i have also throat pain near about 1 month but at the time ok.i have lever problem.when i have pheynenjitis frequently small time of ulcer come in my tounge and check.i am all time tensed about my throat pain.
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Bad Breath

I am facing problem with Bad breath. I brush twice, floss regularly also use mouthwash- HEXIDINE twice a day, but still can't get rid of the bad breath.
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Tooth Pain

Having tooth pain since last 2 days. Taken 3 tab Acekon P ytd every 4 hrs. Taken Muscodac 1 ytd night and ciprofloxacin with antacid. Again taken 3 Muscodac tab today every 4 hrs and ciprofloxacin with antacid in morning and 1 hour before. Due to not getting relief, taken Ketorol DT 10mg 2 tab 1 hour before. Right now the pain reduced. But feeling that the problem persist... how to get reilef?
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Movement of jaw during braces

I think my lower jaw is moving backward during braces phase and increasing my deep overbite...but my orthodontist told me that it can't move backward with respect to it's natural position because of its anatomy? Please clear my confusion regarding this... Please help.
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