Tooth and Mouth Problems


Yellow particle deposition reduced gums

Yellow particle is deposited on two of my molars and it is not getting cleaned by brushing. And my gums are loose and are degraded due to which, over exposure of teeth can be seen . Please help
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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

One wisdom tooth on left side has broken and is causing pain while the other one is normal. Doctor has asked me to remove both the teeth on that side to prevent future compilations. I have heard that post tooth removal there is TMJ pain. Since I have a history of intermittent TMJ pain, should I remove both teeth at once or remove the other tooth after a gap of a few months?
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Tooth implant

What is the cost estimation for the 1 tooth implant. Need to do atleast 6 implants. Patient have diabetics.
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TMJ Therapy and jaw mobilisation

Hello Doctors!!! Would you please help me out with the TMJ Therapy and jaw mobilisation services provided nearby Gurgaon DLF Cyber city..I am looking for a muligan practitioner in TMJ mobilisation techniques...
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Bleeding in gum

Today my doctor removed little part of gum above my tooth.Aftr cutting the gum area by small amount this morning,till now I am having little bleeding of blood at random times.Is it normal or should I consult the doctor again.
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Small part of gum

I recentely saw that in my last teeth small part of gum is not there. I have uploaded the photo. Will it come back to normal
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Eruption of permanent tooth

One of his incisors on the lower law was lost in the 1st week of June. New tooth in place of that lost primary tooth has not yet come out, and there is no sign of it. Is it normal? How long may it take for this? Can there be any chance of disformity in eruption?
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Front teeth decay

When is veneer done and is it a good option . How much does it cost in India. For how many years do veneer last.
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About Veneer for front tooth decay

Is veneer a good option for decayed front tooth . What all are the pros and cons. Which veneer is of the best quality
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For Florine teeth

I have Florine teeth... please suggest which treatment will be useful for me.... Note: I have that teeth from my childhood...
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