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Q1 I woke up this morning and I've been having a cholic pain below my abdomen. The pain seems to come and go. What could be the problem?

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Dr. Anil Kumar Jain General Physician | Bangalore
Hello there. I can understand your concern. The causes of the colic pain can be numerous and a good clinical history and detailed examinat ... Read More
Q2 I have been having pain abdomen for the last three days . associated with loss of appetite and nausea

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Harisha N L General Physician | Bangalore
Hello there...indigestion and gastritis might be the cause for your problem..other possible causes are,renal stones,constipation,pancreatiti ... Read More
Q3 Am suffering from mild lower left abdomen pain and semi solid stool and i taken abdomen scan it is normal pls do suggest whether i can go for ct abdomen.

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Dr. Manju Lihala General Physician | Kolkata
You are suffering from intestinal infection. Kindly see a doctor who can examine you and advise. At this stage CT Scan is not required. ... Read More