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Q1 Hello doctor, My mother is having chest pain in her left side chest and pain is there from past 2 days kindly advice what I have to do next .

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Dr. Parneesh Arora Vascular Cardiologist | Delhi
Suggest to visit a doctor and get her examined . Get an ecg. Subsequent tests/ treatment would be guided by detailed history and examination ... Read More
Q2 Pain in chest, chest me jalan , bechaini its problem in my chest. But pain is not be some time. So please provide me good suggestion.

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Dr. Sukhant Bagdia Pulmonologist | Nagpur
It looks acid reflux.. take some antacids and see a gastroenterologist if more help needed
Q3 Sometime my there is the pain in my chest What should be the reason behind it... The pain of my chest troubles me lot .. Please help me out this with proper answer.

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Dr. Kaushik Saha Pulmonologist | Kolkata
Chest pain may be due to several reasons. Frequently due to Lung and heart causes but other causes like costochondrites and neurogenic cause ... Read More

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