Brain and Spine Problems




Seizure disorder

I had a seizure in 2008 and was diagnosed with neuro cysticercosis. I took medicine for a few months and discontinued it. I had headache frequently and 2011 got an EEG done which was abnormal and I was taking Desval ER 1gm for two years and stopped it without consulting. In 2013 i had a second seizure and EEG was abnormal again. For 3 years again I was on Desval ER 1gm and very recently got a repeat EEG which came out normal and also brain MRI was normal. Now I'm on Oxetol 150mg. How long should I continue and also I'm feeling very dizzy and drowsy after switching to Oxetol. Can I drive, considering EEG is normal. Thanks

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CP spastic diplegic

Hi, my son suffering from spastic cerebral palsy diplegic type by birth.he is not able to sit and walk.other than that he is good.what is the best treatment can give him to make him sit and walk.

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Tailbone pain

My wife has a swelling around her tailbone. She was experiencing pain while sitting down. Upon application of hot pad, the pain subsided but the swelling still exists. When pressed with hand, it still pains. Suggest remedy or the type/ name of doctor to be visited. Preferably in mira road.

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Anterior wedge compression of c5 vertebra. The cord at c5 vertebral level shows a focal area of myelomalacia .

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Motor neuron disease

He has been suffering from Motor neuron disease since 6 months..he is not able to walk.Also not able to move his both hands..

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LIPOMA & cyst

I am having the problem of lipoma. A cyst is there around the center of forehead. I have visited to some hospital. They told nothing to sorry, if it increases & gets bigger then I need a surgery. I want to know is there any treatment for this.

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Discbulge post microdisce

I had microdiscectomy 2 years back at L5S1. Last few months started experiencing lower back pain and pain in buttock area and some numbness in left leg again. MRI says posterior central disc bulge with subanular interstitial tear and no neural impingement. spastic straightening of lumbar curve. osseus hemangioma at l5. degenerative changes at l5s1. I want to ask for treatment apart from medicines which I am taking anyways. Will physiotherapy help ? And if anyone can suggest someone I can go to who has had previous experience in such a case as this is hampering my everyday activity as I have to have bed rest and cannot sit for long duration. I go for walk daily and do some back strengthening which i was told after my surgery 2 years back. Thank you.

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Left index finger numb

My left index finger is feeling numb,heavy for the last 15 odd days.dont know if it is due to exercise ie push ups.under going a treatment for PVT.guess some nerve related issue Kindly guide

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Seizure episodes

My brother had his first seizure and was diagnosed with a tumour in the brain. Tumour was operated out and was on medication enchorate chrono. He was seizure free for 5 yrs and then got it again due to missing of doses. Since then he has been having seizures every 3 months. He is on levipil now. Why is he having seizures inspite of operation and is it also due to change of medicine? Also, he has his seizure only during sleep, especially when he sleeps little late or watches movies in theatres. Should he visit a neurologist and redo hid tests all over again?

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Lumbar Disc extrusion

L5-s1 posterior & left paracentral disc extrusion causing compression of thecal sac & traversing nerve root & mild posterocentral & bilateral paracentral disc bulge at L4-L5 indenting the thecal sac and mild narrowing of bilateral exit neural foramen without significant compression over the exiting nerve root..this is causing me L back pain,pain in Left glutes, calfs and semi numb sensation in my left foot..

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