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Right side testicular is bigger

Right side testicular is bigger and some time feeling pain. when i examined i felt like a clot in vain near right side testicular

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Uncomfortable while urinating

Almost 2 weeks earlier i started feeling burning while urinating. When noticed some cloudy liquid was also coming. Starter drinking lot of water and took Norflox-400 twice a day. Though there is a lot of relief but still feels sensation while urinating. Sometime i feel the bladded is stretched then it becomes normal. Please suggest what to do. Shall i continue with Norflox or change. For how many more days.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Muje lgta hai ki muje erectile dysfunction hai jiske karan mai bahut paresan hu ekdm tight ni hota h or sustainable ni ho pata h

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Erectile dysfunction

Can i overcome ed through lifestyle changes? Like exercise and good dieting? Plz help me some tips to overcome erectile dysfunction, plz plz because i m too much thinking about it

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HCV IGg value 30..

Hi, I have done STD test from Dr. Lal Pathlab. All parameters are normal. Only HCV IGg value in abnormal. I.e. 30. Please advise what should I do.. before my test. I was already in touch with Urologist. Should I continue with that or move some other specialist.. Please update. I m so worry..

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Pain while urinating

I'm getting pain while urinating and at the same time pain at butt hole also , After urinating not able to walk fastly , While sitting in chair and getting up pain in pennies .

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Virai veekam

My name packiaraj age 27,My virai in different size one is big another one is compared to small, what is a problem, wear pant uncomfortable

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Poly cyst in ovary

Have pcod since college days, now want to concieve however whenever i stop taking medicine my periods start every second week for 2-3 days. Should i stop taking medicine to concieve or look for doctorr first.

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Pills for avoid pregnency

Are pills for avoid pregnency 100% work. If one wants to take it daily then which are these. Which are ECP. Is they effect time of period. Is there any side effect of these. If any severe side effect is there then what should have to do?

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Fluid pocket in cervical canal

UTERUS:- Fluid pocket in cervical canal -?inflammatory <After menopause> Fluid Pocket size-20x13 mm in cervical canal

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