Sexual Health


Planning for Baby

Hello Doctor , I am trying to get baby from wife but we both are fail to do so need your help we are again planing in Dec month for our Honeymoon. Please give me advice and suggestions
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Period problem

She is having trouble to get orgasm and from past few months she is having irregular Periods it is normal or it is some serious condition ... Some people said it is some sort of fertility problem... Is it true if some one doesn't reach orgasm it is infertility
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Person problem

Some itching problem in private part last two day so today I checked and seen some pimples also. Kindly advise.
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Esrly eraculation

I need vigora for same of my isseus so plz go through same and provide the medicines so that i can use to
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Hello Dr. Suffering from balanits. Do you consider such cases or do I need to visit a male dermarologist Rgds
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Will govt hospitals do free pcr.?

Will govt hospitals do free pcr for hiv 1 and 2. What tests will they perform? Im way out of the window period . it has been years after my exposure. I have three negative tests. But im still symptomatic. Will govt hospitals do free hiv 1 and 2 pcr?
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Tightness problem

Hi sir, I noticed that there is no tightness in morning. And its not getting properly hard as well. I am afraid of ED now. Can you please guide me what to do.
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Suffering from Phimosis

I never realized, but the problem I am suffering from id Phimosis, I believe surgery is the only solution for that. Wanted to check the recovery time post surgery and can it be covered in insurance? thanks in advance.
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Adult Phimosis

I have phimosis since birth. Please tell me a way to cure phimosis without surgery.                                            Thanks in advance.
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I have phimosis

I have phimosis and I am afraid of circumsation. I am studying in college. If I really need to take circumsation,or can I use any type of stretching devices. If I need to take circumsation only how many days it will take to recover and how long I need to take rest. Whether On the time of surgery ,it will hurt a lot? I am really afraid of surgery because I think it will hurt a lot and it will take more times to recover . OR CAN I MOVE MY LIFE WITH PHIMOSIS.
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