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STD panel test

I have done a  STD panel  lab test last week. And the HSV 1 IgG count is showing 11.54(unit-NTU) .Is this ok or should i have to undergo any medications?
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Hey i was mastrubating a few days back ...i was turned on so i just inserted a wooden round like spoon ...i m scared now that it shouldn't have harmed inside it i m not feeling any pain bleeding or anything but ...just stressed out of as i m feeling a bit dry over there it normal
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Is this wart ?

Please tell me it's very itchy . I have this on both sides of my thigh and on my hips . It's very itchy but when i clean it becomes normal
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Vdrl rpr negative and vdrl titte 1.4

I had tested for syphilis and 5 months of expositie during sti screening...vdrl titte 1.4 means ...It is positive or negative...
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Normal Back Pain symptom of HIV?

My back pain comes and goes it's a little bit just pain Normal Back Pain symptom of HIV? Please tell me thank you
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Hiv from blackhead remover

Can I get hiv from unsterilized blackhead commade extractor.I had a bleeding pimple and how long hiv live on extractor
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Birads 3 fibroadenoma

I am 19, two years ago i diagnosed a lump in my breast and doctors said it was Fibroadenoma, now i had ultrasound done and birads 3 score is giving me tension , although from self examination i never found that it grew, what can it possibly mean??
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Is this abnormal

Please help me understand this report and what medicine should I take to improve if anything required
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Ed like symptoms from 5 days

Hi From last 5 days , I am having ED like symptoms. I read somewhere , ED is a early sign of heart disease ? Is it true . I am very scared I have a good physique , stress free life and walk 6,8 km in a day . I am very scared after reading it
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Weight lose happnd at HIV stage or Aids?

Weight lose happened at HIV stage or A I D S? What are all the symptoms of HIV and AIDS? Please tell when weight loss happens
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