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Phimosis Problem for Teenager

I have phimosis,do I have to do surgery or this will be cured by medicines?? If this will be cured by medicines then please mention those medicine's names.Please tell me if I need Surgery also.
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Itchy scrotum

Hello, My scrotum is itchy and scaly and sometimes the urge to itch is very strong. I am currently applying clotrimazole powder and cream but it probably helps to keep it down. Any powder or cream to remove it completely?
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Phimosis Problem of Teenager

I have Phimosis,di I need Surgery or this can be cured by medicines?? If it is cured by medicines then pls mention those medicine's name
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Phimosis problem

Tell me some medicine's name to cure phimosis problem,please only tell me those medicines name???pls
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Gopal oil for ED

Hi, I have ED issues ca I use only gopal tel for Ed issues .will it benifical ? Also it should be used everyday ?
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Amlodac 5 bp drug

Does amlodac a hypertension drug causes erectile dysfunction,if yes then are there any other drug which wont cause ED?
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Its personal

Hey.. actually its about my husband. I jst wnt to ask tht if anyone apply ice on the private part( male).. thn it gives any adverse effect ?? Actually my husband did this...he is a businessman nd having a hectic schedule also... bt after this incident... there is no sensation in his private part nd also not able to intimate... is there any problm ??? Can u plz suggest me wht should we have to do in this situation???
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Precum Problem

I have a problem of Precum. It happens when I am with my girlfriend and she touch or kiss and sometimes it's very embarrassing.
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Anus Problem

Sir,In my anus a small round type thing comes out.No pain,no loss of blood. What happend? I apply force for toilet.
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Erectile Dysfunction

Facing erectile dysfunction problem for past 2 years. And going to get married soon. So kindly gave some suggestions to overcome this problem...
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