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Couple issues being unsecured n obsessed

I have been facing issues with my fiance being unsecured and obsessed which often creates fights within our relationship.he gets angry so soon that I fear to tell him everything.what to do? Please help

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Habit of mastrubation

I have habit of mastrubation...i mastrubate daily....so does it leds to pain in legs....as m suffering sever leg pain from past 4 months.... So plzz help me out for problem....

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Abort 1 month pregnency

My gir friend has pregnent 1 month we want to abort this pregnency i want the suggestion how abort this pregnency

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Hi Team, Find the attached scan. Bladder neck is narrow as you can see in scan. Kindly suggest what operation does it require and please explain in detail. I am not yet married.

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Acne with pus, under arms and groin

I am having problem of acne with pus in armpits and groin, I have consulted many dermatologist but with no proper solution, i have been suffering from this problem science 3-4 years, some dermatologist say its form of HS some say it need to be removed surgically. Even i tried homeopathy but no results. Please suggest what should i do next to get rid of this problem.

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Sir,I am suffering from azospermia since 4 years,I have been cured through Injection named aquaviron and some vitamin capsules but no change took place.Kindly suggest how to overcome from this so this situation.

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As I'm 23 years ,past from 8 months I get wet(leaked) in night times ... I'm irritated by this and I do masterbution twice in a week .. I really want to stop please give me the solution...

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We are planinng for baby

Hi we are planing for baby since. 4 months but not successful if u can plz help Her periods are not on time since we have started trying for baby and the gap between each cycle is 10 days odd and even

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Sore throat,swollen lymph glands,abdomen

I've been worrying about HIV n tested came back negative , had swollen glands sore throat n pain at stomach tested at 50 days mark came back negative should I retest again

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Ipill effect

On 17th, while making out, my bf pushed in half an inch inside me unprotected. but he pulled out quickly. I took ipill after 34 hrs. I am having constipation, thigh cramps, a lil abdominal pain, fatigue. is that an issue? and does that mean that the pill took effect?

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