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Missed periods and feeling dizziness

It's being one week i have missed my periods and feeling dizziness. My Bp is fine. Vomited one to two time. I regularly face acidity problem.
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Little spots

I had my menses after about 1 n half month after taking norethisterone i only got little spots very light spots its not the regular shedding .plz tell what to do
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I m a girl n I bleed while masterbating

I am a girl and Virgin but from last 4-5 times I bleed while masterbating with fingers. I only use fingers. Although I'm not in my periods. Earlier I thought it's hymen but hymen won't break everytime naa? Plz tell me is it normal? And what's the reason behind it?
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Blood clots in periods

Hi Doctor, Had popped in an i-pill on 29th August by 13th September started seeing spotting and by 15th September got periods but it was not like normal blood flow, the period is in the form of Blood clots like stringy discharge which is dark red brownish color. Can you advise.
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Dominant follicle

If size of my dominant follicle on 12th day of my period is 19×15 mm .then when it's going to get ruptured ..what is the approximation?
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Hiv related

Dr. Please see my reports and tell me that this Elisa hiv 1 & 2 antibody test is which type of test ?? Third generation or fourth ?? And their sensitivity ?? Or is this is only normal test?? Is this is enough or may I go for more test?
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Break after first IUI

Me and my wife are planning for our 1st baby. Our first IUI failed last month. My wife is 33 yrs now. Our doctor recommends to take short break and try naturally for a month or 2. If failed then again try for IUI. Is it OK to break IUI cycle. I hread that continues try for IUI increase the chances high.
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Contraceptive pill after vaccine

I took my Vaccine on 13 th sept ( covishild )can I take emergency contraceptive pill today ? Thank you
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Viagara side effects - taking every week

I take viagara 100 mg (Vigore) to stay longer in bed with my gf on every sunday. Will this effect my health in long term?
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Hiv DNA pcr and duo at 30 days is NOT DETECTED and NON reactive. Is this reliable for now? Please confirm
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