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Q1 From last few week I am facing lower back pain problem around the lower spine. Pls suggest any remedy of the same. Thanks

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Dr. Priyanka Bhati (PT) Physiotherapist | Faridabad
Dear friends if your low back pain is since few weeks,than you needs to be cautious. For temporary relief go for hot fomentation and rest. ... Read More
Q2 Sir , my father has been suffering from lower back pain problem so please suggest me what to do ……

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Dr. Harisha N L General Physician | Bangalore
Ensure that you maintain an appropriate posture while working or sitting or walking....Take frequent stretch breaks and drink lots of water. ... Read More
Q3 Heavy lower back pain ,at lower back side feel the pain through both leg also . Past 2 days I suffering..

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Dr. Tanuj Garg (PT) Physiotherapist | Noida
In my opinion u must consult an Orthopedics followed by physiotherapy sessions...and also go for few blood test like calcium vitamin d vitam ... Read More

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