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Q1 I have acne scarring from last 7 years. Have done some peels but have visible scars on both cheeks need help

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Dr. Manoj Agarwala Dermatologist | Delhi
Thanks for the query. Scars are amenable to various treatment options and it has to be customized based on your scar type. Acne scars are ba ... Read More
Q2 I have acne scars on my both cheevks and some acne also. Please suggest me some night cream to remove acne scars and acne

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Dr. Atula Gupta Dermatologist/Cosmetologist | Gurgaon
Treatment for Acne/Pimples:-Aclind Gel / Faceclin Gel / D’ACNE Plus gel for application twice daily over affected area. For Marks (spots) ... Read More
Q3 I have acne problem on my face. There are also scars left due to acne. I also have problem of blackheads.

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Dr. Chethan R S General Physician | Bangalore
Hi..... Wash problem areas with a gentle cleanser. Twice a day, use your hands to wash your face with a mild soap and warm water.... Avoid c ... Read More