Child Health Issues


A2 milk for 2 years old

My son is 2 years 10 months old. For 4-5 days I started giving him Akshayakalpa A2 milk. 2 times a day. From yesterday after drinking milk he feeling motion like pressure. But he did motion for 1 time only. Motion is normal. Today he is urinating little more frequent. Once in 30 minutes. Is it because of this milk? Should I stop giving him this milk?
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Weight gain

Hi , I have loose 5 kg weight since last 1year.i am trying to gain weight. I have acidity and gas problem since long time.sometimes taking medicine. I have done thyroid, sugar,CBC test too due to the weight loss,doctor told to eat properly. Can any one please suggest what to do now ,and how I Increase my body weight, I am 28 years and height 5'3inch,weight-42. Please help.
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Sleeping tablets

Sir/madam.. I use sleeping tablets very frequently. By mistake My 2years 2months daughter swallowed sleeping tablets of 2mg at the age of 15months with food.she got vomitings. We immediately consulted doctor and got treatment. But till today my daughter eyes are sleepy, sluggish and she is slightly dull and frequently fells down on earth. When compared to other children of her age group are highly active than her. example: while running, while wearing footwear, while climbing etc..... Plz,........tell  name of Ayurvedic or allopathic medicine, that can remove effect of sleeping tablets effect and make my daughter active...???
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About polio

I missed polio in 1.5 and 2.5months doctor didn't tell please help me wt to do now please give any suggestions
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Fever,wet cough and runny nose

My daughter has fever 99.6, runny nose, and wet cough also. What are the medicines can I give? Today I given Calpol 120 two times..
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Gripe water for infants

I have 1.5month baby who was preterm(born at 34 weeks).can i use woodward's gripe water for my baby?is it safe for him?
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Weight gain

Hello Doctor, My baby girl is 7 plus months old and she is 5.75 kg last month also her weight was same. She has not gained single gm from last month. She eats on time and have milk ( Formula) also time to time. She is very active baby. She crawls and stands with support and walks with support ( couch or table). She is never still always moving around. So doctors say that because she burns calories and that is why she is not gaining weight and there is no problem. But as a mother I am worried. Could you please suggest what should I do for her weight gain or is it normal? Thanks
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Regarding breast milk and formula

I wanted to know the preserving duration and category which is best for breast milk and formula milk. I have heard it is 5 days for breast milk in refrigerator and 1 day for formula milk in refrigerator. Is this correct ? And how should I serve it to my baby after removing it from the refrigerator ?
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Dry cough due to smog

My 3 yr old son has developed dry cough due to smog in air after diwali since yestrday.also jas slight runny nose.i gave him chericof syrup and it ok? pls guide me
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Frequent urination to my child

My six years old child often complaint of frequent urination specially during daytime. Got his urine R and  culture test which is normal. In spite of ok report the problem is still persist. Please advise.
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