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My baby is 7 days old, my wife milk is not proving sufficient, can we start feeding cows milk using bootle
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Infant problem in moving right hand

My friend's daughter who is 10 days old has problem in moving her right hand. She can able to move her fingers but no the hand. My friend undergone Normal delivery and the baby weighs 2.8 kg. She is under tremendous stree.Please advise.
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Vaccination of 6 week old baby

My baby had his 6 week vaccination yesterday evening . After it , he got feverish and was crying again and again . Doc prescribed me T98 drops for him . When will the after effects of the vaccines that is pain and fever end ?? How many days will it take for my baby to feel better ?
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Hairloss in head

Hello, My nephew is facing the hairloss in the head for nearly 2 years. Still hair is not growing in that lossed area...i.have attached the image...please suggest me what is the treat for this hairloss...
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Skin colour changed around eyes

My 5 month baby having white light colour skin around her eyes, shall I give zincovit drops, how much drops I need to give
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ADHA child

My son is suffering from ADHA and border line Autism Also he have speach delay We are giving him OT and SPEACH therapy from one year but no improvement I need advise on this
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Green poop

My 2.5 month baby daily poops once and that too spinach green in colour. He is 80 percent formula fed (lactogen or Nan pro) and 20 percent breast fed. Is this a matter of concern or normal.
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Formula Milk

My son is 21 months old. Till now he is under mother's feed. However, he is not putting on weight. We tried feeding him cow milk but he is not liking it. Can we try feeding him Nan Pro 4 formula milk, so that he get sufficient milk suppliment and growth?
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Monticope suspension for cold and cough

Hello doctor My 1 year baby having cold and cough. Doctor has prescribed monticope syrup 4 kl once a day Is 4 ml syrup safe for 1 year baby. Pleas Pleas suggest
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Regarding 10 months baby not eating food

Hello doctor... Kindly helpe on this. My baby was born on 3rd of Jan and he was very healthy and gaining weight till 5th month. He got fever in the 5th month after that he started reducing weight and not eating properly. I feel my bm is also reduced. Our doc said he is fine but as a mother i feel he is not ok. As soon as he eat he do potty within 10 mins everyday till now. Is that normal. I have not started formula milk yet. Since i started going back to office from last week informed my doc he suggested enfamil stage 2 i tried giving him but not drinking. He is eating solid food but going potty after eating. Plz do suggest. Plz doc.. he is going thin day by day
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